No Kids-just Genetically 'Blessed' with Saggy, Pendulous Breasts - Billings, MT

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I have been researching breast lift surgery for...

I have been researching breast lift surgery for probably about 6 years now and finally going through with it. I would like breasts that match my age. Nervous for surgery but so excited for the results. My surgery date is September 6th. I wanted to make a review as I've been lurking on this site for so long and everyone's reviews have been so helpful in the decision process, and the support this online community gives is wonderful!

1 week until surgery

A lot is going on in my mind, mostly that my husband is a farmer so he may not be able to be there with me the day of surgery, which would ultimately make
me feel more nervous about going under of course, but I'm determined to get this done. I do have my mom, best friend, and sister there to drop me off and pick me up and help out until I'm able to get going on my own, and in a way I'm glad it won't be my husband since seeing me directly post op with Frankenstein-esque leaky boobs might freak him out a little bit haha. I've been dreaming of this for so long however, that pushing it back for me would be so disappointing. I don't think there has ever been one time in my whole life that I've ever felt good about my own breasts. I've never once enjoyed them, and they've always been a complete insecurity for me. I can't wait until I don't have 60 year old breast anymore. Actually I take that back, I saw my 80 year old grandmas boobs once awhile back and even hers were perkier than mine ha!

8 hours until surgery

Feeling SO nervous right now that I'm not even sure I will sleep! Excited too of course

It's finally finally done!

I seriously felt like crying, not because of the pain. or the on and off horrible nausea from being under anesthesia a little long than anticipated, but because I finally am free of my 'hangy,' 'old woman' boobs! :D I of course haven't been able to see anything as I have bandages and the surgical bra, but I can see even how my body has changed through my clothing.

Dr. Bailey was great through the day and before I went it with marking and explaining everything again. I should've take a picture of my chest when I was marked up but I was getting super nervous and forgot. Crap. Oh well! I had a small reduction on my left breast instead of having the Liposuction we originally discussed on matching my breast size, which is why it was extra time in surgery. I'm glad he took the time to care and decide what's best for the best results! I did wake up feeling so, so nauseous and that has subsided some after a few naps and some dissolving nausea medication, as well as the two other forms of anti nausea they gave during surgery. (My whole family is prone to it so it wasn't super surprising.). I was able to go home a couple hours after surgery and still having on and off nausea, hoping that goes away for good soon because other than that, everything else isn't too bad.


So far it hasn't seemed to go away unless I'm sleeping. Anyone else have this issue?? Pain hasn't been too bad so far just taking one Percocet every 4-6 hours. If the nausea would subside I think I'd be feeling very well.


I re wrapped my ace bandage and caught a quick pic of how perky they are without anything holding them up! I was too scared to peel off the gauze covering my incisions because they are kind of stuck so I'd prefer to wait until my PS does it for me on Tuesday.

Finally uncovered

Just a quick update! Everything seems to be going well, I stopped pain pills except Tylenol on day two because they were making me so sick. Haven't had much pain, but it took me awhile to get the stuck on gauze off due to the glue they used on my incisions. Everything is looking good to me so far and PS week after surgery appointment is tomorrow. I can't believe how perky they are out of my surgical bra(which I've been wearing 24/7) , never ever been the case even when I was young! I know they have some settling to do but I'm so pleased with the symmetry of the mild reduction on the left side matching the right :) (diamonds are covering tattoos for anonymity)

New photo

Just a quick snap for ya, still have the glue and sutures in and will have updated photos next Wednesday after they are removed.

More photos.

I cried the first time I put on these two bralettes with 0 support! I've never ever been able to wear such things without it looking horrible and or just plain not working at all. Collage photo top is day one post op, and bottom is today. I'm loving how they're shaping to be!
Billings Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Ken Bailey because I've had a couple friends have their surgeries through him and loved their results. So far I've had my consult with him and he was very courteous, informative and listened intently without ever making me feel rushed. That was a big deal to me as most doctors just want to get in and out.

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