24 Years Old, 1 6-year Old Child, 32 (29 Actually) A, NEED NEW BOOBS! - Birmingham, AL

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Ok, so people always ask.. "WHY!? Your perfect how...

Ok, so people always ask.. "WHY!? Your perfect how you are." I tell men: If your penis didnt grow since you were 8 would you enhance it with the oppertunity being presented?" and to the women: "Because you have your boobs and I want my own, OR the same thing I ask men, OR JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE Because theyll complete me" I have thought long and hard over the years, and always find myself having a panic attack walking into an ulta, sephora, mac, etc store looking at those women who look like they were peeled off a magazine saying to myself "wow I feel like these women want to ask if im even 18 and why does a 12 year old need make up" ... Bad enough I feel not enough like a woman from the tiny boobs, people ask if my son is my brother, and i get carded everywhere i go for cigs. YES I SHOULDNT SMOKE, this isnt about that. Thats next to go. I have weighed pros and cons and i dont know why i wouldnt decide to finally do this. So i chose a doctor, Dr. Hedden, at Hedden Plastic Surgery/Spa GreyStone in (Inverness) Birmingham Alabama. I live in Pittsburgh so that drive was terrible ... I got there Monday at 7 am, seen the nurse at 3 pm, was sized and during the sizing had it STUCK IN MY CRAZY HEAD I WANTED 500 cc -- im 5'2 107lbs and have a 29" bust lol --- im obviously an idiot right? ... well i would have been i think. I ended up in the OR the next morning still unsure - silicone or saline, under breast incision or under arm (silicone) -- tuba for sure if saline, and 500 or ???? -- so an hour later and one finally sure self, I decided 450 cc is perfect its bigger than i wanted and everyone says GO BGGER so i decided since 425 looked good 450 would be perfect. I was given an IV that made me very nice and happy, walked to the OR and was very happy lol...even when the burning sensation from the anestesia went in i was saying thanks, this is a nice chair, etc things that were so ridiculous lol...i woke up SCREAMING because for some reason i forgot where i was and what i did. but once they reminded me i think i quited down lol... so this is week 2 EXACTLY so far, loving it. the pain is worth every millimeter of gain. My doctor, doctor hedden and his partnering doctor have worked on miss america, miss alabama, won bunches of awards etc (which i know from seeing these awards in his office and the signed pictures from the women in the pagents thanking him). He was awesom, very nice, very calming, reassuring, honest, not pushy and didnt rush me even when I came for surgery not knowing what I wanted. In my post surgery bag i forgot to put a shirt in, and the nurse gave me her to wear, which ended up being cut off me, but it just goes to show the level of patience and care the doctors, nurses, and people at Hedden go to to make sure everything is perfect for you. I will continue to update, and would reccomen dr. hedden to any and every body for the price you cant beat on top of the service and care-giving lengths that I have never seen doctors or nurses go to to make sure a person was happy and well taken care of. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. HEDDEN FOR CHANGING MY LIFE IN A WAY ONLY A PERFECT SURGEON COULD DO!! heres a before 2 picture collage because before i didnt really have many pics that went past my face, and a week 1 and week 2 (marked) pics/collages ... I LOVE THEM. 450 cc HP Natrelle Silicone Gel

3 weeks 2 day updates

left side taking much longer to heal then there right the right has dropped I think a little bit more than the left.. and the left is still harder than the right and higher still lovin em!!! got my new bra and it's a marena (spelling) one of the ONLY ones worth the cash lol. It's a F5 certified post surgery garment.... the one inch band and it has eye hooks on shoulders and the front...so you can UN snap top if needed and you have the eye hooks in the front so you don't gotta ateetxh arms behind your back ....I'd recommend it to anyone getting a b.a ....Amazon sells it I got mine for $30 and got it in about like 2 days .. it's awesome & surely the best bra ever for breast Augs. So last week I was able to wear regular bras during the day and sports bra at night, but I keep coming back to my new marena whenever I can fit it into my outfits...doctor said sports bra first 6 months at night but also said support is a key role in the entire lifetime of my implants...so with that being said, that's my night time bra for he rest of my life!!! Lol!! about 4 days ago I broke up in about 6 vitamin B something be something gel caps and rubbed it on the steri strips until they came loose and fell off. my scars are very light pink and do not bother me at all not to mention their healing wonderfully I use the vitamin gel caps that I break open then I top it with the scar cream then I take 2 gel caps orally daily. my doctor said at 4 weeks that I am to send pictures showing the updates and the healings and at 4 weeks that I should start the massage I'm unsure what the massages for but I'm guessing it's to get the implants to the proper placement of where you want them can anybody help me on that?

feeling new

new boobs, new makeup, why not new hair?

time lapse 6 months of daily pictures to show overall changes

I'm going to do a daily time lapse to show my changes over a six month. Starting at week 3 days 3 I did my first pictures today one from the front arms up one arms down one arms outside going to do each side arms up arms down and a 35 degree angle arms up arms down I'll post everyday those same pictures to show my differences. Right now I'm concerned with my left side it I thought it was dropping slower but now looks lower? Help !! Does this look normal? Or is it gonna stay weird like this???? p.s to know my left from my right my tattoos are on the left side of my body the arm tattoo and the rib tattoos both on the left side.

week 3 day 4

Time lapse pic updates ...hole in my wall ...as you see the yoga mat, I was doing some yoga, and foot thru the wall...so it's now in progress of being fixed :) today been having bad pains, put a bikini on so I could tan and maybe fade my scars...don't know why but the scars have been hurting terribly since. Help?

day 4 & 6 pictures

I'm going to just start putting up one front one side left and one side right pictures until I get to month 6 and do my last pictures per day at that point Im gonna put them all together and put up a time-lapse video this for the past couple days but I took my pictures today so I'll put pictures up from day 4 and 6 of 3rd week ... I missed day 5. I get my 4 week follow up via Skype in a few days hopeing (fingers crossed) that all is well. day 4 is the red outfit day 6 is the shorts. Is the left dropping??? (Left is tattooed side) again the hole (in the wall) is explained above lol

been a while..

