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Alright girls! I had surgery yesterday and I've...

Alright girls! I had surgery yesterday and I've decided to tell ya'll my story and any bits of information that I think would help you along the way!!!!

I've been looking at this site for over a month and it's helped so much in my decision making process. I've been wanting a breast augmentation since my teenage years but it was never a possibility until now. I'm very tiny, only about 98 pounds and 5'7. I've always had trouble gaining weight and it's caused confidence issues throughout my entire life. I've never had any curves except for my cute little bubble butt :P but have always been completely flat chested. Before surgery I couldn't even fill out an A cup, the best bra that I could find to fit me was a Victoria's Secret 32B, but there is no way that I was ever really a B cup. Lol. I just wanted to feel more proportionate and be able to wear clothes I'd never been able to even look at before.

I met with two different doctors for consultations and honestly I preferred the second as far as how comfortable he made me feel and how well he explained things to me but the cost was twice as much as the first, and the first doc had an excellent 5 star reputation. At first I decided on 300cc saline but after reading so many reviews, I decided to go a little larger at 325cc so I wouldn't regret it later. That's definitely one piece of advice I would give to any of you girls, if you're having trouble deciding between two sizes that are pretty close, choose the larger one. You won't regret it. Especially after the swelling goes down.

Here I am, post op day 1 and I couldn't be happier. It's almost as if it's not even a reality yet. I just feel like I'm wearing a giant padded bra. Haha. I guess they'll start to feel like part of my body as some of the numbness wears off.

Yesterday was pretty rough, lots of pain. Had to get my fiancé to help me do everything, including pee. Still very uncomfortable today. Doc gave me Norco, Valium, and Z pak. He also gave me nausea medicine which I'm proud to say I haven't had to take yet. I've pretty much been sleeping most of the time, I get up to walk around for about 5 minutes every few hours though. Ice packs help a lot but I really haven't been icing that much honestly. Other than feeling completely useless, I've been doing ok. You should definitely have a great caretaker ready to help you out, you wouldn't believe the things you're unable to do after surgery that you never even thought about before!

The only discussion my doctor and I had was a short conversation about size and a few expectations. But, I had no clue what profile I was getting or anything until after surgery. I trusted him to make the decision that would look best, after all he's done hundreds of these procedures.

I chose saline over silicone for multiple reasons. First reason being cost. Second, I believe it's the safer alternative, less complications if anything ever does happen. Third, the incision size is a little smaller since they aren't prefilled. And I chose the incision to be in the crease because it's easier for the doctor to create the pocket from that angle and I believe it will be well hidden after it heals. I know that a lot of smaller women are concerned about rippling, etc. but my doc said that most likely it will only be felt, rarely seen unless you're planning on going too large, which I wouldn't recommend. The second doc I had a consultation with gave me a range between 250 and the low 400s, depending on profile he said that he could make any of those look perfect on my body but I was going for something even with my booty, not outrageous. Lol.
As far as pain and comfort go, as long as I'm sitting still I'm fine. But I still cant stand up without help, get dressed without help or hold my own cup, depending on how large it is. I try to stay propped at about a 45 degree angle and I'm so not used to having to stay in one position for so long. The valium helps with that though. ha. I'm pretty swollen but it's gone down some and they are riding really high right now. My arm movements are limited, I try to keep them by my sides as much as possible. Yesterday I had a lot of bruising around my incision site but it seems to have mostly gone away today. I have sticky tape covering my incisions that my doc said are water proof so I'm able to shower. Yesterday, my fiancé bathed me with baby wipes and this morning I took a half shower and just wiped my upper half. This evening I was able to take a full shower and lemme tell you how good it felt to take that bra off! Whew! My back itched so bad! Lol.
I see a lot of women on this site get too excited to quickly and tend to unwrap their bandages or remove their bras and try on different clothing too soon. I would say you should follow doctors orders completely because, personally I don't think you should chance messing something up that you just paid thousands of dollars on! Why not let it heal perfectly and let it be a surprise when you're finally able to try other things on? Doc instructed me to wear a sports bra full time for the first two weeks, after which I can progress to a normal bra as long as it's comfortable and doesn't irritate me. However, I do have to sleep in a sports bra every night for the 1st 6mos and am not allowed to go without a bra at any time.
Umm, lets see. Oh! supplies. I know a lot of women are curious about what to buy to prepare for surgery. I've seen some go way overboard, so here's what we bought me, if it helps:
CapriSun, yes, CapriSun. It has a straw and it's light to be able to pick it up on your own.
Equate pomegranate scented baby wipes, they smell amazing!
Tylenol for the in between pain, or after I run out of Rx pain killers.
Ice pack, which we already had.
Sports bras (front close from Walmart is fine) - buy a few different ones just in case something doesn't fit after surgery. I brought two with me yesterday.
Antibacterial soap to bathe with the night before and morning of surgery.
My fiancé cooked for me so I had nothing to worry about there. But for some reason, my food tasted TERRIBLE at first, maybe it was the medication I'm on.

