Brazillian Butt Lift Dr. Diaz 8/5/2015 -18 Days Post Opp haven't lost any inches

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Getting Excited :) I want my stomach, back and...

Getting Excited :) I want my stomach, back and flank lipo. Fat transfer to upper buttocks and fuller hips. I am getting my procedure done 8-5-2015. I am 37 years old. I weigh 198 lbs. I was recommended by my cousin who had a Co worker that had a procedure done by Dr. Diaz and was satisfied. I visited his office for a consult, the fee was $75.00 which was added to the procedure once a date was set. Dr. Diaz + staff were very patient and friendly. I asked for fat to be added to my butt and hips. He only will do 400cc per cheek. He feels this way more of the fat will survive. I really wanted more especially to my hips, but he is planning to give me a hour glass figure.. I would love that. Here are some of my before photos. Ask any questions you would like answers to. I'm happy with Dr. Diaz and will post pics after my procedure is completed. Thanks

Pre Surgery Photos

2 More Days Until My BBL & Lipo with Dr. Diaz :)

Well I'm getting prepared for my procedure. I have stopped taking my fish oils and garlic. Im going out today to do some last minute shopping to get something comfortable to wear for a week post opp. I live 45 minutes from Dr. Diaz office, so my husband is going to drive me back home immediately after. Dr. Diaz said I wouldn't have any drains. I have read some reviews and see that some people who do not get drains have fluid pockets that are very painful. Has anyone else experienced this Due to not having drains put in?

New Gulf Coast Surgery Center in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

I just spoke with Ladonna @ New Gulf Coast Surgery Center. We went over things I shouldn't eat or take prior to surgery for the second time. We also went over these things two weeks ago in the office. I was instructed to remove all nail polish and no jewelry or make up the morning of surgery. I love her, she was great. No food only liquids after 6:00 pm tomorrow. No liquids after 8:30 pm. I'm ready.. can't wait.

Wow!! Last Night Before LIPO & BBL in Ocean Springs, Mississippi ;)

Well I've been feeling a little nervous today.. I pray all goes well in the a.m. They called and asked if I could be there at 6:30 a.m instead of 5:30 a.m so that gives me a little more rest time. I filled my prescriptions last week. I was given atibiotics, pain medication, and medicine for nausea. I had my meal at 6:30 and a glass of water at 8:30. I can't have anything else until after my procedure. I will be uploading pics as soon as I can move around. We will have about a hour drive back home in the morning. :)

Finally had my procedure 8/05/2015

Had my surgery on yesterday. It was suppose to last 2 1/2 hours. I was in the back from 7:00a.m to 11:00 a.m. My husband was so worried. So I didn't remember anything, woke up in recovery. We had to commute from Biloxi Mississippi to Alabama. A 18 wheeler had over turned and waisted a hazardous chemical. I felt terrible and was stuck in traffic for 2 hours. I was still bleeding thru my body cincher so soon as we got home my husband cleaned my garment and washed me up. I have only been able to lay on my stomach. I am really swollen. Will post pics soon.

Before Body Pictures

2 Days Post Opp of Buttocks!! I am unbelievably sore :(

So far I am satisfied with what I have. My stomach and flanks are sore I can't stand to touch them. I have been sleeping on my stomach because I feel so uncomfortable on by back like I have two balloons in my butt cheeks. I will post more picks later.

How long should I wear these leg circulation garments?

I'm just wondering how long I should wear these leg circulation garments because I have to get help un hooking these anytime I need to get up? Does anyone know?

3 Days Post Opp.. Swelling Reducing

Well today is day 3 after my procedure. The swelling is starting to come down. My butt feels really tight. I feel we should start doing light massages. I want everyone to see how my day 3 looks so I'm posting pics today.

Post Opp.. My appetite is Humongous!! Anyone else experience this?

I noticed on day 2 post opp I couldn't seem to get enough to eat. I want to weigh myself, but I'm afraid going to gain weight if I keep eating like this.

Day 4 Post Opp... BBL & Lipo Dr. Diaz Biloxi, Mississippi

Well as the days pass I'm feeling better. My stomach is not as sore. My butt actually became more sore and tingling feeling today. I measured today and feel I should have done that on day 1. My butt measured 47 inches. I will definitely say if someone is considering having this done they need help to get through, it hasn't been easy. I'm getting around a lot better today. My appointment with Dr. Diaz is Wednesday to get my stitches out. I'm feeling really helpless and this has gotten old. I wasn't expecting to feel this way this long. Guess I didn't truly do my homework. I will post more pics Wednesday.

