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I'm 24 yrs old, 5'6", 130lbs, mother of two (3 and...

I'm 24 yrs old, 5'6", 130lbs, mother of two (3 and 5), completely flat chested. I've always hated my breasts (or lack of) but after breast feeding my two little ones for a total of 10 months it was even worse. I currently have almost no breast tissue and my only concern is not being able to go big enough. But anything will be better than what I have now lol. I'm so excited and slightly nervous. This site has been so great. I've got boobie fever like so many other women on here.. Checking reviews a dozen times a day, waiting on the realself newsletter lol. And I've definitely fallen into the boobie greed. I want to go as big as I can w my lack of natural tissue (and still be proportionate of course). I've chosen to use Dr. William Hedden in Birmingham, Al. I went for my consultation after reading tons of wonderful reviews on him and his staff. I chatted w a couple of his nurses (very pleasant women), tried on sizers (of course I liked the biggest ones best; 450-550cc), and met Dr. Hedden. He was very nice and answered all of my questions. We agreed on silicon, smooth, round implants. We didn't pick a size yet, I assume we'll discuss it further when I schedule my surgery. He knows my goals and seems very confident I'll be able to achieve them. I plan on having my surgery next March so I can take some time off work. I also have an amazing boyfriend who will be holding my hand through it all and tending to me and the little ones through my recovery. I probably won't be updating very often for a while since I've yet to schedule my surgery (plus holidays, work, and toddlers turning 3 and 5) but I will definitely be keeping an eye on realself. I'd like to thank all of you wonderfully pleasant ladies out there whose updates have helped me so much in my decisions and expectations.


A couple pics I took at my consultation last month.

I'm Scheduled!! (:

Well, I finally scheduled my BA with Dr. William Hedden yesterday and paid my 10% deposit! Went to work today and requested a couple weeks off after surgery and got approved so all is well (: I go Feb 16th (this coming Monday) for my pre op appointment/bloodwork. Then my surgery is Wednesday, February 25th! So excited and just a little nervous. I'm sure my nerves will eventually get the best of me but right now I'm just so thrilled and hopeful!


My mother will be keeping my little ones for a few days and my boyfriend will take off the day of my surgery and the day after (wed & Thursday) but I'll be on my own once he starts back to work that Friday. Any suggestions on things to pick up or ways to make things easier on myself? Also, I'll post some pre op pics when my surgery gets a little closer.

Pre op appointment ??

Yesterday was my pre op appointment in Birmingham. Not much to tell but I'll update anyways lol. I went in, signed some consent forms, and went back to have my blood drawn. The nurse was very friendly and went over all my pre op instructions thoroughly and went over any questions I had. Pretty simple and to the point. I know it makes some people uneasy that Dr. Hedden doesn't meet w them at the pre op but it honestly doesn't bother me in the least. If it's unnecessary then I'm perfectly fine w it lol. I will meet w Dr. Hedden the morning of my surgery (next Wednesday!!). Excited is an understatement. I'm sure my nerves will kick in soon lol.


Well, tomorrow is my last day of work before my surgery. Everyone at work knows about my surgery; we're all like family and they'll help make sure I don't over exert myself when I go back to work. I feel pretty prepared. I've got 5 post op front closing bras, ice packs, pillows, heating pad, zip/button up tops, etc. I've been taking a multivitamin once a day and vitamin C twice a day since my pre op appointment. My boyfriend will be picking up my prescriptions the day of surgery and we'll stay in a hotel that night (we live about 2hrs away) for my post op appointment the following day. I've arranged for my 18yr old little sister to come stay w me for the first couple days to help me out so my bf can go back to work the day after we return. She'll be happy to use my wifi and tanning bed anyways lol. Just a few more days.. Counting them down.

Getting prepared

Well, I've been slowly accumulating everything I need for my recovery process. Mederma to help w the incision scars, an Ace compress for icing, a couple Fruit of the Loom front closing bras (from Walmart) along w a couple post op bras my friend got from her PS after her BA (luckily we're the same size), a pill container for easy access to my meds, some gauze to cushion my incisions (I hear it helps w the irritation from bras), large waterproof band aids in case of nipple sensitivity, women's stool softener, antibacterial soap (my plastic surgeon said to wash w it before surgery), and a couple zip up jackets and comfy pants. Also got some bendy straws, lean cuisine, slim fast shakes, vitamin C & multivitamins (I've been taking them for about a week). I had a few new fluffy pillows but my kiddos stole them for their new TMNT & Disney Princess bed sets lol so I'll have to get more. I still feel like I'm leaving something out. I'm an over thinker but when it comes down to crunch time my brain shuts down lol. I am a little concerned as to how I'll be able to get in out of my Tahoe after surgery. My boyfriend says he'll happy to boost me in and out but.. That sounds a bit sketchy lol. Anyways.. Hopefully I have everything.. But if not my wonderful, super supportive boyfriend and/or my darling girlfriends will be on call lol. So lucky to have such wonderful people around me

Photo didn't post w last update


I got the phone call this afternoon from Dr. Hedden's office telling me to be there to sign in at 6:30am. So I packed up, took the kiddos down to my mother's this evening, and my boufriend and I made the 1.5hr trip to Birmingham. We stopped for dinner then check in to our room and got settled in. I can feel my nerves setting in a little but it still seems unreal. I'll try to stay updated as much as possible. See you ladies on the other side.

