31 year old mother, before: saggy 34D; after: 34DDD Full and Round! Extremely happy with results!! :)

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I have always had larger breasts; before I had my...

I have always had larger breasts; before I had my kids, I wore a 34C. After 2 kids and breast feeding, 60-70 lb weight gain and then subsequent loss with both pregnancies, my breasts have very little volume, appear saggy, and resemble what I call "skin bags." Ever since I was 19 (after the birth of my first child), I dreamed of the day I could get my boobs fixed. It's been 12 years of struggling with finances, going to college, and skimping and saving to earn the money. And the time has come!! I'm super excited for my pre-op appointment coming up and then the surgery. I'm planning high profile saline implants to fill out the lost tissue and possibly give the appearance of a very small lift. The doc told me at consultation that he will have to go up a cup size or more, so my result will be about a 36DD. It sounds large for my frame, but I have a fuller figure. I'm not fat, but I'm not considered skinny either. Since I have always had larger breasts, I am hoping no one really notices the increase in size. I look forward to hearing any thoughts, suggestions, or testimonials if anyone would like to comment or message me. Thank you! :)

To lift or not to lift?

I posted a question regarding results with a saline implant only, and the docs seem to have the consensus that I do need a lift. On the other hand, there are docs that say implants that are located in the sub glandular region will produce the appearance of a lift. I am terribly confused and becoming frustrated. Over 10 years I have waited, I was hoping that I didn't have to wait any longer for surgery. I am looking forward to my surgeon's opinion (Dr. Kenneth Bailey) at my pre-op appointment on 3/7/14. If he says a lift is necessary, I will wait longer and save more money; however, if he feels a subpectoral or a subglandular saline implant will give me the result of upper pole fullness and volume, I will go ahead with the implants. Now I am scared I am going to be required to put $10,000+ into my breasts. For someone living near poverty level while I get my Bachelors degree, that is a TON of money! Maybe I should cut my losses and live with the skin bags.

Sigh of Relief

I spoke to the nurse at my doctor's office, and she explained that usually the doc will do the implants BEFORE the lift, see how the results are, and then if needed, will do an areola lift procedure for less than $1000 in-office. She assured me that he would let me know definitively whether or not a full vertical lift would be necessary before he placed the implants. I feel so much better knowing that I might have the option of the areola lift after the procedure. With the docs opinions on here (which I respect and am very thankful for), I was becoming nervous about not having the lift done first. Best case scenario: they will achieve the fuller, rounder look I am hoping for. Worst case scenario: I have a lift done after the implants and the implants readjusted. I am also accepting that having the implants removed might be a necessity because of some type of cosmetic issue. I hope this helps someone in the future who is reading this to make a good decision.

Pre-Op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment today with Dr. Kenneth Bailey, and I was prepared with all of my questions and concerns typed and printed out. My main concern was whether or not having a lift BEFORE the implants was necessary. He explained that because my nipples are right at the fold, the degree of ptosis I have is not severe enough to require the lift first, and he recommended I have the implants and wait 4-6 months to determine if a lift will be necessary. He said he likes to prevent excess scarring if possible, and said it is easier for him to do a mini lift or a full lift AFTER the implants because sometimes patients are satisfied with the results of the implants alone. He also said that I will most likely need a lift in the future, but that I was a good candidate for high profile smooth saline implants. The size he recommended is 380cc, and I had trouble deciding whether or not I should go with the 430cc. After trying on both sizes multiple times, the nurse asked him to come back in and the receptionist came in too. They all agreed that the 430cc would be too large, and could affect my exercise and give me a top-heavy appearance. So I trusted their judgment and decided on the 380cc. I asked him about all the deformities that could occur (capsular contraction, seroma, hematoma, snoopy, double bubble, and wrinkling). He was honest about the chances of each, and told me exactly what he does to prevent those from occurring and also what I can do to prevent infection and deformities. He will be doing the dual plane placement because that seems to be the most successful with saline implants and breasts of my size and shape.

