20 Years Old , 5'3 and Wanting New 500cc Boobies! - Birmingham, AL

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I am 20 years old and 5'3. I have been wanting...

I am 20 years old and 5'3. I have been wanting breast implants as long as I can remember. But when I really started to consider them was after I stopped breast feeding my only child. What little breast tissue I had, had completely dissolved. It definitely destroyed my confidence and nothing I wear fits me properly now. I have a smaller waist but I have a big butt and it makes me look bottom heavy and my body looks disproportional. I would love to get 500 cc breast implants. I have done my research and I already know who I want my doctor to be and I want to do the TUBA incision (through the belly button) with saline implants. I am trying to save up every dime I get for these implants, but being a housewife and stay at home mommy makes it very difficult to have any form of income. And a minimum wage job will not pay for daycare, nor would I want my child going to one. But my goal is to have this surgery done before summer so I can wear that perfect bikini! My husband says he doesn't care whether or not I have the surgery, but I want to do this for me, and I would feel so much more confident in my clothing with bigger breasts. Wish me luck! Hoping to figure out some way to get $3000 quick!:)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I have spoken to him through email. And he seems to be very sweet and answered all of my questions!

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