28 Years Old, Mother of Two, Significant Weight Loss, Needed to Feel Like a Woman Again - Birmingham, AL

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I've been researching, and waiting for this moment...

I've been researching, and waiting for this moment since about May/June 2014. I'm 28 years old with two children 9 & 3. I was 193lbs at my heaviest point other than when I went in to deliver my daughter in 2011. I was 201. I slowly lost the weight that I had gained over the course of two pregnancies. My goal was not a number on the scale but an "average" BMI instead of a high or "overweight" category. I reached that finally at 135lbs. I am barely 5'2". My breasts had completely gone. I was a 34 A. I felt like I was a 12 year old girl. I was very insecure about how my body looked. I decided to go through with this in July when I went to Dr. Hedden for my first consultation in Birmingham. I loved the location, the office, the atmosphere, etc. Dr. Hedden was very rushed though. I was left with so many questions and worries about someone performing my surgery who was in such a hurry. I decided to have another consultation at a local office in Anniston with Dr. Urquart. He was wonderful, took more time, answered questions, but price was almost $1000.00 higher. For the last and final step to make my decision I wanted to see what the other Dr. in the same building as Hedden was like. I met with Dr. Schaffer and I really liked him. He took so much more time with me to go over everything. He took measurements, felt for abnormalitites, asked ME questions, and let me ask questions. I felt much more confident that he was going to make sure that I was happy and that I was getting what I wanted. I am am post-op day 3 now and so far I am very happy. I have 450CC/485CC Under the muscle Saline by the way.

Just a quick step by step for anyone wanting to know how it all happens:
Consult- You go in with the nurse at first and she will give you a sports bra to put on and try on a few sizers to get an idea of what you like. When you are done you will take off your top and wait on the dr. in a robe.
The dr. comes in and he will measure you to see what sizes he can accomodate and then feel for knots or abnormalities in your breasts. They will then let you ask questions and ask what sizes you were planning on, etc. That's pretty much all that happens at the consult and the nurse will come back with a quote for you to sign for when you plan on scheduling surgery.

Scheduling Surgery - When you call in to make your appointment you will be required to pay a certain percentage of the total. Mine was 10%. Then they will want to schedule you ahead of the date to do all the lab work required and a pregnancy test. Once all that is cleared, you will be set :)

Surgery - No eating for at least 8 hours, once you get there they take weight, blood pressure, etc. like any normal dr. visit. then they will take several "before" photos. After that you will see the dr. to be marked for surgery. He will mark the amount of CC's that you will be getting on each breast and do some symetry markings. The anesthesiologist will come in and give you a little numbing medicine where he puts an IV in your hand and then you will walk back to surgery, get up on the table, and he will put the anesthesia in through your IV. You will be out about the time that medicine goes in, and you will wake up with BOOBS! :)

After surgery - I felt fine when I woke up. They brought me to my ride in a wheelchair and I slept the whole way home. I took it easy at home that day, just rested in a recliner, watched some TV, and slept.
That night I felt ok as in no nausea or anything but the pain was pretty bad trying to lay in bed and I couldn't get very comfortable. The next day was fine also, I was in town, walmart, the mall, just doing normal things, and felt great. It was at night again that I was in pain. I got through it and I went to work on post-op day 3 (today 2/12). So far so good. I hope tonight the pain starts to subside trying to sleep. Showering isn't bad it actually makes you feel a lot better to let the warm water run on them and be out of your bra for a few minutes. You will also have 4 medications prescribed. Diazepam, Hyrocodone, Antibiotic, and Promethazine. So far I take my antibiotics and the Hydro. I'm not nauseous at all, and the muscle relaxer does nothing for me. (Diazepam)

Overall, I am very happy. It is worth it. :) Good luck everyone with your procedurs.

Day 3 PO

New photos Day 3 PO

Day 3 PO

New pics PO day 3


This should have come first but here's the before. Yikes. I feel 100% better about the after. :)

PO Day 6

Photo update day 6 PO

Post 1 week/1day

Dropping more each day, no more pain meds, bloat has went away mostly, my right breast (35cc more) is still the most painful and looks odd shaped lol. Hopefully they settle more even.

Work Clothing

Me in everyday apparel. No huge difference which is what I was hoping for. :)

11 Days PO

My right one is still feeling Huge...lol hopefully they even out more over time.

11 Day Bra/Bathing suit top

34D bra from Dillard's and an old bathing suit top.

See update above

Having trouble with images....

The bra pic from update above




I'm just super happy about being 2 weeks post just Incase you all want to share my joy :)!!!! Woo hoo

Regular bra today :)

Wore a regular bra today. Yay!

3 Wk PO tomorrow.

Took my tape off today. Looks great!

4 weeks PO

5 Weeks Post-Dr. Schaffer Bham. Amazing.

5 Weeks post op tomorrow. Still love them. 100% transformation.

Just some new 5wk 1 day pics.

Still happy. Wish they were a little bigger. My D bra is fitting a little loose now. :(

Work pic

Work clothes today. Still look like I got no boobies. Lol

Almost 5 months now

My breasts definitely look 100% better than before. Still loving that. I hate the saline. Pay the extra $$$$! I wish I would have went with silicone. My 450cc breast is definitely softer and more natural but you can feel the bag like really bad. My 485cc breast is not squishy at all feels like a basketball. I don't like my Fiancé touching them, and he really doesn't like touching them either lol. I guess it weirdos him out.


5 months post


Wow not a big difference

7 months PO

Just an update...Haven't been on in a while. Everything is great as far as looks and before/after but I really don't like the saline they feel horrible. Advice for anyone is go a little bigger and do not get saline. :)

1 Year Post Op

I am only 1 year post and I have lateral displacement. Also from the un even amounts of fill in my implants my breast are now pretty uneven. One breast is very hard while the other is loose and bag is very noticeable. I went back in to let Dr. Schaffer know what I was experiencing and to just fix my lateral displacement which happened before a year was up he wanted $1000.00. I don't feel like that was my error. To exchange my implants to something that would make me happier he wants more money than what I originally paid. I loved my immediate results but not just over a year later I am saving up to go get my surgery re-done.


I ended up with a lateral displacement not even a year later. I went back to see the Dr. and he confirmed but I still have to pay to get it fixed.
Dr. Schaffer

Lower cost but rushed job. Immediate results good but not long term.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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