33 2 Teenagers Single Mom TT Muscle Repair Back and Flank Lipo - Bingham Farms, MI

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Always like my thickness always was muscular build...

Always like my thickness always was muscular build. I HAVE 2 girls 15 and 13 with a few other failed pregnancies, really been unhappy with my body last 5 years always on the go still traveling working but after 10yr break up I decided to do something for myself. My daughters while only children support me so I think it's past time I just want to stay humble and not feel bad that I'm finally taking time for myself

check list

I've been doing research and researching is my life so I have blogged with TT patients or people that's done major surgeries but feel free to do your own research but for quicker healing and to

aid in bruising (also to keep from being
dependant on the percs try these
Bromelain (all natural pain reliever)

count down

10 days and counting excited and scared I'm just ready to start this transformation... getting walker and more pillows this week arnica, pineapples and plenty of water on deck will upload before photos in next few days

10hrs before surgery

So just got the call I'm to check in at 545a.m nerves on in but with the prayers of my friends and the love from my children I know all is well.... side not uploading before pictures took a while cause It was nauseating exposing myself but awh helll it is what it is and yeah that's my real booty.....

10hrs before surgery

Forgot back shot lipo will be done to bra area and flanks booty will be ridiculous lol.

Missing 7Day post Op

Hello all I haven't posted any updates even removed my before cause when i say struggle that's an understatement... Surgery was exactly a week from today, so that makes me 7 days post op. Its been very hard for me lets start off by saying check in was a breeze arrived 530 a.m. check in by 6 on the table 730. All i remember was saying lord let me wake up to see my children and another day. Surgery was 6hrs due to the fact that my fat didn't want to leave this body (lol) doctor said fat was very fibrous it didn't pour out or suck out like regular fat it was thicker probably like trying to vacuum up playdo out the carpet. But my doctor and his 25plus years of experience sucked out 2liters of fat off my flanks and bra area (that's why i didn't hesitate to pay 12,800). Second removed a porterhouse piece of fat off my stomach yesss i can tell the difference.... woke up slight pain but i was so happy to be awake pain was 5/10 askes for my catheter to be removed about 5 hours out of surgery (didn't like the idea of peeing on myself) nursing staff at beaumont hospital are angels sent from above they stayed by my side. Me being stupid (i thought independent strong willed) refused pain medication most of the night till a nurse supervisor read over my chart that i hadn't taken meds quickly schooled me on meds being important and being independent in this state wasnt smart she said your hurting yourself and delaying your recovery let me my staff and the medicine take care of u... i cried like a baby and drifted off to sleep. FASTFORWARD 2 DAYS AFTER COMING HOME FEVER IF 102.1 quickly called the after hours number doctor was dispatched to me and he says, ms smith i bet your not walking or drinking much fluids he was right the pain had me waking up just to pop pills eat applesauce and use the restroom. After drinking a half a gallon of water within 4hrs fever dropped...yes ladies hydration is key i was dehydrating myself.. Ok i havent uploaded photos cause I'm swollen like a marshmallow man but i did take some i refused to look at myself.. but this morning woke up notice binder about inch and a half looser. Went in for 1week follow up stitches removed and he said swelling is were it should just water water and when im ready exercise for 110% results my scar is beautiful still swollen but cut is perfection... i will upload photos soon but being more fit having more help and smarter thinking would of made this 50% easier on myself...thx all

Very optimistic very quick very knowledgeable many many years of experience even with larger patients

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