Tummy Tuck, Lipo Inner,outer Thigh and Knees - Biloxi, MS

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Over the years of gaining and losing weight, has...

Over the years of gaining and losing weight, has taken a toll on my body. Then of course having a c section with my son didn't help in the belly part. I am finally taking the leap to have it all mended (somewhat) I am realistic, so I know I will not be perfect. I am very much a shorts and t-shirt girl, so I cant wait to be able to slide on a pair of shorts over these hips and thighs with much ease. We will see. I am hopeful the results will be what I imagine.

a few pictures post surgery

just trying to get some photos out there, my goodness I dis like my body, especially when it in my underwear and in pictures, lol. It sure does highlight everything doesn't it? Anyway this is the beginning.

Pre op appointment

I went to my preop appointment today, and made my final payment. I signed papers, for the consent of the lipo and my tummy tuck. She went over my prescriptions with me and made my post op appointment for the day after surgery. She then took me back to take pictures( the horror!) and fit me for the compression garment. I will be getting the calf length being he is doing my knees. Then the anesthesiologist came in to go over all those questions about your health, are you allergic to anything ect. Finally the Dr. came in, he was the same as before, very nice, ask me was I ready. We went over what he was going to do again, ask if I had any questions. He also said when I come in,the morning of surgery , he will mark the areas, and we will discuss what he will be doing again. That's about it, I am getting excited. It is now 16 sleeps and 17 wake ups away!
I do have a question, how close to surgery did you guys get your scripts filled?

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Will be waiting for my phone call from the office to tell me my arrival time. I have been waiting for about a month since my initial consultation. I know some have waited longer. It is hard to concentrate on work, and it being this close. Today is last day of work for a week or so. And no one there even knows what I am about to venture into tomorrow . Anywho, lots of love to all my fellow tummy Tucker's an d Lipo pals, see you on the flat side.

It is done!

Had surgery yesterday , Was suppose to in at 10, but he took loner with the first patient , so I went in around 12. Everyone was supper friendly an accommodating . No sure what time he was actually done, I went into recovery ,not sure how long I was in there either, But I know when I go into the car, it was 5 ish. Came straight home an I got into bed. I have my husband and best friend taking care of me I went home with two drains , a catheter . A couple of picture here for your viewing pleasure.

Day 2

I slept off and on , my best friend is helping , so I had to roll over and cough and deep breath. Went to post up this morning , My dr said I was doing great, everything looked good. I am walking around the house it not bad at all.

Pics before first shower

Here are a couple pics I took before my first shower. I am sitting on the edge of the tub. I was able to wash and dry my garment. So was only out of garment for a little bit.

Day three

Once I am up moving around I don't want to sit. Hardest part is getting up. I feel ok. I take the pain med with Tylenol , instead of taking two at a time. I have not been nausea or dizzy. Everything is going fairly well. Going to post a few pic of back/side of leg.

First day back at work

So, was my first day back had my surgery last Thursday. Full TT and Lipo to outer thigh inner thigh, and inner knees. I have a desk job so wasn't worried about that part, I did not tell anyone at work I had the procedure, hard part was hiding my drains and moving a little slower. No one noticed a thing! But for sure by the end of the day I could not wait to get the garment off for at least a little bit of relief . I was swollen, but after resting at home a bit I got up and started cleaning. I am now going to bed ,I'm pooped! Hope everyone's recovery is going well. Good night

2 weeks an a day

It been two week, I still have drains(so aggravating) but I know why they are in. Getting along good. Still wearing garment. I did buy another one size large, the original is xl. I really want to get back in the gym . I did take a three mile walk but it swelled me up after, so I still have a o be careful. Anyway that's the up date so far. Happy healing real selfers!

3 weeks po

Today has been three weeks since surgery. I went yesterday and got my left drain removed. My nurse said maybe Friday for the other one. She said it needs to be 20 cc or less in a 12 hour period. Any who that my update. I do see a difference in where I had Lipo on the knees, TT looks good, not sure about my thighs yet. I am still wearing garment. I need to post pics. Happy healing and enjoying your new body real selfers.

A few comparison pics

8 weeks and 3 days PO

Things have been ok. I am still swelling in the afternoons, actually by 12.00 noon I start feeling it. I wear my garment at night. I am still in my same clothes as before, however they do fit better in the waist. I had Lipo on inner knee and outer thigh. I see some difference in the knees but they also look a little dented in, hard to describe. When I went to get six week pics nurse said my thighs were not there yet. So I go back in September 23 (15 weeks po) to see my Dr. To see how things are progressing, she said if there is touch ups needed we will discuss it then. Any way , hope all fellow real selfers are healing well and enjoying your results.
Biloxi Plastic Surgeon

Had my consultation today, and I must say was a bit nervous. Dr. Diaz and his nurse was very nice. I felt like he was honest with me letting me know what he could do for me. He said I was a good candidate for a tummy tuck, and the lipo. So was very happy with the overall visit for today.

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