Since I am a recovering opiate addict, the pain medication is a huge worry for me because I want to avoid relapse at all costs. Currently, I am on Suboxone, and I informed him of this. He recommended that I stop the Suboxone 2 days before surgery, and plan on taking the pain medication for 4-7 days. He also said to stop any NSAID medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen), vitamin E, Sam-E, and fish oil. I was unaware of these being a risk for thinning the blood. He told me he would prescribe oxycodone with Tylenol (Percoset) for the pain. I asked him if he would please give the rX to my mom so she will have possession of it and be able to dole out the meds as prescribed.
The receptionist told me as I was paying the doctor’s fee, $3250, that the surgery center was offering a discount, so their cost went from $2550 to $2397. Of course I was happy about that! I left the appointment feeling satisfied that all my questions were answered, relieved that he did not require the lift before implants, and excited that I finally get to have this surgery! I am now feeling a bit giddy on one hand, and a little nervous on the other. But I am really looking forward to it and praying that I have no medical problems or cosmetic deformities. I think it’s good to be aware of the risks, but not to allow a bunch of negative thinking get in the way. I hope this helps someone who is unsure about what to expect. If your doctor does not take the time to find out the outcome you want or answer your questions, I would recommend finding a doctor who listens and is very patient-oriented like mine.

Bye Bye Before Boobies!!! :D


With surgery a week away, I'm finding that I have a lot of conflicting and uncomfortable emotions going on. On one hand, I'm excited about the procedure; on the other, I'm filled with doubt about my potential results and/or complications. The aspect I am most concerned about is having the lift AFTER the implants. My doctor said it is easier for him to assess problems after the implants and actually lift the breast after 6 months post-op to place them in line with the implant. I'm really trusting him on this, and I will update my results frequently in case there are any of you who are having a similar dilemma.

My other problems center around my mom, who is supposed to drive me 90 minutes to the surgery and be my caretaker. We have not always been close or gotten along well, and she's starting to come up with reasons why she won't be able to help me. I fully expect her to back out and have to rely on my ex to drop me off at the motel before the surgery, and then pick me up the day after I see the doc for the post-op visit. My current BF just broke up with me (partly bc of this surgery), so I am feeling very alone. I am trying to stay positive, but I question whether or not I am doing the right thing here. I'm going to do it bc it's something I've always wanted, and pray for a decent result with minimal complications!

Roller Coaster (6 days and counting)

Arranging people to help, and drive me to and from the doc (about 90 miles away) has been such a frustration! With my mother's current health problems, I feel it is unlikely that she will be able to help much, and I worry about her driving. My ex has agreed to take me to the surgery, stay with me for a while afterwards, and then pick me up the next day after he gets off work. Even though we are not together, he is a great father and has always been there for me. I guess we make better friends than lovers. I am a little nervous about spending the first night alone, I do have a couple friends in the city where I am having my BA and I will be right next door to a great hospital (and my doc's office) if something were to go wrong. I think all of this worrying about transportation and companionship has over-run my feelings of excitement and anticipation. So, now I am more relieved that everything is in order, and I can actually think about the procedure itself! I still need to clean my apartment and buy pillows, OTC meds, and miscellaneous items. But I will have time. There is a lot of school work that needs to be done too. . . ugh. I guess I am mostly worried about my cosmetic appearance after the surgery; I DO need a lift, but my surgeon has assured me that I can do it later (in about 6 months), and it is likely that I will get the improvement of volume/fullness that I desire. I am very concerned about the snoopy deformity and double bubble! I think I could live with some wrinkling, but he thinks I have enough tissue to prevent visible wrinkling. Like I said, I'm not expecting perfection with this operation, just improvement.

Here is my list of surgery needs and reminders:
Pack post-surgical bras
Several large water bottles
Laxative tea and regular tea
Get a nursing pillow, body pillow, and a couple regular pillows
Take a couple small blankets
Pack baby wipes (for quick-cleaning of underarms, private areas)
Get cloth baby diapers (to cut small squares out of to place on incision site to prevent rubbing)
Bring Laptop, headphones, and music player
Phone charger
Ice packs and heating pad
Nicotine-free E-cigarette cartridges & charger
Nuts and protein bars
Get Hibiclens to wash with right before surgery
NO deodorant
Pack contact stuff, glasses, toothbrush/paste, basic cosmetics, loose comfortable clothing, slippers
Medications and supplements-(ibuprofen:48 hrs after, arnica, pain meds, nausea meds, benzos, gauze, bactroban:to put in nasal passages to prevent MRSA, daily medications, thermometer)
Have a high-protein meal to avoid blood sugar crash (I am hypoglycemic)
No caffeine
No eating/drinking after 9pm the night before
Bring small/lightweight purse for ID, check to surgery center, and money
No contacts in/wear glasses
Take out ALL piercings
Get a note to excuse kids from school/ me from college classes
{I'm sure I left some things out}

Relax, take a deep breath, and. . . .

