37 Year Old Mother of Twins Getting the Full Mommy Makeover! - Birmingham, AL

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Im just beginning this process of consulting PS...

Im just beginning this process of consulting PS and already confused about breast augmentation choice! I have had 3 different consultations so far with all different opinions. First PS said I would do great with over the muscle silicone gel implants. Second PS said I would need a lift plus under the muscle saline implants. The third PS said I only needed a lift without implant. I must admit I'm in favor of the "overs" without the need for the scarring of a lift. Although, I don't want to have an additional surgery if I'm not satisfied with the results. Any thoughts.... Please help!

Set the date for Mommy Makeover in August!!!!

After seeing over a half a dozen PS in the Birmingham area, I've decided to go with Dr. Hedden. Dr. Hedden was very pleasant, gave me several suggestions for my breast augmentation and the pro's & cons of each procedure, then let me make the decision based on the information given. I didn't feel rushed AT ALL and I really appreciated that. I decided to go with a bi-planar breast augmentation with AT LEAST 350cc's, of which he suggested with a full tummy tuck & lipo of the flanks. I'm so excited that I've made this decision and I know I picked the right surgeon. I have a pre-op apt in July, two weeks before the actual surgery and will decide on the final size and get all blood work, etc. My mom will be coming to help with our twins and take care of me also since my hubby works so much! I will keep you all posted!!!! :)

Pre- Op Appointment

I have my pre-op apt this Thursday!!! I'm super excited to see Dr. Hedden and get more information about my upcoming mommy makeover on August 18th. My husband will be coming with me this time so I know he will have a lot of questions also! I'm really going to ask about sizing for implants.. Dr. Hedden suggested 350 cc's or more with my already size full C breasts. Again, a bi-planar augmentation in order to not have lift scars. I'm pretty stoked and will post update on Thursday after my appointment! ????????

Pre-Op Appointment update

I went in for my pre-op apt last Thursday. expecting to see Dr. Hedden but didn't. No worries... I know he has to be extremely busy in such high demand. His nurse went over paperwork for me to sign. I asked her if I could ask some questions that I had thought of and she was very sweet and patient and answered all of my questions (that I listed on my phone)! The nurse drew blood and talked about sizing with me. I did and still do have some questions about the final size to go with for my breast aug. At my consultation Dr. Hedden suggested 350ccs OR MORE with the bi-planar approach. The nurse told me Dr. Hedden would go over size with me the day of my surgery and also show me where all the incisions would be for my TT & BA. She was going to come back and have me try on implants under my bra but I guess got side tracked so I didn't get to do that. Again, no big deal. I know Dr. Hedden will be honest and give me some understanding when I see him about the sizing. I really trust him and know he knows exactly what he's doing! After seeing several different PS in Birmingham, he is the only one I felt was for me and my transformation! His nurse came back in the room and got my paperwork then sent me to the checkout desk. I paid for the entire surgery and have my date set for Aug 18th. After I paid, the young lady at the front desk told me about an additional shot they can give you during the TT procedure that will really help numb the area and help with pain. I hadn't heard about this so she called in a different nurse to tell me about it. The nurse explained what is was and that it should have been on my original quote. Not sure but I def want to have less pain... I will ask Dr. Hedden the day of surgery. This shot the nurse told me is an extra $500 which was not on the quote I received.

My mother will be coming in to help me for several weeks with my healing and taking care of the twins! I'm super excited and cannot wait to be on the other side of my healing! I know I will have to be patient and think happy thoughts. ????

One week to go!!!!!

Oh my goodness, I'm only one week away from a brand new me!!! Of course my emotions and nerves are up and down right now! One minute I'm excited and the next minute I'm wondering what the heck am I thinking...Although, I know 2-3 mo this from now I'm going to be saying THANK GOD I did this for myself! Especially after looking at these pics I just took of myself, LAWD, help! ????

I received an email today from the PS office with a balance I owe with my hernia repair. DR. Hedden was the only PS, out of 5, who showed me that I had a hernia during the consultation and told me we could fix during the TT! This is common with twin pregnancies he said.

The nurse also informed me of a shot I could have during the actual surgery called Exparel, this helps with pain and healing easier for 72 hours after surgery! It's $500 extra which I think is completely worth it!

I'm staying positive and can't wait for my mom to get here for support!!!

Today's the day!!!

Please pray for me... I'm at Dr's and about to go back!!! I will post more later today or tomorrow! ????????????????????


Here we go!!!!

Day after surgery

Yesterday came home after surgery and rested all day. The pain really not too bad! My stomach and breasts feel like I've done a million sit ups and push ups. Went to bed early last night and was up almost every hour or two. My mom helped take me to the bathroom and gave me more pain medication throughout the night. Woke up around 5:30am and made a chai tea. I have to visit the PS office between 8-9am today so I will update again later!

Day after pics

Can't believe this is the second day after surgery!!! Dr. Hedden said everything looks great. Very swollen still and once my breasts "drop" the nipples will raise up! So happy with the results so far!!!