That's it for tonight, Valium just kicked in and I'm sleepy! I'll post pics soon!

Here are a few pictures of the new girls!

Post op day 2!

Feeling much better. Not having to take my pain meds as often and I don't need as much help getting dressed, etc. I feel like I should have taken more time off work though because I'm not sure going back so soon is a good idea. Sitting at home is one thing, but working all day from 8 to 6 is completely different. Still haven't been able to look at my incisions, they have this brown tape over them that's waterproof and stays for like 3 wks. My next appt is a month from now and I'm hoping things will heal nicely. My fiancé bought me a few new zip front sports bras and some tanks today that are super cute. We also went through some of my old clothes and guess what!? NOTHING fits anymore. Lol. So exciting but depressing bc I won't have a wardrobe by the time I'm done. Hahaha :):)

Day 3 after surgery

Tomorrow is supposed to be my first day bank at work and I definitely don't think I'm ready. I've been able to do more and more on my own but I just dont think work is a good idea yet. I tried driving today, now I'm really sore. I bought this body oil by palmers for 10 bucks at Wal-Mart and its an amazing moisturizer. Its supposed to help prevent stretch marks and scars so I thought better safe than sorry. Here's some pictures from this morning.

Day 4 after surgery, went back to work. regrettable!

Looking better!

Every day they look a little better. Patience is SO IMPORTANT. I'm bothered by the whole uneven nipple thing I have going on right now though. Lol. But ladies, in a bra...AMAZEBALLS. So excited to be able to go shopping! Y'all should see my pinterest right now. Ha!


I mean, cmon! :)

Incision ouchies

So I didn't sleep well last night. Still can't really sleep on my sides and I want to lay on my stomach so badly but was told not to for 6 months! Incisions must be being rubbed raw by my bras because they are so sore! Went to Wal-Mart today and bought a little bra with lace on the bottom and it seems to be helping.

Ugh :/

I'm so happy with my results but I'm having a hard time trying to tell everyone without them being rude. I've told everyone at work and a lot of my friends and family, no problems. But I went out with my fiance and his friends the other night and one of them made the most awful comment to me. He didn't even remember me 5 minutes before (I met him almost 2 years ago) and them all of a sudden he asked me what was up my new tits!? Said they weren't there before, how friends scolded him and he kept defending himself saying no way those are real, they're just out there, he had to mention it, they're definitely aftermarket, etc. My feelings were so hurt. I was only wearing a sports bra and tank top for crying out loud! I'm not ashamed but he should have gone about it differently. It was so embarrassing. Now I'm afraid to post selfies on Facebook, Instagran, etc. But I'm so excited and I thought this would be easier. I just want to tell, hey! Don't I look great now!? But I'm so scared. Anyway here are a couple new pics.