My Stats List for Quick Review

Age: 31
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs (fluctuates between 120-130)
Kids: 2
Weight gain during pregnancies: 60-70 lbs w/ subsequent loss
Pre-Babies Bra Size: 34C- perky and beautiful
Nursing Bra Size: 38DDD
Pre-Op Bra Size: 34D- saggy/deflated
Implant Size/Type: 380cc Saline Smooth Under the Muscle
Incision: Inframammary
Probable Future Ops: Areola lift procedure or Ultimate Breast Lift
Wish Ops: Tummy Tuck and Under-Eye Fillers

36 hours to go!

I'm starting to become restless. I haven't been able to go to sleep at night very well for the last few days. My BF and I are working things out (which I am really happy about), and he is being supportive of my procedure. I still spend a lot of time researching outcomes and complications on here, and I have seen about a dozen women in my position with Grade I Ptosis and/or Glandular Ptosis who have recieved fabulous results with implants only! This has helped me overcome the anxiety I have about not having the lift. I've decided to take it one step at a time and just deal with complications IF they arise. Constantly freaking out about things that might happen wasn't helping me. Now I am content with my decision to do implants without a lift first, the size I chose (380cc HP), and the fact that I chose Saline. I have prayed about my surgery, spoken with my kids about it and told them the truth, and explained to those close to me exactly what to expect and that I may need another operation in the future.

I am just about ready to go. I still have to finish packing for the surgery and a 3 day hotel stay, do some laundry, and make sure everything heavy down in the garage I might need is brought upstairs.

A couple of worries or concerns I have:
1- I have been smoking my E-cigarette that has nicotine, and alternating the cartridges with nicotine free ones. I know nicotine is NOT recommended prior to surgery, but I read it is less of an issue with implants only. I'll post any problems I encounter related to nicotine use.
2- I have an underlying medical condition that can "flare up" with stress, and it is extremely uncomfortable. It is common for people to experience this during and after any type of surgery. I am hoping it will stay at bay until I have healed up a little bit.

All in all, I am pretty upbeat and looking forward to the results! I do apologize for the rambling, but I enjoy reading every detail of other members' experiences. I've learned so much about BA by doing so. :)

Less than 12 hours. . .

It's 10pm right now, and I have to be at the surgery center at 8:15am, actual surgery is at 9:30am. I'm drinking all the water I can up until midnight, but didn't eat anything after 9pm as directed. I'm always really thirsty in the mornings, so it's going to be challenging not to just grab my water out of habit! I've got my clothes laid out, took a really long bath, packed my wallet, bras, checks to surgery center, and medications so I don't have to run around in the morning and stress out. I am tired, but not sure how much sleep I'm actually going to get.

I wrote letters to my two daughters and my BF to read just in case something were to go wrong and I didn't make it out of surgery. I know that's extremely rare, I just wanted them to know how much I love them and cherish being able to have them in my life.

My daughter found my rice test bags and was throwing them around the motel room earlier! Lol She is so funny sometimes!!

I'm pretty nervous right now, but not changing my mind or second-guessing my decision. I believe I have very realistic expectations, and am well educated about the important aspects of breast augmentation. I'm putting a lot of trust in my doctor, and I am hoping he takes his time and really puts forth his best effort when he does my procedure.

That's all for now, I will get back in here tomorrow and ask the nurse to take a pic or two before she helps me put the post-surgical bra on! Thank you all for your extreme generosity and support! I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. :)

Surgery Day!!! :)

I arrived at the surgery center a little after 8am, and the lady that registered me was really nice and said the nurse would come and get me soon. The nurses were super nice and the doctor and anesthesiologist came in, drew on me, and asked me if I had any more questions before they took me back.

Sorry, I'm a bit groggy from the meds. Right now I am in the recovery room waiting to be checked out by the doc and discharged. I feel hung over and the weirdest thing I have going on is feeling like there is a huge chunk of something in my throat! I kept hacking and feeling around in there with my finger, then I realized my hangy-ball thing (in the back of my throat) is swollen from the breathing tube being inserted! Lol

My daughter is jumping around and being quite annoying, so I just want to go back to the motel and rest. Maybe her dad can take her to do something.

The pain is more intense than I anticipated. When I first woke up from anesthesia, it was about a level 7, now it's a 2 or 3 after IV morphine and 10mg of Percoset. But it literally feels like someone has punched me in the chest repeatedly! It is a lot more intense than being engorged from breast milk.