"Before" marked up!!!

I forgot to post these pictures of me marked up, ready to go!!!!

Day 3

Last night had a burning sensation on my left side where my incision was, opposite of my drain. We called the PS and he said to just adjust the binder and loosen it a little and make sure it goes below the incision and that helped! I felt like I was on fire! Whew... My mom put Bengay on my lower and upper back and that felt like heaven. My back is starting to hurt from just being bent over. I slept like a champ last night but woke up this morning even more swollen than yesterday. I'm going to cut out high sodium food today and drink tons of water! I'm also putting ice on my breasts this morning and that helps with soreness.

Day 4!

Feeling a little sore but much better already! Slept good last night, woke up with a headache! I took a shower this morning again and washed my hair, shaved my armpits and put lotion on my legs! Felt so wonderful, like a new woman! I did take a couple pics of my side which are really sore from the Lipo... Not as bad as I thought though! Going to get out today with my mom. She is going to drive us around just to get OUT!!!

Evening Day 4

Feeling much better tonight. My mama took me for a drive and that helped me not go stir crazy after 4 days being cooped up in the house! Anyhoo... Here's an update in my pics!!! 4 days and feeling great so far!!!!

Day 5 Update

So... Saturday evening I began having a rash under my arms and close to my arm pits that itches like crazy! I called my PS office today and spoke to the nurse. She asked me to stop taking all medications, take a Benadryl and put some hydrocortisone on the rash. Any pain I'm having she said I can take Tylenol! They think it might be a reaction to the meds. The nurse is going to call me back in the morning to see if it's any better. If not, I will go in to see Dr. Hedden. I will keep you posted...

Day 6

Went back to Dr. Hedden for a follow up on my rash. They told me to apply hydrocortisone on the rash and take Benadryl. He said I can go without a sports bra if was irritating it under my arms. He gave me a prescription for a steroid to clear up the rash. He said everything else looks good!!! The nurse told me to watch the fluid that being drained and once it's under 20-25 for a 24 hour period they can remover the drain. This can be Friday or next Tuesday! That's all for now...

Before and after

This is right "before " day of surgery and "after" the surgery. ( taken by the PS office)

Day 6

Rash is getting better! Started my steroid meds the PS prescribed today. I cannot believe tomorrow will be one week that I had my surgery!!!! No regrets AT ALL! Feeling better everyday just have to remember, I just had surgery lady, CHILL OUT! My mama is taking good care of me and my husband has been amazing at helping with the kids once he's home from work. Life is good... Enjoying this journey!

First week down!!!

This week has flown by!!! Rash is cleared up, pain is not as intense (only my back is sore). I went into to see Dr. Hedden today. He said everything looked great and that we could remove my drain and stitches out of my belly button! Thank God!!! They removed the drain first. It didn't hurt, but felt really weird pulling it out and it was A LOT of tube! Holy moly! Then the nurse removed the stitches from my belly button. It didn't hurt at all but also was a strange sensation to feel them pulled out! The nurse also gave me a shorter binder to wrap around my tummy which Dr. Hedden said it need to remain very tight for the next several weeks. I won't have another apt until a month from now unless a situation should arise! Feeling pretty amazing and all in all its been a great week!!!!

Forgot to add pics - 1 week

Week and a half Update

Feeling a lot better since I've had the drain removed and stickers taken out of my belly button. I've kept Neosporin on both areas covered with band-Aids for a couple days. Now, I've removed the band-AIDS to let the air get to it and heal. I'm able to move around without bending over so much and that's helped my back from not hurting. I'm still sleeping upright with lots of pillows since it's so hard to get out of bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and also the fact that my breasts are still tender. I have been gently massaging them throughout he day and that seems to help some. The last visit at the PS office they gave me a smaller binder to wrap around my waist and that's helped a lot since I have such a short torso. I can actually put it on myself without help! Today I had some pain on my right side of my tummy but didn't last long. I did have a short coughing spell that I thought was going to kill me!!! I had to hold my stomach where my incision is because I thought it was going to rip open! OMG! The worst pain EVER! I got some cough drops by my bed at the moment just in case! That's about all for now.... I will post more pics throughout the week. Goodnight for now lovely ladies!

2 week update!

Ok.... So, I had a minor set back this week, nothing major though! I saw my incision was swollen and red in the middle of my tummy. I called the PS Office and they had me come in just to make sure everything was ok. Dr. Hedden removed the tape from the tummy tuck incision and said there wasn't infection but I needed to make sure my binder was worn very snug in that area cause it could retain fluid. He gave me prescription for antibiotics just to make sure everything was ok. It's been 3 days since I've taking the antibiotics and already tell a difference in my energy! The only thing is I have been having a dry cough for the past few days and it hurts like HELL everytime I cough! It's been keeping me up throughout the night and it's been hard to get comfortable trying to sleep! Other than that, all is well! I'm loving my tummy, belly button is starting to look better and my breasts are perfect size! I know my body will continue to change through the next few months so I will keep posting pics!!! Here are a few....

