BBL With 4 Areas of Lipo - Birmingham, AL

My quote is for the BBL with 4 areas of lipo. I...

My quote is for the BBL with 4 areas of lipo. I was 130 pounds before I
Started having kids. Now I'm bout 160 with wide hips and no butt. I have
Consider this for bout a year. Now I'm ready to get the ball rolling. If any one have any suggestion or comments they are welcome here. I am scared to do this because I dnt want a
Big ghetto booty I just want to beable to fill out my clothes better &
Loose the love handles. I'm a very beautiful girl, sometimes I feel insure about my booty.

I am trying to get Financed they medical financed...

I am trying to get Financed they medical financed or Care credit.
Could anyone tell me a lil about them. Did anyone have to pay $14.95 to apply god care credit?

Back from 2013

So i never got the sx did in 2013 with Dr. Hedden. LIFE got in the way. Im back and I'm ready. Contemplating going with Dr. fisher or Hasan not sure. Doing research on DRAINS & DRAINING. I've gained a lotta weight since then last time i checked i was 180 ???? so i have a long journey a head of me. Definitely going to be ready March or April! I've been ghost following for about a month now so I decided to update.

Dr.Hedden price

The reason im not going back with Dr. H is he has no pictures and i need proof. Seeing is believing. Maybe if he had a special going on for around 3000 I would jump on that but for 5800 I'll take my chances in MIAMI.

Wish pics

Stomach hips thighs butt

Fisher, Hasan or Calva??!!!

Do u heal better with or without the drains?

Love love love her!

Stomach goals!


Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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