Eeeek! ( . Y . )

I arrived at Dr. Hedden's office at 6:30. Got signed in, filled out some paperwork, took a urine pregnancy test, got undressed, did my pre op pics, got measured and marked up, and discussed a size. We decided on 425cc silicone Natrelle high profile. The anesthesiologist came in (such a pleasant man) and started my IV and gave me the run down of what was about to happen. They took me into the OR, put a wonderful blanket on me w warm air, and put the mask on me. After a couple deep breaths I was out. Woke up in the recovery room w a little pain and discomfort.. And maybe just a little loopy. The nurse dressed me and wheeled me out to my car and I was on my way around 9 or so. The surgery itself only took about an hour. So my experience his far has been absolutely perfect. Got back to our room and got settled back in. Took a short nap and my boyfriend made sure I got up and walked around for a little while. I've taken one Valium and one hydrocodone so far, drank lots of powerade, iced the twins and I feel great. Stopped by Target for a couple pillows and what not. Now heading into Carraba's for a bite to eat before settling back in my room and relaxing until my first post tomorrow morning at 8am. So far I am absolutely thrilled w my surgeon and his entire staff. I believe I'll love my results as well. TaTa for now beautiful ladies of Realself (:


Is there any way to change your surgeon's name on your profile? I'd like to write him a review but I entered it wrong on my review );

On the road to recovery :D

Well, good morning RS, my partners in the boobie journey (or whatever journey you may be on in life at the moment lol) I just woke up (day after surgery) my post appointment is at 8:00 am (currently 6:00am) but I just can't can't seem to sleep anymore . I actually slept pretty well on my back, just wide awake at this point. I took a pain pill around 1 this morning because I was worried about waking up in horrible pain like so many women say they do the next day. I haven't gotten out of bed just yet but as of now I have virtually no pain. Hopefully that won't kick in when I get up lol. I do feel tight and sort of tense and shaky (the shaky part is relatively normal for me waking up this early lol and it's just a bit chilly in my room). Can't wait to get this annoying bandage off and speak w my surgeon (and see the girls of course). My post op papers say I'll get to shower today. Excited about that and so is my boyfriend lol he's so curious. Both of us are really lol they're such a mystery right now. We've been trying to peek and poking at them a little occasionally just sorta astonished that they're actually here now lol. Can't believe how smoothly things seem to be going. Praying they continue to go this way for me (and all of you sweet, beautiful ladies of RS). I really appreciate everyone checking in w me and all the good vibes. I could not have done this without my boyfriend, he so helpful and reassuring. And also my for my mother keeping my babies for me. Can't believe how relaxed and stress I've been the entire time. I am a worrier but everyone (Dr, staff, friends, boyfriend, family, realself) has just made me feel so positive about it all. Yay! Also, if there's any questions at all you ladies have for me feel free to ask. (: I'll definitely do an update after my appointment (: happy healing darlings!

Feeling just it fine (:

Random post while I wait on my boyfriend to get ready to take my to my appt. Well, I got up and my chest does feel tight and a little sore and uncomfortable. I think most of my stiffness is from my shoulders cuz I'm not used to sleeping on my back (and I was slightly inclined). Haven't taken any meds just yet but I'm up and ready to head to my appt. dressed myself for the lost part. Just needed help w my shirt (zip up) and my boots. I am still a bit bloated and still a little pained. But all is well in boobie land so far (:

I forgot to post my pic lol oops

A tip for all you ladies

Sitting here waiting to go back for my follow up and just though I'd throw a little advice out there. When I woke up I felt fine but I did have that morning boob tightness going on. Moving around (but still taking it easy) does help you keep from getting quite so stiff. But my advice to you is to stay on schedule w your meds for a while. I waited until after I got up and got ready to take something for pain and the muscle pain started to slowly creep up on me so I took a pain pill then hopped in the car. We forgot to hear up the car (it's freezing and snowy outside) so being tense from the cold sorta got me a little sore. But it didn't take long for the meds to kick in so now I feel fine. I usually avoid medications as much as possible but in this situation I've been taking them as scheduled and I've had very very little pain and discomfort. But don't forget to take it easy. Don't wanna do any damage. Ok I'll stop posting for a little while until I actually have something to update (: thanks ladies for keeping up w my rambling. PS- sooo happy I did his for myself. Haven't even seen the new girls yet but I'm just beside myself w excitement. ( . Y . )

Post Op

Went in for my first post op visit and got those darn bandages off thank goodness! They were the most uncomfortable thing about my entire experience lol. Dr. Hedden said everything is looking great and I can basically go about my life as normal just no lifting pushing pulling anything over 5lbs, no tanning for 2 weeks (then I can tan in a swim top), and I can wear normal bras in two weeks. He said they're really compressed right now because of my muscle and the bandage but they'll plump out soon enough and there's a little swelling between my boobs but I shouldn't I've that part, only the bottom and sides. Everything is still just peachy (: I hope you ladies out there have it as easy as I have because this has been a piece of cake (: so thankful for everything running so smoothly. Also, I absolutely love them so far. I feel tight and compressed and a little swollen but nothing compared to the Frankenboob I was expecting lol. Here's some pics I took when we got back to the room. Happy healing and good luck ladies!
( . Y . )

Quick update

Finally got home and settled back in. Took a nice hot shower and it was amazing. Feels so much better.

