31 Years Old Breast Augmentation - Liverpool, GB

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I was an empty 34B I worked really worked hard to...

I was an empty 34B I worked really worked hard to keep myself in shape, but nothing could change my sad little breasts.
so I decided to have breast implants I went with 310cc moderate profile overs and they are only 2 days old. so far the recovery has been more painful than expected but I do love the fullness I now have. I would guess im a large C small D cup but its too early to tell. my surgeon was very direct and would not allow any other size or implant type. on one hand this took alot of the worry about choosing correctly but it was also scary leaving my breasts completely in his hands (so to speak) I will but post op pictures on when I am feeling better. I wil then give a more detailed review.

Review in more detail :)

I have wanted a BA since I was 18, after I had my daughter and I'm 32 this year... After consultations in my 20's and putting it off due to 'mum guilt' I finally went with Dr De Gado at the Birkdale clinic, Liverpool in the UK. Price was £3000 which is very cheap in comparison to other UK prices. However after researching and weighing up the pros and cons I decided this was the right place for me due to the location of the hospital and the reputation of the surgeon NOT because of the price!
I had heard that my PS was conservative and a perfectionist I felt safer knowing I was getting someone who would do what was best for me and not just whatever the hecked I said lol!
His bedside manner wasn't the greatest but he was thorough in his assessments and measurements and took into consideration my lifestyle choices.
I'm very active and enjoy running and interval training so huge breasts would be too restrictive for me anyway. I'm posting some before pictures below xx

Day of surgery

So I went in April 8th- yep 4 days ago!!
This is what happened:
10am- admitted to ward given sexy gown and paper knickers to wear. Lovely staff and nurses all introduced themselves and asked multiple questions about my health and wellbeing.
11.30am- met with anesthetist and PS was told exactly what was going to happen and my boobies were drawn on and photographed.
12pm- really nervous and anxious walking to theatre. Staff very reassuring. Cannula inserted into hand which hurt a bit!
Felt sick and like I was drunk!!! And then I was out!!
13.15- woke up to member of staff gently waking me I thought he wasn't husband and chatted absolute nonsense to him haha!! Realised where I was and fell to sleep lol.
2pm- woke up and felt like a man was standing on my chest, very heavy right feeling and some pain. Couldn't move and felt uncomfortable, realised I had to 'bum shuffle' backwards to sit up NOT use arms ouch!!! Was give codine by nice nurse and glass of water.
3pm- tablets working feel less pain and able to eat. No nausea as had anti emetic meds during op.
4pm- felt able to have a wee and get dressed. Sore upon movement but ok pain when sat still. Feel groggy but excited boobs look fuller but too bandaged up to really tell.
5pm- going home ! Husband collected me and he looked relieved to see me lol journey home was painful I felt every bump on the road! Eeeek!!
I pretty much slept rest of day. I'm wearing post op garment on pictires so boobs look small.

Day one post op

Woke up early with pain and pressure. I'm not going to lie it bloody hurt like hell that first morning :-/ took max dose meds I'm on paracetamol 1g and 60mg codine I also take cefelexin antibiotic to prevent infection. Feel groggy bloated and horrible boobs are like rocks! Today was spent feeling sorry for myself and not moving lol.

Day 2 post op

Much better day!!! Was able to go for a little walk and have a peek at the twin peaks lol I'm bandaged so cannot see loads but improvement in size and fullness visable. However by evening my right breast was on fire!! It really hurt so I took my bra off for an hour- this was against advice as was told to leave it on constantly for one week with strapping. But it did ease my pain and put is right back on after. I've been told to wear this bra day and night for weeks!!!! But after one week I can remove strap and take it off for showers etc... But it's not the most comfortable bra at the moment :(
Overall today was a good day I'm still tired and frustrated that I cannot see my breasts yet. But compared to yesterday it's been so much better. Here are pictures with as much breast as its possible to show x

Day 3 post op

So much better!!! Everyone talks about the dreaded day 3!! But I've been great! My boobs feel lighter the pain is managed well on half dose meds and I was able to walk loads and have dinner out. Only bad thing is I'm super constipated!!!
So have bought some laxatives as I look so bloated and feel yuck!
But I can move about and get dressed completely fine. My breasts appear slightly lower but again pictures are will bra on x

Today day 4 post op!!

I woke up with a tiny bit of stiffness but went away very quickly I'm now taking pain meds only in the morning and last thing at night :) still have no bowel no bowel movement and my tummy is not my friend right now!!
But I had a peek at girls and tried on 34d bra over my thin bandage :)
Swelling is right down and because I had overs this is the size they should stay. I get dressings off tomorrow so I will post before and after pictures off my full breasts as I cannot really show the difference with these stinking dressings on!!! But I was 34b before and I would have no where near filled this bra so I super excited to set the girls free and take some proper pictures. Of course I still have to wear my surgical bra for another 7 weeks but I can remove it for washing and stuff so can try on clothes and take lots of pics week by week. Yay!!! So here are some pictures with bra and bandages lol best I can do for now ;) also some without bra so you can see the slight drop and basically my nipples haha x

One last thing

My pictures only give a vague idea at present but this shows volume quite well!! Tomorrow good clear bandage free pictures yay!! But for now this is my final pic of the day lol ps I hope I have a had a poop by tomorrow I am going to explode!!!!

Finally I can see my boobs but got poorly lefty:(

Well went dressings clinic today and could feel lump on left breast - turns out it was a large blood blister that popped and really hurt :( so I now have an extra wound to deal with! However I finally got to see the girls :) they are still quite hard but the improvement is clear already :) I have to go back next week to check incisions and I now have a much smaller dressing in place. Also have to stay in bra but strap can be removed on Wednesday yay!!! Here are some after shots and a picture of my poorly lefty and also a comparison pic xx

4 weeks post op and in love!!

Omg I love my new boobs!!! Here are some shots of how they look!! They are modest in clothes and normal bras but when I wear a push up bra they look amazing so pleased I can play about with my look and still be appropriate for work and mummy duties :)

4 months on and happy as can be

Just a quick update to say this was the best decision I have made ! Breasts look very natural now and scars healing well although still raised but that's ok they say give it a year. Some new pics with tan lines lol x

Can't believe it's been almost a year

Best decision I have ever made my boobs are more natural looking now I would say they are slightly smaller but fully healed and I love them
Dr De Gado

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