Tummy Tuck, Lipo to Flanks, Breast Lift (No Implants) at 48 Yrs. Old - Bingham Farms, MI

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I decided in November that I would have a tummy...

I decided in November that I would have a tummy tuck after a year or more of trying to lose the fat/loose skin in my middle. I had lost 25 lbs, become a runner, and exercised 4 - 5 days a week in the year prior to this. My nutrition was already good as I am an Herbalife distributor and nutrition club owner. Still It could not touch my middle. I did manage to come down to size 6 but was getting increasingly more annoyed that I could not get rid of it. I scheduled my first consult with Straith Clinic as they came recommended to me. I asked the doctor if I would be able to do it on my own. He did say I could lose weight but I would be skinny limbs and big tummy as I had seperated muscles. I have had 2 children (one difficult delivery and one c-section). From there, I researched everything, found this site, and read a lot about the process. After my first consult, I knew it was right for me, so I scheduled my TT and breast lift surgery for Jan. 20th, 2014. Went back for a second consult, pre-surgery physical, and added the lipo to the plan in December. Still had to wait another month after that and could think of nothing else I was soooo nervous! But, excited too. This site helped with finding out the details that you wouldn't think about, so thanks to everyone who shares their story.
I stayed at a hotel the night before surgery that was very close to the clinic as I had to be there at 6:15 a.m. with 7 a.m. surgery. I got to the hotel late afternoon as I do live about 1 1/2 hrs. from the clinic. Best thing I could have done to just chill out and try to relax, and have a good dinner My aunt, who is also a nurse, stayed with me at the hotel and drove me to the clinic. She stayed through the surgery, got me home, and stayed with me to take care of me. Could not have done it without her! She also had a TT so she understood what to expect, etc.
In the days prior to surgery at home, I swear I was nesting like when you are going to have a baby - cleaning, organizing, preparing for my homecoming LOL
I was so nervous and wound up that I was just wake up automatically each morning at 5 a.m. for no apparent reason!
I did have everything I thought I needed ready, my furniture rearranged with my recliner and side tables in front of TV. Books,magazines, etc. all set. My closet I arranged so that I could easily reach my zip up hoodies, button up jammies, and yoga pants right in front at waist level as I wouldn't be able to raise my arms up right away. I put my front enclosure sports bras, underwear, slocks, wife beater t's, all in a bin in my bedroom.
Since I had added the lipo to the flank areas, the day before I had to have a bland diet and all eating ended at 8 p.m. Water til 11 p.m. and nothing after that!
So, everything after arriving to the clinic felt like I was in the twilight zone. I just could not believe I was doing this! The nurse anesthetist, doctor, and staff were all extremely accomodating and very nice. After getting everything checked out, I walked into the OR and they had the bed all warmed for me. I had to start out on my belly as they did the lipo first. That was probably better because I could'nt see the whole OR and the nurse anesthetist started my IV sedation right away. That is the last I remember of the surgery until I was getting into the car to be driven a few miles down the street to the hospital for an overnight stay. My aunt stayed with me at the hospital, which I am grateful for. I would definately have somebody stay at bedside with you. She was able to help me to countless bathroom trips, and to speak for me when I was really grogged and helped get what I needed. There was only one nurse that had an attitude and was strictly by the book, everyone else was fine, and I had to request pain meds so it helped having somebody help you keep track. They mostly didn't offer it up. Whatever you do, stay on top of the pain. I had some injections, then by morning was on oral meds. I have not had any pain in my breasts to this day, just alot of bruising. I am currently on Day 12.
At the hospital, the first few trips to the bathroom are the worst. Hunched over and could not get out of bed without assistance. By the morning, it was getting a little easier as we had devised our own little system:)
My doc came to unbandage me in the morning and it was the first time I had a glimpse. I remember being surprised that my boobs were higher lol, and that I could see my incision. Flat! Even with swelling LOL. Was discharged and promptly drugged for my long ride home.
Once at home, got into my recliner and pretty much have stayed there since. My tv room where the recliner is, is a long walk to my bathroom but I think that helped control some swelling. I drank lots of water, cranberry juice, and tea and was making alot of trips. Every day got easier. I wasn't able to have a BM until about Day 4, but once I did I was fine and regular every day since.
I went home with Percosset, Flexeril, Keflex (antibiotic), stool softener and laxative. Stayed on top of the pain by dosing every 3 hours no matter what. Worked well. Now, I am down to just Motrin a couple times a day, and I did have a few Flexeril and Percosset just in case.
I did not have drains as my doc has a procedure that does not require them. That, I believe, helped speed up my recovery, and I didn't have to deal with that stuff at all. Day 7 post op, had a follow up doc appt. and they took out all my stitches. He was very happy with my progress, but I was very tired after that outing. 2 days later, I went out in public to lunch and manicures with my mom and aunt. Very tired after that, but did well. Slept alot afterwards.
Have been on my own for 2 nights now and did fine. Still slept in recliner as I did try one night in my bed with my aunt here and we could not get me out of bed! It was the only time I cried during the whole process (high bed and temperapedic mattress). I am day 12 now and attempting the bed tonight. WE will see what happens....
I am soooooo happy that chose to do this! The only problem I had was that I developed thrush in my mouth which really hurt! I was given script for a mouth rinse and then later diflucan. Just about gone now, thank God!
So, if you really want the results, it is definately worth it. If you can envision it, then just go for it! Just make sure you have somebody to help you. I am a single mom so I did not have a male support person. My mom helped to take care of my 10 year old son, and my aunt with me. My son was great and helped me get groceries and carry things in the house. I have been cleared for driving which I did 2 times already and was fine. I am able to start walking on treadmill on Monday, and I start back to work then too. I do get tired easily so trying to work myself up to it in steps. Still feels tight, but I have been walking upright most of the time since I have been home. For awhile, it felt like I had a "fake" stomach, like it wasn't part of me, very weird. As the swelling and numbness start to come down, that sensation does also. I am only 1 lb. over my starting weight and still swollen in parts, so I should be under hopefully soon.
I am attaching before/after photos. I still can't believe I did it! Thanks to everyone out there that shared your story!

