I Wish I Had Never Heard of the Stuff, What a Nightmare - Javea, Costa Blanca North, Spain

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December 4, 2011 5 years ago at the age of 65...

December 4, 2011

5 years ago at the age of 65 I had bio alamid injection in my cheeks in spain by a Dr Sylva in a beaty clinic in Benitatchel, she rented a room there once a month. checked to see if it was safe and all came up good. I was delighted with it, took all the laughter lines away. Moved to south Africa 2 years ago as no longer could affod to live in spain. In August had a tooth abcess, put on antibiotics to try and save tooth, but had to have it removed, face swelled up badly, more antibiotics. then in September face hot, a lump beside my nose on cheek and another by my eye in the corner, not conected to the capsule, dentist though it was an abcess, put me on antibiotics and it went down. then last week came back but worse, capsule swollen, then checked bio alcamid and found the horror stories, contacted clinic, she said dentist must have pierced it, but he didnt, said only anesethic in gum, nowhere near the capsule, which I then told him about. put me on more antibiotics which arent working. Contacted Clinic again as cant talk to Doctor, she only speaks spanish, told me to get the dentist to inject antibiotic into capsule, dentist couldnt believe what she said, then said need cortisone but didnt say what, injection, taking etc and not to use anti inflamatories, again why. then said she would try and help if i flew to spain, told her I dont have over 1000 pounds to go there, I am now 70 and on pension. Never told my husband i had it done. she then said get a surgeon to inject it out, they have never tuched the stuff here and after reading stories petrified, I am now nearly suicidal, please can you help me. What to do, cant I sue her. She says she thought it was safe and now doesnt use it, but if she cared a 1000 pounds isnt much for a rich surgeon. Cant sleep, cant eat and husband just recovering from a hernia op so cant tell him, and anyway what can he do, havent got that money and he will be furious with me for having it done, and the treatment I am recieving from Dr Sylva. . Read Presidone can help, is this correct

Yes will have to bite the bullet and see a doctor, the spanish dr. is not helping me at all. The antibiotics the dentist gave me seem to work at first, but they havent.

December 6, 2011

Staying calm is difficult, I am panic stricken. Does any body know this answer? Dentist said no way did the anesthetic go into the capsule, If the capsule is covered in colegen, why has the abcess infection got into it and way has it broken up and have 2 lumps near it. A lot of people here are saying they had antibiotics to calm infection down, but as dentist says why if the antibiotic cant get into the capsule. thank for for birthday wishes, mine is on the 10th. 70 but tall and slim and thought of as very attractive, so dont want to lose my looks, always been important to me and my family love having such a young looking mother and grandmother. Used to be a beauty therapist, then Aromatherapist and then Hypnothrapist.

December 21, 2011

I see the plastic surgeon sometime in Jan when he gets back from holiday so will show him that. At the moment the swelling isnt too bad, the 2 other lumps which werent there until I had the infection are still there though. Iam taking colloidal silver, vit C so praying the infection doesnt return until then, Been trying to find some one in Spain to sue Dr Sylva as I didnt sign any forms but they all up to now want money, not no fee if no result.

Dr. Sylvia

I got it around 5 years ago at the beauty salon. A Dr. Sylva used to come there once a month.She doesnt speak english only spanish and I believed Moya the owner that she was qualified and bio alcamid was totally safe.

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