I am in here puffing on my E-cigarette and blowing the vapor into my blanket. Now I feel a bit better! Lol

I keep having to pee bc of all the IV fluids and I am downing water. Not drinking after midnight was really difficult and I was sooooo thirsty when I woke up! The nurses are super awesome and nice and even brought me graham crackers instead of saltines. :)

All in all, I am feeling okay. I will post some pics as soon as I can, but it might be tomorrow. Thank you guys for being there for me! Love you all!!!

19 Hours Post-Op

I made the mistake of doing too much yesterday bc I was pretty numb. Right now, it's 4am and I am really sore! I didn't lift anything over my weight limit, but dinked around yesterday folding clothes, putting make-up on, getting drinks, went out to dinner, and reached too much. It's astonishing how many little tasks use your pectoral muscles! I didn't feel a lot of pain bc I was still numb. So please don't make the same mistake I did!
I stayed on top of the pain meds and even set my alarm to wake up and take them during the night. I'm planning on resting on and off today and tomorrow, and taking it super easy.

It wasn't that difficult to go to sleep; I am at a motel, so I asked for a rollaway bed and my BF took the mattress off of it and folded it up in a reclining position on the king bed so I could sleep sitting up with pillows behind me. It's surprisingly comfortable!

My pain is at a level 4, but it hasn't gone higher than that since I left yesterday. It literally feels like someone used my chest for a punching bag. My stomach is really swollen and my liver hurts (from processing the anesthesia and Tylenol). I have had some issues with my liver ever since an OD several years ago. My back is really tight, especially in my shoulders, but it's not unbearable.

I'm super exited to see them at the doc's office today and get fitted for a bra. My surgeon doesn't provide them, so I bought like 8 different types and sizes in hopes I have one that will fit! I spent $85 on one if them, and from what I can tell, it's going to be too big! But I have several that I got at Walmart, but the support may be an issue. I'm used to wearing 2 sports bras when I work out, so maybe I can do that with these.

I'm going to go back to sleep for a few hours and keep chugging water. I have peed like 30 times since surgery (I know, TMI). I also drank some laxative tea last night. Nothing yet, so I will take some Senna tomorrow night. The nurse said it's extremely important not to become constipated. I haven't had any nausea since right after surgery. A lot of people become nauseous from the pain meds, but I have a high tolerance for them and it doesn't bother me. I've just been eating a few crackers or a piece of bread with them.

Sorry about the rambling, I'll post pics and update after my post-op appt later!

2nd Day Post-Op

2nd Day Post-Op

The doctor said everything looked fine, took the bandages off (thank god), and asked if I was having any fever, chills, dizziness, or significant pain. I feel pretty good, just really sore. The doc said my left breast is swollen more so than the right, you can see that in the pictures. I had some trouble getting my nipple piercing back in, but I was just glad that it didn't close up! My nipples are completely numb right now, but the doc said the feeling would start coming back soon, and if it didn't, to let him know at my next appointment. I have 45 days to purchase the insurance in the implants that covers replacement for up to 10 years if they deflate or have some other malfunction; it only costs $100!! I was happy about that. :)

I overestimated my abilities yesterday bc I was numb, so I am really feeling it today. My pain level was at a 5 when I woke up, but now at 6pm, it's probably a 2. I've kept up with the pain meds every four hours and that helps a lot. I'm looking forward to being able to take ibuprofen tomorrow! I know that will help so much with the swelling. I also bought a couple gel ice packs to use.

I made it home, the two hour drive was kind of rough, but I wrapped a blanket around the seatbelt and put a pillow underneath my breasts. Tell your driver to avoid potholes, slamming on the brakes, and speed bumps!! Lol

Opening doors, bottled drinks, and pill containers are difficult, so have someone do those things for you if possible. It makes it easier to open medication bottles if you squeeze it between your legs with your hands on the bottle if they are child-proof caps. I would recommend asking the pharmacy for easy-open bottles if you don't have curious children around! And always make sure you keep opiate medications hidden when people are around, even if you trust them.

I'm planning on taking it easy and chilling out with some Law and Order:Special Victims Unit, Seinfeld, and Dr. Phil in my comfy recliner. I'm thinking about keeping the kids home with me tomorrow so they can help me and I won't have to drive them to school. I really can't imagine how driving would feel if opening pill bottles is difficult! I have a note excusing me from school this week, so I will just do school work from home to keep up. I've been drinking lots of water and laxative tea, and haven't had any problems going to the bathroom. My throat is still sore from the breathing tube and my hangy-ball in the back of my throat is still swollen. It just feels weird!

