8 weeks post op with pics ( Dr. Hedden) - Birmingham, AL

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I am scheduled for bbl the 27th of this month. I...

I am scheduled for bbl the 27th of this month. I am traveling alone to Birmingham for procedure. I will have a care giver once I get there. Has anyone driven home immediatley after the procedure? I have a 3 hour drive back home. Any tips to help me out? Is there anything I can do to make the ride home better. And where you in a lot of pain post op?

I am not over weight but not happy with my body...

I am not over weight but not happy with my body shape. I want to be able to wear anything and look great in it. Verus taking.hours finding.an outfit just to say im not going because I know my girls are going to be on point. I dont want a J Lo botty but just one that looks natural. My family are against cosmetic surgery so I am going thru this journey alone. I did tell my neighbor.so if something goes wrong someone we know.

One Day away from sx. As i sit In the lobby of dr....

One Day away from sx. As i sit In the lobby of dr. Office waiting For my preop consultation i am nervous as hell. There are two young ladies waiting as well. We get to tlkg n i ask one of the ladies what she.doing.here her body was banging. She was there For her friends preop ,she revieved bbl 6 months ago. Ok if Dr. Hedden can do my body the same justice.a he did hers im good. I also suggested he ask his clients to share there journey on real self because it would help his.biz not as if he needed.help by looking at his elegant facility. Her Friend is scheduled For bbl on the 4th of next month. My nerves has calmed alot just talking and listening to someone who has already gone thru my journey under the same hands. I wa given my prescriptions today as well. Z pack, loratab, phenegran . All were filled at CVS pharmacy up the street from my hotel which is exactly 3 min from dr. With my insurance my meds were $45.00. Cant beat that. I recieves my dr excuse from him as well. I guess the next time you guys hear from me i Will be on the other side

I was scheduled For smart Lipo but once Dr. Hedden...

I was scheduled For smart Lipo but once Dr. Hedden looked at me yesterday he stated once he had harvested enough fat For my butt and hips(which wasnt included originally In quote) he was going to laser Lipo the additional fat. This is to help tighten my skin to ensure no loose skin and to avoid having TT. Keep In mind this should have been an additional $1000.00 but he is doing it along with my hips free. He states I am wearing his logo now and my body must make a good representation. I Love this Dr. bedside manners n Love For what he does. It is Art to him he views it as sculpting clay mold. His primary interest is to stay true to your natural,body mold so people cant tell you had work done but instead look like you been dieting n working out on a reg. I asked about a drain since i see so many women with one he states when he harvest the fat he drains all the fluid before he injects it so the fat is concentrated which increases the fats Life expectancy. So with that said i want need follow up Lymphatic Drainage massages I Will need to get a series of Endermologie massages. Now im having a Hard time online finding someone back home. Dr. Hedden's Spa gives you one For free. Yes he has a Spa as well attached to surgery center. It is gorgous. I may later down the road have someone bring me back For my complimentary Massage. I guess i Will need to make some cold calls once i get back to find a therapist. oh he also told me using a rolling pin on Lipo areas would also keep area fron hardning

Let me start by saying God is good all the time....

Let me start by saying God is good all the time. He especially cares For the babies n the foolish one. And i aint baby. IF you chose Hedden i def recommend using Synergy Care Services. Request Beverly as your Care taker. I felt like i was In my mothera Care. She has been In this field about 30 years. A christian Mother of 10 kids youngest two still home agea 9 & 10. She has been In AL one year came to take Care of her Mother In law. A true blessing from God. Ok once i got there they took urine sample For preg test.,and how about i got my cycle before i came into surgeey Center( im currently druged textung this so excuse typo errors). Nurse came In took pics , temp,n hooked me to IV drip. Succeded the First try. Dr. Hedden came In and drawed me up n let me know he would make sure my butt dimples are gone. He was going to be 190%agressive with my back. And by the way,my fack feel he was . My handsome anesteshiologist came In and explained his part n then walked me to surgery room while stoping along the way to get a warm blanket. I got on table. I awaken to someone asking if i nweded a drink of sprite. Once i was able to focus. I was gicwb copt of Care instructionS For the third time. We laughed as i gave ir back,n said i have it already. He asked if i had it menorized i said no he gave it back. Told,me if u dnt remember anytgibg else. Drink plenty of fluids,n,walk esp tonight. I notice my compression Garment dnt look likw ladies on this site ,reason is i havw tranafer to hips n closed In garmenr can kill survival of cells.pain on scale 1-10 @20 i was crying to myself why u do this. All i could do was walk For releif . I dnt want to eat regarsless i hsnt eaten since yest @ midnighr. Now almost 8 hours later i rate pain at 2. So just grind thru the First,24 it gets,better. I want get,my cc count until my appt In morn

Made it back home safely thanks For your prayers....

