23y/o, 5'2" 154lbs Tuberous Breast Correction 475cc Allergen Natrelle Style 20 - Birmingham, AL

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I've been going back and forth about posting my...

I've been going back and forth about posting my experience on here, but I decided to go ahead and post since I love reading everyone else's reviews and I don't see many women with my "stats" on here!

I'm currently in graduate school, 23 years old, 5'2", 157lbs (currently dieting and exercising responsibly before the surgery) and I have ALWAYS HATED my breasts. I've finally bitten the bullet and realized this is something that I need to do for my own self esteem. I've gotten tired of crying when looking at my bare breasts in the mirror, feeling like push up bras are a daily requirement, and shying away from anyone seeing me in a bathing suit. According to my PS, I have mild tuberous breast mixed with ptosis.

I have had my consultation, pre op appointment, and have paid for my breast augmentation with Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL. My surgery date is 11/5 (a little less than a month away) and I can hardly wait! I'm currently a 36 A and am hoping to go to a FULL C. During my consultation my PS and I agreed on 400cc but I'm thinking that I want 500cc because my shoulders are broad and I want a "noticeable" change in breast size. I will be having a biplanar/dual plane procedure to help correct the ptosis without a lift with an inframmary incision under my breast.

I've uploaded some pics to show where I am currently!

Preparing for surgery!

I'm a tad bit less than three weeks away from my surgery date and I am starting to prepare! So far I've gotten
Bio Oil (stretch marks)
Mederma (scar cream)
Gummy vitamins (encourage health)
Vitamin C (encourage healing)
Tylenol (no ibuprofen allowed)
Monistat (just in case. My body HATES antibiotics)

I purchased a $5 sports bra per recommendation from a nurse during my pre op... But I don't really feel comfortably putting my $5000 boobs in a five dollar bra, so I also bought a surgical one just in case. It's from hourglassangel.com, and I loved it! Only problem is that it gave my A cups cleavage, so it definitely won't fit my implants, lol. I sent it back for an exchange and hope it will come in time for my surgery!

Sick before surgery?!

I have been soooo stressed leading up to this surgery! With interviews, tests, papers, assignments; maybe a breast augmentation during grad school wasn't the best idea, lol.

Anyways, I'm about five days out from my surgery, and I have a tickle in my throat!! I think it came from exercising late at the gym in the evening, and riding my bike home in the cooler weather without a jacket on. I'm currently trying to overload by body with zinc (zicam) and vitamin C because I REALLY don't want to reschedule my surgery. I've gone through enough trouble with it already.

Has anyone gotten sick before surgery? What did you do, and what did the plastic surgeon do??

Two days away!! -- Wish Pics!

Don't you love when you write an entire review and it disappears?! Well, yea.

So I don't have any wish pics on my profile! Tbh, I have more "don't want" boob pics in my phone than anything else, lol. Since I am having a dual plane (partial under) augmentation, and I have mild ptosis and tuberosity, I'm only including wish pics that are REALISTIC for my procedure and current breast state.

I CANNOT believe that I am two days away from my procedure! I've wanted a BA since I was 15 (when I realized my breasts were done growing and weren't filled in properly) and I've been very vocal about it. So, my mother, boyfriend, sister, three friends, and my roommate all know! The best part is that they are all supportive and my mom will be taking care of me. I honestly haven't had the time to get excited about the procedure due to being so busy with school, but the big day is almost here!

I'm a SUCKER for women with my stats!! --Wish Pic!

I can hardly ever find women with my stats! Being that I'm 5'2" and a little thick at 150 lbs but I found one! So i just HAD to update one more time with her pics! I've included her before and after, along with her implant info

Tomorrow is the day!! -- pre op pics

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm actually not sure what time my surgery will be... My PS hasn't set his times yet so I'm waiting by the phone to get the call.
in other good news, I've lost weight! Since my consultation I've lost 10lbs of fat and have gained a lot of muscle in my lower body!

I took "before" pictures a couple of days ago, and to be completely honest, I cried. I've always disliked my breasts and I never understood why they looked the way they do. It wasn't until my consultation that I was told that I had mild tuberosity. Even knowing this, I never realized exactly how asymmetrical my breasts were until I looked at the pictures I took. I questioned even putting them up for others to see... but, here they are.

The good part is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I will no longer feel the need to cover myself in front of my boyfriend or hide away from my sisters seeing my breasts. I also won't get dressed up and imagine how good my outfit COULD look if I had bigger breasts! I can't wait to have the confidence that comes with being able to fill out bras, clothes, and not be so self conscious! I am SO READY! AHHHHH!!!

I have new breasts!!

I had my surgery!
475cc silicone implants (not sure of the profile as of yet), biplanar augmentation (partial unders), with tuberous breast correction.
I was scheduled to arrive for 630am, and once inside everything moved pretty quickly! Dr. Hedden's staff was so nice. I was pretty calm throughout the entire process so no anxiety for me. I was out, then I was up! I woke up in the recovery room in ALOT of pain. I was actually taken aback by how much pain I was in. I felt as if I could feel exactly where my breast pocket was manipulated. Afterward my mom and I went to to Walmart to fill my prescriptions. It was HORRIBLE having to wait in the car for 40 minutes while my prescriptions were filled, I really wish that they would have provided me with the prescriptions ahead of time. Once I got the hydrocodone in my I felt so much better! Instead of feeling where my breast pocket was manipulated I only feel pressure where my breasts were stretched instead.
So currently I have limited movement in my arms with absolutely no strength lol. The tightness is constant, which is what I expected. But, I love my breasts! Even with them being brand new they are a million times better than my breasts were before! I love them!