First pics week 4 day 2 others are thru week 4 last time lapse project pics lol are if week 5 day 2 ...so...left still won't drop. Heard scar zone burn gel, for the scar. Has anyone done this? ...kinda worried about the left ....a lot. Sent my pics to doc for week 4 online check up, waiting for Skype date and to hear all looks good.. fingers crossed.. so besides that ...I guess that's it lol. Bought new bras ...tones of makeup (everything Mac from concealer to highlighter and brow gel felt like I needed a change ....plus the hair color lol... ) love to shop

forgoten 2 pics lol

Emoji ...yes I'm bored and so lame lol: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

dunno what went wrong lol

dunno what went wrong but i meant to post 2 pics and 1 cute imoji but i supppse i fell asleep and my son typed eveey imoji lol

week 5 day 4 & 6

No top is day 4 and with top is day 6 i bought like 5 of these Wal-Mart- sleep sets so comfy btw...also gonna post scars for day 4 week 5 (to compare to my previous scar pics ) and some bra a ? I did week 5 and begining of week 6 (viki sec and Wal-Mart lol gave it a shot and bought small yoga bras and 2 way off sized push ups but they surely push up and hold the entire boobie) :) also been eating vit E caps like candy 4x800 mg 2 times per day and using scar zone burn gel (it has scar lightening properties and silicone in it) waiting to hear from doc I sent in my four week follow up nothing back yet :) but patient he's very busy also this massage stuff hurts! Why? And left is still bigger :(

week 6 day 4 and week 7 day 3

my Skype interview is tomorrow and I'm already on week 7 so excited the first set of pictures with the really mean looking face is weeks 6 day 4 and the second set near the door is week 7 day 3...not sure if I'm level yet and I'm not doing massages everyday because I'm reading here in there that some doctor say massage some doctor say don't I'm taking 2 times a day 1600 milligrams of vitamin E gel using Scarzone burn cream for the this car actually it's burn gel and has a very super antioxidant in it also it has silicone in it lidocaine and an anti septic it's helping very much and thats my progress for today I will include a picture of the burn gel and vitamins bottle! hope everyone else is healing well...by the way for week 7 I added all of the pictures at every angle so I can get some opinions on my dropping fluffing and healing help anyone!!?? last edition I also went to Vicky's secret and tried on the Dream Angels ballerina set with the Garter I loved it but it was just a little too expensive so I bought the very sexy balconette bra and thong set which I added pictures of both sets which were take a day before week 7 days 3

holes in sutures

fuck my life...seriously...just to top off the worst birthday i ever had, almost died in my car cause of the roads being wet, and my car spinning out after the wheel locked up and ...who cares big scary near death experience...now this...couldnt be worse...did i take too many vitamins? the scar pics i posted at week 3 and 5 (now on week 7 day 4) didn't show this but did show signs of it....the pics I'm posting are of the first time i accidentally scratched the scar when massaging and it was dead skin little tiny bit...when the dead skin came off there was a little tiny black spot and one other tinier hole.. and the pics without the black spot are the 2nd accidental scratch when i was massaging again....the black spot came off and there was a tiny white end on it. i put a dab of peroxide on and antibiotic ointment as i always use (the burn gel with silicone base and numbing agent also a antiseptic in it i had no neosporin and was very late)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Hedden was amazing. From the minute I met him I thought, THATS MY DOCTOR. Not sure why it was just a sure thing, he spoke honestly, respectfully, and didnt hesitate or seem to be unsure in anything I asked him. I went in to the surgery day not knowing a dang thing (CC Size, Which Doctor I wanted, Silicone or Saline, Under Arm, Tuba, Etc)... Within minutes all my questions were answered and I felt o good about going under in the care of this doctor. Very little doctors up til tis point (whom Ive met) seemed to care about what you want, or what you know, or what "The Internet" tells you, etc... But Me and my list of a million questions about capsular's and all kinds of issues from ripples to ripped implants were answered. He was awesome to say the least. He has a great online upload system for out of state'rs who cant come back for a 4 week etc post op. Upload your 6 or 8 pics and communicate via email with great timing on his responses. I am not a patient person but knowing that a doctor NOT ANYONE ELSE who did the opperation, is willing to sit down and answer my questions and his other patients -- in those moments when your freaking out or unsure of something (from bras to massage) is another great thing, so this way your not just another number calling a nurse who had nothing to do with your procedure or maybe was in the room but did not DO the opperation. Everything from A-Z was handled propperly, timely, and in a perfect business meets medical way. Thank you so much Dr. Hedden! Im sure ill be back cause now I want a new butt. :)

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