Bio-Alcamid to Temples and Nose Hump, and Teosyal on Lips

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I'm 25 years old, female (ethnicity is...

I'm 25 years old, female (ethnicity is Mediterranean/Middle Eastern)...yo-yo dieting and chain-smoking has left me prematurely aged with gaunt temples and thin lips.

I had a total of 1cc Bio-Alcamid injected into my temples and into my nose bridge to fix a minor hump (about 0.3cc for each of the 3 areas). After that I had 1cc Teosyal (hyaluronic acid) injected mostly onto my very thin upper lip and a little in the bottom lip to create that luscious pout.

I'm 2 days post and so far very happy with the results, I just feel like I need a little more filler along my cheekbones for a smoother transition to my temples. My nose in profile view looks really great too, more feminine and sloping at the bridge/radix region without the hump.

With the Bio-Alcamid the swelling was almost non-existent, no discoloration, was fantastic...the injections into temples/nose were not very painful, just a prick :) Unfortunately it wasn't enough, I might need to get a little more to fill in the tops of my cheekbones where they meet my temples and maybe my nasolabials too, but I'm supposed to wait another 4-6 weeks before I can have anymore Bio-Alcamid.

I already have high and well structured cheekbones, the problem is they've gotten too gaunt and my temples had sunken, making my lower cheeks look huge and my face look bottom heavy. I think adding more filler along my top cheekbones will give me the more balanced oval face shape I had a few years ago. As for my nasolabial folds, I've always had visible nasolabial creases even as a child, but they've gotten deeper since a couple years ago and are looking more like folds than natural creases.

About the lips, I'm loving my new lips too, they were very badly swollen the first day and it was PAINFUL!! The lips are very sensitive so if you're having them injected, make sure you have a good pain tolerance! Now it's day two, and they are a little uneven (but then again my natural lips are uneven shaped anyways) and most of the swelling has gone down, but I love the volume, it looks very natural but pout-y and shapely...most definitely worth the pain IMO.

Will update soon :)

It's been over three months since my first...

It's been over three months since my first round of Bioalcamid injections, six weeks ago I had more Bio-Alcamid on my temples (0.5cc each side), and also on upper cheeks (1cc each side) and nasolabial folds (1cc each side). I also had my tear troughs filled with Teosyal on my 2nd visit (0.5cc each side).

So right now I have a total of 6cc of Bioalcamid in my face. Things are looking great and I couldn't be more thrilled.

My injector is a board certified plastic surgeon and regularly injects herself...she did a fantastic job with me at a low cost and I'm so glad to have come across her. I paid her USD$1700 for a total of 6cc of Bioalcamid and 2cc of Teosyal.

I may need another touch up,  1cc of BioAlcamid split between each nasiolabial fold...but for now I'm happy enough and it can wait awhile :)

Just FYI: The temple and cheek injections were almost pain-free and hardly swelled. The nasolabials really hurt though and swelling in that area was moderate. I'd have to say the most painful injections were the lip injections though! Tear troughs were uncomfortable and not too painful, but the swelling was pretty bad for nearly a couple weeks before they actually started looking good.

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