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I have been contemplating having a tummy Tuck for...

I have been contemplating having a tummy Tuck for years after the birth of my twins. We went back and forth my husband and I, about entertaining the idea of more children. Well our boys are 10 I'm about to be 30 I'm happy with my family and not at all about my body. So I made the decision to do it, my husband backed me 100%. Had my consultation, paid my deposit. Now I'm waiting it's 40 days away and I'm super excited. I don't have high expectations but I do expect to have 0 love handles also known as flanks and a flat tummy. I have stretch marks now but they never bothered me with a flabby tummy so a flat stomach I won't even notice. I'm 5'4 211 lbs now. I started at 221 so I've lost 10 lbs. My goal is to be 186 before surgery. My height and weight says I should be at or around 186 for better results. My goal weight is a solid 160. I know that will take work but as determined as I am I will achieve these goals.

My unsightly before pics

I hide my stomach quite well under garments. Ready for a change.

Another pic of me with clothes

2 months prior to surgery.

Getting excited about this new body

The countdown is almost here. Super ecstatic about not being self conscious about my stomach and having to wear a double girdle every time I dress up. I told my friend I was gonna burn every girdle and waist trainer I own. Lol


The countdown has officially started 30 Days to go. Wow the date is slowly approaching until I meet the me that's been hiding for over 10 years. I finally did my blood work. Waiting for my preop appointment now. Still losing weight I'm currently at 207 from 221. So I feel this has been great for my body and upcoming surgery. I still have 21 more pounds to go but I'm very confident I will get there or within 5 lbs before my sx date. Keep me in your prayers RS fam.


The anticipation is killing me. I have 14 more days before my nip tuck segment. Super excited about my weight loss and my new body. Like I said before I don't have super high expectations I just want a flat stomach and ZERO love handles. I feel confident in my doctor to achieve these results for me. You ladies on Real Self have given me much hope. I love having this page it helps in more ways than one.

Today is the big day!

In less than 8 hours I will be going under and over to the flatside. Please say a prayer for me RS fam because this sister is nervous. It's 12:45am and I'm still up doing things because I can't sleep. The devil is definitely busy so please help me pray him off and show him God is in this full effect. I'm ready but nervous at the same time. I am proud of myself because I lost weight and mostly inches for a total of 21 lbs in a little over a month. Started at 221 now I'm a flat 200. I will also post pics taken as of today. Wish me luck.

Post op Day 1

Yesterday went very well. I was super duper scared. I think I prayed myself to sleep. All of Dr.Diaz nurses did great. They explained everything to me as they went along. Of course I forget what they injected my iv with but moment later after I went into the OR they were joking with me about allowing one of them to go through with the procedure instead of me. Next thing I know my husband and mom was putting me in my husband car to go home. Wasn't in any pain. Sleep the rest of the day didn't have to move because I had a catheter and a massage thingy on my legs for circulation.went today for them to remove the CG and undress my dressing. I'm very pleased with my flat tummy and no love handles. My tummy is rather swollen but I can tell it was done correctly. I will post pics as soon as I'm able to stand. Tried to take one laying down but you couldn't tell I was flat that way. Did a Little walking around the outlet today looking for mothers day gifts for our mom's.but that didn't last long as I got tired quickly.will try again tomorrow. So far so good. My husband is doing so very good. So happy to have him by my side.

Pics after 1st shower

I love how low my scar is and how thin it is, he used my c-section placement which was placed well also. Of course there is swell hell going on but I'm positive it will go down so that my true results show.

14 days post op

Today marks 14 days after my tummy tuck surgery. I have had a smooth sailing thus far. I am blessed to have not experienced any challenges. It was tough that first week, I had to be so dependent on my husband and mom. Week number 2 I'm doing everything except taking off my clothes and putting them by myself. Other than that I have only had one scare and that was at 11 days post op I got out the shower and was taking pictures of my incision and noticed an opening. It was minor and small I just saw a little white meat and got scared. Called and emailed pictures to the PS and told me not to worry that it was normal that my sutures came out or so I understood. I go back to see the ps in 2 days and hopefully him seeing it in person doesn't change his thoughts on it being normal. Anywho, today was good went out with my girlfriend and had no pain just minor swelling. I look great and feel great. Hopefully on Wednesday which will be 16 post op my drains can come out. BTW I'm alternating sleeping on the recliner and bed depending on my comfort level at bedtime.

15 days PO.

Got one of my swimsuits in. Couldn't resist. Here's the new bod yal! Still have drains they are tucked away in back.
Biloxi Plastic Surgeon

Met Dr.Diaz back in 2008 only 2 years after my babies were born. He told me to wait a few years to make sure I wasn't planning anymore pregnancies and then come see him. Well here I am 8 years later, back to see him. Very informative Doctor with a great office staff. So far so good.

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