You can see some redness around my incision but Dr. Hedden didn't seem concerned since its red only at the top, could just be fluid, which binder is helping. (I have a short torso so it's hard to keep the binder from riding up!) You can also see my belly button beginning to take its shape. My breast are very tender to the touch and I ice them and massage them all the time! They will continue to "drop" and will create a "lift" of my nipples. (I can already see a big change from the beginning! You can also see the tape from the incisions under my breasts. The incision is not that long, but will come off on its own. They said we can trim it off as it comes. My tummy incision is beginning to itch, which I assume is a healing sign. I will have another apt with Dr. Hedden this week to check on the tummy again and so I will update again! No regrets!!! Loving my results already but it's definitely A PROCESS!!!! :)

2 and 1/2 week update

So.... My compression garment has really been giving me a fit! I have a very short torso and so it's constantly rolling up right where my incision is! The last couple of nights, I haven't worn it to bed just to give it a rest and it seems to help a bit. Well, yesterday, while I was in the shower, one of the red areas around my incision began to open and puss mixed with blood came out a lot! I kinda freaked out a bit and called for my mom! She just told me to keep pushing gently and get that stuff out! After I got out of the shower, I put Neosporin and a small pad over the area. I called the nurse and she said to come in Tuesday since today is a holiday. It definitely looks better already!!! I have not worn the compression garment today at all and I can see a difference! I only have a few more antibiotics from last weeks trip to the PS. I will post again after tomorrow's apt. I guess this is part of the healing process.... Sheesh!

3 Weeks!!!

Went in the Dr. Hedden's office today for a follow up. He looked over my incision and asked the nurse to do an ultrasound to make sure there wasn't any fluid pockets in my abdomen. The nurse checked and didn't see anything. Dr. Hedden came in a double checked everything and also said I was good and wouldn't need to drain anything, I'm just still swollen and need to keep compression on for now. I asked about a different kind of compression since I'm so short and have a short torso. He said I could use Spanx!! I went immediately after my apt and bought one. Such a difference for me! I'm also putting on the wrap one from the PS office also when I'm at home. Dr. Hedden also took my tape off my breast incisions and said those look good also! My next follow up apt will be in 2 weeks!!! I will post then! ????????

3 Weeks Update

I'm feeling so much better! I finished my antibiotics yesterday. My tummy incision is looking a lot better! I have switched over wearing Spanx full time. The binder was too much of an issue with me being short and having a short torso so this has helped tremendously! My breasts are still very sensitive and sore. They still get hard at times and so massage helps! They are starting to drop a little it seems but will continue to shift as far as my understanding to provide the illusion of a lift to my nipples. I'm happy with the shape and size so far! My next follow up is in two weeks... Still trying to take it easy which is hard for me! Enjoying the journey!

Before & 3 Weeks After

Still going strong!

Today will be 4 weeks I completed my mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Hedden! I feel great but still have to take it easy on certain days. My breasts are still "fluffing" and will continue to drop into the pocket from my understanding. My breasts are also very sensitive and sore. My left breast feels like I have a pulled muscle sometimes so I'm going to ask the PS if this is normal at my follow up this upcoming Tuesday. I'm still swollen around my I incision but I'm feeling GREAT!k

3 mo the Update

I can't believe it's been over 3 months already! I'm still healing and feel great! I'm working on losing weight now since I can work out and concentrate on eating healthy! It's so much when you are trying to heal AND take care of your home and family. This has motivated me though!!! My stomach is so much flatter then before as you can see in my before pics. My breasts are a good size, look natural and fill in the top portion a lot better. I didn't want to do a lift yet and I'm still happy with that decision. I can always do that later on if I want to. It I didn't want the scars. The sports bra I have on is the best I found at Victoria Secret called "knockout". It has a bra inside to add extra support! Anyhoo... just want to update with new pics and how I'm feeling. Just need to drop about 20 pounds now and I will be set! Hope all is well with you lovely ladies!

Update time!!!

Feeling great!!! I can't complain.... BEST DECISION FOR MYSELF AFTER KIDS! Thank you Dr. Hedden. You're the man! ????

6 Months Update

Sorry about the crazy bathroom photos... it's hard to take good pics of yourself! Tried to give diff examples.. still trying to get 10/15 pounds off but feel GREAT!
Dr. William Hedden

After consulting with half a dozen PS in the Birmingham area, I knew at the consultation with Dr. Hedden, he was the one! He is very professional, yet made me feel at ease and comfortable! He provided me with several options at the consultation and explained the pros & cons of each procedure. This helped me make an informed decision of my own that I was comfortable with. There is usually a wait to see him but I can tell you he is absolutely WORTH THE WAIT!!!! Thank you Dr. Hedden for your gift of giving me my pre twin body back! You are amazing at what you do!

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