Happy happy (:

All is well. I am 2 days post op today and I've had no pain, only some tightness. I've taken a dose of Tylenol but nothing more. I had a wonderful, lengthy nap then I drove right down the road to the store to grab a coffee and it was a breeze (I was extremely cautious since I wasn't sure how it would go lol). I can do just about anything alone except open some things but I do have my sister here w me while my boyfriend is working. I haven't done much else today. My incisions are a bit sore but it's not too bad. Everything is just peachy so far

Changes daily

Woke up this morning w still no pain, only tightness. When I woke i turned to look at my boyfriend (who has been an absolute doll through this while thing) and he said "you're boobs are bigger today" I looked down at them and he says "you've got some really nice titts there ma'am" lol gotta love him. Still very happy w the girls, slowly softening up a little and settling some. Although I think I may need a larger bra soon. They're very numb but starting to get squishy. Occasionally I have small muscle spasms but nothing much to update on. Can't wait to be able to wear regular bras in a couple weeks. Any suggestions on comfy, super supportive post I bras? Also, when did you ladies' surgeons tell you to start massages? Also, I commend you ladies on some if the boobie pics. It's harder than it looks lol)

Post op day 5

Well, I had a long update typed out and lost it lol the struggles of the internet. Practicaly no pain just lots of tightness and stiffness. My insicions are a little sore but it's nothing too bad. The bras are the worst part lol. Still pretty numb but it's getting better. I did have it a bit rough tonight getting the kiddos ready for bedtime so I took a muscle relaxer after. I'm so thrilled that I've made this decision for myself. Finally doing something for me. Remarkable because everything I do is always for our family and it's just hard to remember myself sometimes. I'm beyond ecstatic w my new additions and can't wait until they're fully settled so I can shop lol. I'm thrilled w my choice of surgeons.. He's truly a miracle worker. I am so ready for summer! Me.. Of all people.. Cannot wait to wear a SWIMSUIT. Crazy (: Good luck and happy healing to all you beautiful women of RS

Day 6

Everything is listening up and softening more day by day. The only real soreness left is the muscles on the sides behind my boobs. Still relatively numb, especially my nipples. I can almost push them together but it's uncomfortable so I don't push it. Still rotating sports bras like a crazy lady. My left insicion is sore because of the god awful supportive contraptions I hafta carry my boobs around in all day. It's worth it though. Beauty is pain.

3weeks post

Everything has been pretty smooth sailing still. Dr. Hedden said I could wear whatever bra I'd like at 2 weeks post op w sports bra at night for 6 months and I can take the bandages off my incisions at 3 weeks (think I'll do that today and post pics) and I can start using scar cream (Mederma). He said I could tan at 2 weeks as well as long as my incisions are covered well. I'm now in a 34DD at VS (body by Victoria is my fav). I have a post op appointment 3-31 (4weeks post). In the last few weeks we've had snow, rain, wind, and sun (up to almost 80degrees) Alabama weather lol. Can't wait for summer. Still no massages and still no lifting heavy objects. I have lifted my kids a few times when it was unavoidable. My chest muscles still get sore at times when I really pick myself but I try to take it easy as much as possible. The boobs are getting super squishy and I believe my right one has settled a little more than my left one. Everything has been peachy through my whole experience. I love them so much and so does my boyfriend lol. Most of my clothes still fit and most of them fit better. Not much more to update. Going to post a couple pics (PINK light push up 34DD and LG bikini top from walmart that I bought for tanning). Any questions feel free to ask! Happy healing and good luck RS friends.

Incision scars (3weeks)

Just thought I'd stop in and add some pics of my incisions since I finally took the bandages off. They still have some glue from the tape but they're not too bad. I can see a stitch in the left one but it's not extremely visible. My left scar looks a little better than my right IMO. Also, I think these pics make them look longer than they are because it's not a good view of my entire boob. I'm using Mederma scar cream on them for now and I cover them excessively when I tan. So far so good
Dr. William J. Hedden

Dr. Hedden and his entire staff were absolutely amazing from consultation to my post op visit. I found him here on RealSelf while researching the procedure and surgeons. I read so many wonderful reviews and he was only a couple hours away from home so I decided to schedule a consultation. My whole experience has been 100% perfect thus far. I would normally over think everything and worry so much but they really made this journey enjoyable and stress free for me. I could not have asked for a better surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, etc. I'm only 3 days post op and I've been pain free (med free for 2 days), feeling wonderful, and absolutely in love w my results so far. Can't wait to see the finished product. I will definitely be recommending Dr. Hedden to anyone considering breast augmentation.

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