Still kinda painful. Almost 2weeks

Woke up last night with sharp pains in my left breast. Not like those little zingers I expected but now like sharp stabbing pain whenever I moved a certain way or took a deep breath. Almost called into work because of it but these people have me so afraid of getting fired for absences that I went in anyway. Took some medicine and eventually was feeling a little better by the afternoon. Still hurts when bending over though. Don't really want to call my doctor because I feel like this is probably normal. Still scary though.

Day 10 after surgery!

I know time is passing quickly but it's still so sad that I can't really shop for any new bras yet! The anticipation is killing me. I'm supposed to wait 4-6wks before I do any "real" bra shopping but I can finally get out of these sports bras at the end of this week so I plan on being sized and buying something cheap and comfy to start my new collection :) The fiancé bought me 2 dresses yesterday, super cheap too. Hopefully I can post some pictures wearing them tomorrow but I don't have a full length mirror right now so you won't be able to see much. I was like a kid in a candy store! Dresses that finally fit the way they should! Debating on scrapping my entire wardrobe and starting fresh, new body new clothes, new me!
By the way girls, for those of you questioning how the size changes in the healing process... I know everyone may be different, some people say they seem smaller... but lemme tell ya! Mine look much larger than they did right after surgery. Apparently the muscle is just so tight at first you really can't tell how big they're going to be. I think my muscles are beginning to stretch and they're dropping though because holy cow! I'll post a picture so you can see what I mean.

More pics

A little bra shopping.

I tried on 2 bras today and the pain got so bad, I went home to ice them. I'll post a picture of one of them. By the way, went by Macy's because we don't have a nordstrom and I've heard they're really good at fitting. Definitely not the lady I saw! She kept asking my current size and I kept telling her I just had surgery, that was my whole point of being there. Then she measured me 5 times and just kept saying hmmmm. She finally asked the size of my sports bra, medium. My tank top? Medium. How is any of that relevant!? She measured me as a 34 b which most definitely for not fit. Oh and did I mention she took one look at me and said I was an a cup before even measuring me? Lady, no way these huge things on my little body are an a cup! Idiot. Can't wait for VS fitting this weekend.


Love them more everyday, despite the pain. Although I know I'm overdoing it and can't seem to avoid it. Hunny is buying me a cheapo regular bra from Wal-Mart or target Friday so I can stop with the sports bras. Vs trip on Saturday and maybe I'll get some goodies! Afraid to buy good ones so soon though.

Breathtaking pain

So the pain in my left breast has awoken me in the middle of the night yet again, this is the 3rd time. I keep looking for signs of swelling and size difference, but they look fine. I still have the strips on the incisions but I'm removing them in the morning to check for other possible signs of infection. They all assure me this is fine and normal but this pain isn't the singers they described but a constant breathtaking stab when I move a certain way, bend over or breathe. I can't even lay comfortably. Lay. flat, pain, angle, pain, straight up, pain. Nothing helps. Not even the medication he prescribed for pain or the muscle relaxer. I cannot go to work like this in the morning but it doesn't look like I have a choice. I wish I could take time off to heal properly. This sucks so bad....


Needed nerve meds because the pain was so extreme. Everything seems to be healing fine according to doc. I guess we'll see.


Still haven't taken the tape off but I'll post some pictures. Neurontin helped me a lot, I finally slept all the way through without pain! I'll be in bed all day resting :)


Still a lot of pain in the left breast, but only when I take a deep breath or try laying on my side. Laying on my right side hurts much worse. Hopefully everything heals soon. Tired of not being able to sneeze or yawn. Posting some updated pictures today. Still have some size differences, maybe swelling? Also bought some pretty comfortable inexpensive bras, Warners brand, so soft, 34c :)

A few more.

Also, took off the tape today and tried taking pictures of the incisions. Had some skin come off too with the left one, ouch! Put a smaller bandaid back on it.

Maybe it's the drugs.