I love my breasts!

Question: how long did you ladies wear a surgical bra, if you wore one? I'm starting to feel as if mine is putting too much pressure on my breasts. I'm wondering if I should leave the surgical bra alone and move to solely a sports bra.

I've been sleeping and up and around constantly! either I'm out walking, shopping, or I'm sleeping lol. The pain is pretty minimal, but the pressure of the boobs are constant at this point. No constipation!!! I'm so happy about that, lol!
I have a couple of "weird" problems though, starting yesterday, my upper back muscles were soon tender! even the muscles on the sides of my face were tender, including my neck. Also, whenever i wake up from sleep, my heels hurt! Idk if I dig my heels in to the bed while i'm sleeping or WHAT! My amazing mom woke up at 4am and massaged my feet for me in order to help relieve the pain.
I've been taking Arnica Montana, I've taken the muscles relaxer twice over the last three days, and I've gone down to half a hydrocodone if i start feeling pain (I hate that it puts me to sleep). But other than that, I've been amazing and I am so happy with my decision to have this procedure!

Yesterday was NOT a good day!

I found my implant card!! Turns out I have Allergen Natrelle Style 20 475cc. The style 20 means that they are high profile! Which is exactly what I wanted! Dr. Hedden didn't even let me talk about implant profile - he said to leave it up to him, and I'm glad I did!

So after I posted my update yesterday, things went downhill :( my mom left to go back to Georgia and I was left alone.

First thing I did was heat up some very spicy and flavorful Indian left overs - bad idea. The food tasted so good but the nausea hit me as soon as I was done. I ended up having to take the nausea meds I was given. Also, I was able to only take Tylenol for pain yesterday! I was trying to come off of the hydrocodone since I have class tomorrow and I don't want to be falling asleep, but either way I was asleep ALL DAY! I would wake up for one hour, sleep for three, all day long! My breasts didn't "hurt" per se, but they definitely felt like rocks on my chest the entire day.

Something that I would say really helped me through my recovery so far is ICE! Icing my breasts 4-5 times a day has helped relieve swelling, pain, and the discomfort from swelling. I've also started getting the "swoosh" feeling in my breasts where I can feel and hear the air bubbles trapped inside lol. I think it's funny! I posted a video so you can hear the sound if you listen closely.

Week One: Check! Measuring a 36DD!!!

I'm officially 10 days post op and my breasts are finally not impeding on everything that I do in life, lol!

This first week was tough. The tightness on my chest was rough, feeling like I couldn't breathe during a simple walk was horrible. After that calmed down it was then hypersensitive nipples! (I think that has been one of the most annoying things to go through thus far) Only ONE of my nipples had it - it felt as if tiny needles were pricking me all the way through my nipple. It lasted for about 6 hours a day for two days. I combated it by massaging my nipple! It really, really helped. At some point I think I actually sprained a muscle in my breast. It had a hard, painful knot in it that hurt at every moment. It may have been sprained from opening my car door, and/or lifting and putting on a heavy backpack.

At this point I feel good! My breasts start to swell at about 6PM every evening, almost forcing me to change in to a less-structured sports bra. If I don't change, I feel like I have ROCKS on my chest. I calm down the swelling by placing ice packs on the tops and sides of my chest and it feels AMAZING!

Anyways, I'm going on a cruise next week! For my cruise I went out and brought a real bra (even though I won't be wearing it till I'm 2 weeks post op) because I don't want to be on my cruise wearing a surgical bra, lol. I went to The Fitting Touch and got fitted at a 36DD! Wowwww! At this point my breasts are bigger than I would like them to be, so I kind of hope my size will decrease when swelling is gone :/

One month post op

Measuring a 36D in tight bras or a 34DD (both at VS)

Sleeping on my stomach.. Yikes!!

Hi ladies, quick question. Does anyone know how to keep themselves from sleeping on their stomach?

Im an avid side-sleeper but I wake up every other night with painful boobs Bc I slept on my stomach at some point. I even find myself waking up with my body propped up on my elbows and my hands holding my head while I sleep on my stomach, lol.

For those who may not know, sleeping on your stomach is bad for implants! It can deform your breast pocket. Plus, implants aren't made to sustain the pressure of your body weight for hours a night.

Any suggestions?

3mo PO - Comparison Pic!!

I just had my 3 month post op appointment! My doctors face lit up when he saw my breasts! I am so happy with them! I've uploaded a before and after pic; they're not 100% perfect but I am IN LOVE with them! It was worth all the money and pain!
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hedden and his staff are of the upmost professionalism and experience. From their waiting rooms to their consultation rooms, everything is beautiful and comfortable. The entire staff is nice, accommodating, and willing to answer all questions. Although Dr. Hedden is extremely busy and doesn't spend too much time with you, he's extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel as if you are completely taken care of in his hands. I enjoyed my entire experience with his nurses, anesthesiologist, receptionists, and of course him, himself. I definitely recommend him for any surgery, especially for a breast augmentation with tubular breast correction.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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