Day 17 update

So, I went back to work on Monday and after two days needed a break again so stayed home. I was v emotional on the verge of tears all day like I was hormonal. It didn't help that I was v tired and sore. Now, after a rest feel fine. note to self, stop trying to do too much too fast! I do get tired fast, but every day is better now. Sleeping in my bed regularly but always sore getting up in the morning. I am just an impatient person, but cannot wait until the swelling eventually goes down because I see some awesome results already:) It is hard to rely on others when you are used to doing so much, but my advise to people looking at doing this is just suck it up and ask for help. People tend to be too busy to ask you for the most part, but are willing to help. I have attached a photo from yesterday as an update:)

3 weeks PO

things have been going very well, but then i had some stitches that were coming through or left there, which caused a few areas of redness. I took the stitches out with doctors instruction and now am just healing the incision again.
Yesterday, I was getting a burning type sensation in my belly. When I touched my skin, it left marks. However, my incision looks okay. Then, I was reading on here that somebody else had that "Sunburn". Made me feel less worried. Has anyone had that before? What is that? Please share if you have. i will include pics from this morning. Very happy with results, however am slightly impatient and can't wait to get this healing process over with. Anxious to get exercising again!
Should mention, absolutely no issues with the breast lift, and still a little sore and swollen in the flanks from the lipo.

9 weeks out.....

had some troubles healing my incision but going well now:) no infections or anything just some sutures coming through, but looks pretty good now.
Went to Florida a couple weeks ago and got my bikini:) It was so weird to walk around in it, but I will certainly get used to it! love the results. Here's my bikini pic.....

4 1/2 month update

Everything going very well now. I am still experiencing swelling, but it is much less and am just down to wearing my binder at night and a support garment when I run. I am running my first race, a 10K, since my Jan. 20th surgery. It has been a long haul but well worth it. Hoping to be done with swelling in July at my 6 month mark. Feeling stronger and running up to 4 times a week. My weight still slightly up but am attributing it to the swelling. I am down to size 6 and some 4's:)

Loved my doctor - very nice, straight to the point, and personable. Love the staff, everyone so nice and very knowledgeable and helpful.

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