I don't know but im feeling goofy. I hate talking medicine. Anyway, check this out, I glow! Lolol


Has anyone else experienced knots along their incisions?


The nerve pain is much better, haven't been taking the medicine as much. Incisions are looking good too. Still having crazy uncomfortable nipple sensitivity though. Everything I wear hurts. Oh well, excited things are coming along. Time is passing so slowly.

Things are better every day!

They are finally dropping and look pretty even now in size. The pain is much better, I'm able to sleep on my left side comfortably and easily but sleeping on my right side still hurts my left breast (if that makes sense) occasionally. Haven't taken anything but my Ibuprofen as needed in the past couple days. I'm so excited to go swimsuit shopping! We're moving into a new apt in June and it has an amazing pool, I'll finally be able to feel confident in a swimsuit top. I'm really happy with the way they look so far, I think they complement my body perfectly. Advice to any women debating on size, I say always go slightly bigger if you're struggling between two sizes. It's rare that women feel they went too large, but really common to think they went too small. Even though 25ccs is almost indistinguishable, for some girls, it's all about peace of mind and that might be all it takes for them to feel confident about their size choice. It's a big decision ladies so make sure you feel secure and happy, I doubt you'll regret it. This was the best decision I've ever made for myself and I'm so much happier now in every aspect :) I'll post a few new pictures in a bit!


Oops these didn't upload

New sports bra

I bought this really soft and stretchy sports bra from Walmart today.

4 weeks today

Looking good! 1 month post op. The right one is kind of square on the bottom though :/

5 weeks

No pain anymore but it feels really strange when I move certain ways or pull on heavy doors. My scars still look angry. Lol. Hopefully they fade.


Things are looking very good! Almost everything feels back normal and I think I the size is perfect. Went to VS and bought a couple of bras...32DD!!! WOWZA.


Almost all numbness is gone out of my right breast and almost all out of my left. I can sleep on my stomach comfortably. I've been doing massages now as well. Haven't used any scar creams because my doctor says he thinks they will fade almost completely on their own. Still haven't purchased a new swim suit but I hope to soon!

9 wks

So im somewhere around 9 weeks out now. Everything is great! I rarely even notice them anymore, it just feels completely natural. Bought two new swimsuits, one is even strapless! They look fantastic. Love my boobies ;)

new bra!

My first cute bra since surgery ????

Just bought new bras!

Welcome to semi annual sale bliss! Just bought 3 bras for half price on the VS website. I can't imagine paying 70 for 1 bra, but 35 on the other hand is more manageable. So excited! Will update you guys with pics when they arrive!


Two new swim suits!

more pictures

6 months

I haven't been on here in awhile. It's almost my six month anniversary and I couldn't be happier. I still haven't really gone shopping for some of the things that I want to wear but I'll get there. My 6 month mark is when I'll be able to finally go without a bra and I have lots of cute things picked out. I was really worried about the numbness for a long time, concerned I wouldn't get feeling back but it FINALLY came back a few weeks ago. My fiance bought some really cute lingerie for me so im getting the feeling he likes them. Lol. The only thing I'm unhappy with...I have a few ripples on my left breast. Annoying but I can live with it. I was prepared for much worse and I only notice it in the shower. Nobody else will ever be able to see it so that's ok. Other than that, things are great! My scars have faded a lot and everything feels natural. I love them!

Still loving them!

10 months

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I felt like the doctor was very rushed. Almost as though you had to come up questions on your own in order to get information. But, I'm the person that can't think of anything while I'm there so I would have preferred it if he spent more time with me explaining every little detail. I pretty much tried on sizers, he came in and said "ok, what did you choose" and that was it. No recommendations or further conversation. I was very unhappy with that but the rest of the staff was excellent! And the doctor did a great job, I think he's just been doing it so long that he's not as great at bedside manner anymore. But, hey, at least he's focused on what he's doing!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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