All in all, I'm doing really well. I'll update again tomorrow. Thanks ladies for all your support and kindness!! :)

3rd Day Post-Op

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. I am ridiculously sore, and dread getting up out of the recliner to go to the bathroom or do anything else. My younger daughter is being so helpful! She's staying home from school today to help me. Pain level was at a 6 during the night, I woke up 3 different times and had a lot of trouble going back to sleep. When I woke up at 10am and realized I had missed a pain pill dose and "morning boob" was at its peak! But after the 2 Percoset with 400mg of Ibuprofen, I started to feel a lot better!

I am definitely feeling the back pain that the ladies on here talk about in the early post-op days!! Thank goodness for my TheraCane, it's a life saver! I'll post a picture of what it looks like. You can get one at general pharmacies that sell medical apparatuses. It's a cane that you use to massage your back or sore muscles all over your body; you can use it with it without lotion. It's glorious!! Lol

Before bed last night, I took a Zofran bc the pain meds were making me nauseous. Not long after that, I took my regular muscle relaxer/sleeping pill (Zanaflex). I was unaware that these two meds have a pretty serious interaction with each other, and I am usually very careful about these things since my dad has been a pharmacist for 30+ years. I started becoming really dizzy, my heart started beating irregularly, and I literally passed out for 3 hours! I was quite ill. PLEASE check Drugs.com and use the interactions checker if you take any meds on a regular basis and compare them to the ones you are prescribed by your surgeon!! I thought I was going to have to call 911 last night. It was so scary! And it totally could have been avoided had I double-checked for interactions.

My lungs are hurting like I'm getting bronchitis or something; they said to watch for that after the anesthesia. So I'll call the doc today. I know it's partly my fault too, the E-cigarette can't be helping it any!

Taking the compression socks off was a godsend, I really didn't like those. The doc said as long as I get up and walk around the house every couple hours, I could take them off today.

I'm noticing the asymmetry that the doc pointed out beforehand, but he said it should level out after a few weeks and he could fix some of it if he does the areola lift. Right now it's not bothering me that much. The RealSelf docs have said over and over that it's impossible to make the breasts perfectly symmetrical, especially if there is asymmetry to begin with. I just love how full and round they are! I can't wait to see what they look like after the swelling goes down. :)

4th Day Post-Op

I decided to move to my bed last night bc the recliner is so uncomfortable to sleep in! I put a couch cushion and pillows to prop me up so I wouldn't be laying down flat. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my sides again! Ended up sleeping much more comfortably and didn't wake up with back pain and stiffness this morning.

Pain level went down dramatically after about 2pm yesterday. I was up and about and made dinner, drove down to the mailbox and cleaned up a little bit. I can feel the saline sloshing around when I bend over, it's kind of weird. It feels like small gas bubbles inside my chest cavity. Starting to have some muscle spasms in the pectorals, but they don't hurt. I took a Klonopin at bedtime so they wouldn't wake me up.

The swelling is still present, but using ibuprofen and gel ice packs helps a lot! My stomach is still swollen too, I look like I'm 5 months pregnant! I am hoping to put a slightly tighter bra on soon for extra support. Right now I'm wearing a Fruit of the Loom sports bra from Walmart, size 42! It's so huge and old lady-ish. I have a couple cute zip front ones, but I can't get them closed yet.

The incision sites are becoming itchy, so I scratch gently around the cuts so I don't introduce bacteria into the incisions themselves. My nipples are completely numb and around my areola. It feels strange, bc normally I am very sensitive in that area.

I was able to drive kids to school, but it's only 5 minutes away. Turning the steering wheel is uncomfortable unless my arms are at my sides. My car doors are heavy, so I'm being really careful opening them.

Morning boob was present when I woke up, so I took pain meds and ibuprofen and it calmed down. You can see from the pics that the swelling is worse than it has been, but surprisingly less painful than yesterday. Had to take a nausea pill bc I took my supplements, pain meds, and ibuprofen all at the same time and didn't want to risk it.

I'm going to take a shower today, I feel so gross! I just didn't feel like it yesterday.

Nap time now!

Bra Size 4 days Post-Op

So I measured my bra size using the general guidelines, right now I am a 36 F!!! Lol That is so gigantic! Lol I am thinking that once the swelling goes down, I will end up being a 34DD or even a 34DDD. I don't really mind being larger than a D bc I asked the doc to fill in the extra skin I had from weight gain during pregnancy and breast feeding. I'll update the size changes as they go down.

