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I've always wished I had bigger boobs and dreamed...

I've always wished I had bigger boobs and dreamed of getting a breast augmentation, but I didn't start to seriously consider it until a few months ago. I talked to my parents, researched plastic surgeons in my area and finally scheduled a consultation 2 weeks from now. I will be seeing Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL and I am so excited! I am leaning towards saline, under the muscle, and anywhere from 300-350 CCs. I'm unsure of the size and I hope that the consultation will give me some ideas.
*I am 5'3, 125 pounds and enjoy working out. ANY suggestions on size, implant type/location, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated! I will update again after my consultation.

First Consultation

I went to see Dr. Hedden last week and it went great. He was very friendly and answered all of my questions. Initially going into the consultation i was thinking 300-350 saline, but after talking to him i'm thinking 350-375 cc silicone instead. Thankfully i don't have to decide until the day of surgery so i have plenty of time to decide. I know a lot of people say "go with the bigger size" but i'm worried about going too big since i like to work out and i want them to look natural.

The next time for me is to continue researching and decide what i want to go with, and then schedule the surgery! Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

it's all becoming real!

I got my financing figured out and I also registered for classes so I now know the days that I could work around tests to have surgery. I can't believe I've figured everything out and all I have to do is call and schedule it! Still feeling unsure about what size I want. I may go back in and try the 350 and 375 CCs on.


I am now scheduled for October 16th!! Still undecided on a few things like size and saline or silicone. Since I have a couple of months I'm hoping I'll figure it out by then. I can't believe it!

Wish Pics

Here are a few wish pics! I wish i knew what sizes they were. I'm going to show these to my PS when i go to my pre-op in only 24 days!!

Pre Op Appointment! TWO WEEKS left

Earlier this week I went to my pre-op appointment. I only talked to the nurses, who were very helpful, and drew blood for lab work. I wish I could've talked to my doctor again to get his perspective on some of my questions, but I know I will see him the morning of surgery and will talk to him then.

I am still torn between saline and silicone! The only reason I am iffy about silicone is because it is difficult to tell if it ruptures/leaks, and I would hate to always be wondering if something has happened inside of my body. Can anyone give me advice on this?

Also, I thought I had made up my mind about getting 350 CCs. however, in some "After pictures" i look at, 350 looks HUGE and other times it looks too small! I know it depends on how much breast tissue you have before surgery, but it is still hard to tell. I'm scared of going too large.

Lastly, does anyone have any advice for post op care/supplies? Anything is appreciated.

Surgery went well!!

I am about 8 hours post op right now. I arrived at the surgery center at 6:30 am. got taken back pretty quick, gave a urine sample, blood pressure, etc. then I got pictures taken and met with the CRNA. he was seriously so nice!! we talked about the type of anesthesia I was getting and he asked if I had any questions and started my IV.

soon after that Dr. Hedden came in and marked me up as we discussed my final size. we agreed on 350cc (not sure if that's what he ended up going with or what type or anything. I'll ask tomorrow at my post op apt.) Then the CRNA came back in and gave me some of the "feel good" meds so I started to feel very relaxed.

soon after that he walked me back to the OR. the room was very comfortable. He explained everything he did along the way and then told me id fall asleep soon.

the next thing I knew I was awake in recover (in and out of sleep) until I could finally keep my eyes open. the nurse gave me some water and told me everything went well! When I was completely awake I was wheeled out to the car and on my way home!

So far it has not been bad at all, pretty much exactly what I expected. Very tight and sore. my back hurt really bad initially after surgery, but I've been using a heating pad in bed and that has helped SO much.

as far as medicine goes, I started with a Valium to relax my muscles since the only "pain" I was feeling was the tightness and soreness. After I ate some food I took 1/2 a hydrocodone. I'm trying to stay on low dose pain meds since I don't want to be out of it all day. The bottom of my boobs are "numb" which I expected, but I already have light sensation back in my nipples! So far so good!

I will update later with pictures!! Thanks for the support from everyone, I really appreciate it!

Post op photos

Day 1 post op! Of course they are sitting high and are swollen. I went to my post op apt this morning. He said everything looks good and that I should start pushing them in towards each other, keep icing them, and I could start massages in one week. They are 350 cc HP Mentor!

A quick update!

Post op day 2 was pretty much the same as post op 1. I was still on pain meds/muscle relaxers, got out of the house to go to lunch, slept a good bit of the day.

Post op day 3 I only took Tylenol and 1 muscle relaxer to get me through the day. Before i went to sleep i took 1/2 a pain pill to make sure I slept through the night without any pain.

Today is post op 4 and i am feeling so much better. "Morning boob" definitely kicks in when i get out of bed, but once i get moving around i am fine. I am still taking the muscle relaxers, since i am moving around a lot more than before. Still only taking Tylenol as needed. I tried on some of my normal clothes/dresses today and i am loving it! I will post pictures later.

Almost two weeks post op!

Its been almost two weeks since my surgery! I am finally starting to feel back to normal and like myself again. The last time i updated it was post op day 4, so ill highlight some things from the past two weeks as they happened:

Post op day 5-my nipples were so extremely sensitive it was difficult to even put a bra on. This continued until about day 7 or 8 and it eventually got better.
day 8 I went to a cocktail event and was surprised at how good I felt. The rest of the weekend went well i just had low energy and felt like i needed to catch up on a lot of sleep.
days 10-now i have felt so much better. I can finally do things with my arms and put weight back on the when needed.

They have also dropped a lot and are starting to look normal! The left one still has a little ways to go but so far i love them!

About a month post op

I am about a month post op and I am so happy that I did this! To be honest, I had a few second thoughts leading up to surgery but I am so glad that I went through with it.

At about 3 weeks post op (a few days before my month post op visit) I started to itch underneath the surgical tape/where the incisions are. I looked at It and it was clearly irritated so I took the tape off early. After seeing my doctor he wrote me a prescription and told me it looked like I was allergic to the surgical tape. About a week later it cleared up and now everything looks good!

They've dropped a lot and have softened up. I am really happy with my size! of course everyone says they wish they had gone bigger, and I think I could have gone bigger too. however, I am still young and I didn't want to go too big the first time around. So happy!

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