Made it back home safely thanks For your prayers. I had 500 cc each buttock n 175cc per hip. I Will post pics soon. I can say enough how important it is to walk n drink plenty of fluids.

Post op pics Dr.Hedden BBL

Post op pics Dr.Hedden BBL

Day 2 postop. I toke my garment off to take a...

Day 2 postop. I toke my garment off to take a shower and got extremly light headed. So I do suggest the first few times taking garment off do it sitting down. I have a foam board underneath my garment to keep my stomach flat. While garment was off I rubbed my skin with a potion I made. African Shea butter,.100% vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, n 100% aloe.Vera. I dont have a appetite just yet. So I have been drinking Ensure n noddle soup. My stomach is still very swollen. I ache alot in my back n stomach because he agressively Lipo those areas.

5 days post

5 days post

Today makes 5 days post op. I recieved my first...

Today makes 5 days post op. I recieved my first Endermologie massage. It took me a long time to find someone in my home town who could do it. I was about to think I may have to go back to Birmingham to get mine done. Dr. Hedden gives comp massage to his patients. So when I go back for my three week check up I will get my comp massage then. So I found a young lady at Massage Envy that does it. So it made since for me to get a membership. Its cheaper,.pay $59.00 month masaage will be $39.00. Versus paying $89.00. per session. During massage it hurt because I had some hard areas, which Tiffi did an amazing job working them out. She was also able to work out kinks I had in my neck from sleeping on stomach. Afterwards I felt like I could run. Most of my swelling has gone down except my lower abs . I notice I can almost fasten my compression garment completly. I had my friend to measure my hips n butt today. Measurement was 42” . I havent measured waist yet will do that later. But my previous measurement was waist 33 & hips 38. Will update you guys in a week.

My recovery is going well except one factor. I...

My recovery is going well except one factor. I have developed hard fluid pockets in my flanks especially right side. I was going for massage 2 times a week but recently have moved up to every other day hoping this will help. I no longer wear the compression garment I was sent home with. I now wear a squeem. I got a sz small which I was able to fasten on 2nd notch without any problem the first time putting it on so I think I will need a medium. I have bruising on my butt still. So I have also ordered the arneica pills I hope it want be to late. I go this Friday for my 3 week checkup so I will update you guys then.

I am 8 Weeks PO. Still swollen in stomach area. I...

I am 8 Weeks PO. Still swollen in stomach area. I find I swell more when I go a day without wearing compression garment at night. I am still receiving massages twice a week. Im also starting to get the feeling back in my nerves in my flanks. It causes a burning semsation. But besides that recovery is great. I have also begin working out at least 4 days a week. No change in butt but I have lost an inch off waist. My measurements are 38 30 42. Eating healthy ladies is a must

5 months PO (Dr. Hedden) with Pic

Well it has been 5 months now and I still experience swelling in abdomen. I no longer feel the burning sensation of me regaining my nerve endings in my flanks and lower abs. I am now back to my regular work out routine, I find that me doing oblique work has helped reduce my waistline. My waistline measurement to date is 30". I still wish my waist was smaller but considering I started at an 33" waist I guess it is an improvement. My target waist goal is 29'. I am told it takes up to an year to see final results. I have lost some arch from my butt but it has started to round more . Butt has started to fluff. I am currently 42" around hips and butt I started out I think at 38". It is a work in progress. I no longer get my Lymphatic drainage massages weekly. I know get a Swedish massage once a month. Ladies you have to be very patient with this process. You most def will not see results over night. And the results you may see overnight are not your end results. So my measurements have been consistent for the past couple months. All my fluid pockets I had previously in my flanks are completely gone. I don't have any scarring just at my incision points in my lower abdomen and hips.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Someone I know had cosmetic procedure done with him as well and she swears by him. Since Day one he n his staff have been nothing but helpful n kind. And trust i call reg asking.questions. The Nurse was so kind to give me her personal cell phone number telling me i could call n ask as many questions as i needed. Whatever i needed to feel at ease. Thus far so good.

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