I need Boobies and Booty - Birmingham, AL

So my expected procedure date is a little over a...

So my expected procedure date is a little over a month away. I am tired at work because I'm staying up all night stalking the internet for BA pictures. I'm from NY but plan to travel to Birmingham, AL to have my BA performed by Dr. Hedden. I've done my research on him and he has overall positive reviews. I also had an email consultation with him, and from the email he seemed pleasant. He did say that I have slight drooping and thus recommended a biplanar BA of at least 350 Cc which is fine because I am a B cup and would like to be at least a D. His office offers a 3day out of town package with the first day pre op, second day surgery, and third day post op. I plan on taking off for a week. My supervisor said she's not sure if I'll get off but I've made up my mind. I've wanted BA since I was 18 and at this point I'm so anxious to do it that its more important than my job. Hell, I'm 4 classes from my masters. So, if they fire me I'll find something else. I know, I'm rambling. Anyways, I need this surgery like yesterday. I hope there aren't any complications and it goes well. Bye for now....#ImpatientlyWaiting

BA exactly 33 Days Away!

Soooooooooooooooooooo I just received my medical precautions and CBC forms to have my lab work done. My surgery is 33 days away. It's seems so close but soooooooooooooooooooo far! Heather is the out of town patient coordinator and she's been extremely helpful. It looks as though I'm going to pay 3,600 and not the 3000 cash price because I'm financing with care credit. Irdc though because that's still hella cheap for a BA. I'm deciding on whether to get the bliss warranty. Irdk. I hope everything goes well. It doesn't really feel real yet.

18 Days Away! Dun dun dunnn

So today is Sept 14 and I'm leaving on Oct 2 to head to AL. I'm excited but I'm honestly just ready to get it over with because now I have become obsessed with getting a BBL. I want both my BA and BBL done before the year is over so I can start 2017, also the year of me turning the dirty 30, off right! The wait continues........

8 days till I journey

In exactly 8 days me and my mom are taking that 15 hour drive (Lord help me) to AL. Woot woot! It went by really fast y'all! I want to be excited about my breasts but the recent events in our country is taking away from my excitement :-(.
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