Day 5 Post BBL & Lipo "Feeling Good"

I'm feelin much better today. I am up folding clothes and packing sheets and towels. My husband just bought us a new house so we are moving. I questioned myself last night if the timing of this procedure was the best with school starting here today and in the middle of moving, but anywhoo.. to late to look back now. My appointment is Wednesday to get my stitches out. I wondered how I would be feeling, but now I think everything will be fine. On with my day. I will post more pics Wednesday ;)

Wearing my waist trainer!! Stomach, Flanks & Back still swollen.

Everything seems to be going good, but my stomach, flanks and back are still so swollen and numb. Today I decided to start wearing my waist training belt hoping it will help with the swelling.

Full Day Wearing Waist Trainer :)

So, I had my wt on all day. My stitches are still in so I wore a tank top underneath. What wonderful results. I wore that waist training belt for four months before my procedure, so I know how much moisture it usually produces in one day. My belt was soaked and my t shirt underneath. . I could really see what my shape will be like once this is complete. I'm gonna luv, luv, luv it.
I thought my next appointment was Wednesday, but it's Thursday. I sat on my butt longer than I wanted to today.. couldn't be helped :( Talk to you all Thursday and will post more pics.
Bye :)

Great Day!! Stitches out today, Waist Getting Smaller :)

Well I had my stitches removed today, we all took a close look at my body and I am just so happy with my results. The swelling is coming down and my waist is much smaller. I was planning to go two rounds with Dr. Diaz, but seriously I'm not sure I will need it. I'm giving this ass 3 months to see if round 2 is needed. He only added 400 cc to each cheek anyways. He felt that amount will survive. We shall see.. Shout out to my doctor.. Dr. Micheal Diaz.. !! I Am Extremely Happy!! ;) Pics In Clothes Coming Soon!!

11 Post Opp! Only Tender Flanks, Lower Abdomen & Itchy Skin :)

Hello everyone, life is back as I know it. I feel so blessed to be here & in good health. I shopped yesterday for the first time in 10 years and was able to buy a fitted dress. My self esteem has gone through the roof lol :) Im back grocery shopping & handling my wife and motherly duties. My doctor told me I had no sitting restrictions. Still wearing my garment. My flanks and Lower Abdomen are the only tender areas I have left. Down 8 pounds since surgery and 3 pounds from my original weight. This azz is still measuring 47 inches. I haven't lost any inches yet. About last night, My husband and I decided to go to the Casino. We had a blast. I was able to get a photo heading that way. I hate to ask him to take photos of my azz. He always told me he was satisfied with me the way I was, he is a little jealous/protective, I assure him all the time this surgery was for me and him. Lol.. My husband of 21 years is very supportive, but also very private. He is my rock and I am very careful with him. No flaunting!! So here is a pic of me, my waist is looking good in a sitting position. No more push up fat, more pics are coming soon. :)

Body Photos 11 days Post Opp BBL Dr. Diaz Biloxi Mississippi.. Doing Great!!

I've been getting requests for photos in clothes. Well here they are!! Hope you luv!! Tender Flanks and Lower Abdomen. Out of the woods, no sitting restrictions. ;) Azz measuring 47 inches with garment.

18 Days Post Opp haven't lost any inches BBL!!

Hi everyone, I'm in the process of moving, so I have been very busy. I have been sitting and laying on my back side. I haven't lost an inch. My doctor told me I could loose up to 30 precent and that would be normal. He also said if he put in more than 400 cc per but cheek I would surely loose more than 30 percent. So far I haven't lost any. I am excited to share the news. I will update pictures soon.

20 days post opp

20 days post opp and feeling pretty good. Only issue is the areas where the stitches were, its getting better though. :)

5 months results Dr. Diaz


Still maintaining my results

Loving my results
Biloxi Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diaz has wonderful bed side manner. I am very satisfied with Dr. Diaz and his staff. He has a really nice facility. He is very patient, and will let you know what is safe and what will work best for you. My procedure is scheduled for 8-5-2015. I can't wait :)

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