5th Day Post-Op

Took the last of my pain pills this morning. I was so ready to get off them anyway! Morning boob was bad enough that I needed them. I thought I'd be feeling much better, but I am still run-down and just want to sleep a lot. Hopefully things will be better this weekend. I sure am glad I took the week off from school and other responsibilities. I'm not having any fever or unusual symptoms, so it's possible I just picked up a cold or something; or, I just didn't tolerate the stress of surgery very well. I didn't know what to expect either since I've never had surgery before, other than my wisdom teeth.

On the bright side, they seem to be settling nicely and look really symmetrical to me!

The ice packs help a lot with the discomfort from swelling that hasn't started to go down yet. I'm getting anxious to see the real size instead of the swelling size! :)

A Note About Bras

I've been wearing a Fruit of the Loom front hook cotton sports bra. I felt like I needed more support when I'm up and moving around, but I didn't want anything too tight. So I have a size 42 on, then I placed a size 44 on top of it. What a difference that makes!! I feel supported and comfortable, and they stay in place while I am moving around and bending over! Just thought I'd share that in case anyone else is having the same trouble. :)

6th Day Post-Op

Yesterday afternoon/evening, I wasn't feeling well at all. I have been developing flu-like symptoms: achy, cold, general malaise, lung/diaphragm discomfort still going on, very low energy. My temp was 99.1 with ibuprofen in my system. I DO NOT have any nausea, dizziness, rash, excessive warmth in the breasts, or red streaks. I just felt like I could barely muster up the energy to get up out of bed. The pain is pretty much gone, my back is more uncomfortable than my front at this point. I wish I could stretch, exercise a little, and pop my back. I see the doctor on Monday (today is Saturday), but planning on calling him later if the symptoms don't start to improve or get worse. I searched some questions on here about it, and found that some women do experience these symptoms and recover at a slower rate than others. And my E-cigarette could be contributing to the lung problems. While they are safer than regular cigarettes, they aren't problem-free.

Morning boob wasn't painful today, even after sleeping more flat than I have been. The breast discomfort has been manageable with ice packs, ibuprofen and Suboxone, and use the TheraCane and heating pad for my back. It's starting to loosen up.

Just a note: Suboxone is an opiate derivative given to people with opiate dependence such as pain pills, heroin, etc. It blocks opiate receptors so you can't "get high" from traditional opiates, prevents withdrawal symptoms, and aids the recovery process by eliminating cravings and allowing the person to work on the mental issues that caused them to become dependent on substances in the first place. Suboxone does not "get you high," and can be a valuable tool in recovery. I've been on Suboxone for about 6 months, as I was addicted to pain pills for about 10 years. Suboxone saved my life! I was able to save the money I would have normally spent on pills to pay for my new boobies as a reward for all my hard work. I feel I made the right choice in having my surgery, and I no longer feel like I was being vain or selfish.

I did explain to my daughters what I had done and why, and they said it will be nice for me to not have boobies that stick down like grandmas do! Lol I just didn't want to give them the wrong idea and make them think having a BA was necessary for everyone. I'm always honest with them bc lying to your kids generally ends up causing negative consequences.

Now that it's close to noon, I am starting to feel better than I have in the last 48 hours. Probably 50-60% of normal; Thursday and Friday I was at 20-30% of normal. I'll take that improvement!

The swelling doesn't seem to be going down any, but it's not unbearable. No signs of abnormal swelling or anything indicative of seroma or hematoma, and breasts look even in size. I'm very happy with their appearance, but wishing the swelling would go down faster bc they seem very large! The docs are all over the place when they say how much swelling is present. I've found answers ranging from "very minimal" or "1/4 cup size" to "10-20%." I will be happy if the swelling goes down 1/2 to 1 full cup size being as I am measuring at a 36F!

I found a post on here from a doc that recommended stretches to avoid muscle spasms in the pectoralis and reduce discomfort. I'll post pics of the one stretch. I found these to be very gentle and they feel good. Place one hand at a time on top of your head, and sit up straight. (See pic) Don't force the stretch, it will happen naturally as you reach. In addition, shoulder rolls and small arm circles (with arms out straight) were recommended. It makes the muscles feel less tight for me! But he said not to do them if it causes pain; keep in mind they are a bit uncomfortable at first.

Sorry for the lengthy posts, I found that the more details women post on here, the more helpful it was. That's all my rambling for today, I'll check in tomorrow. Take care my lovely RealSelf friends!!

Some Fun with Clothing ;)

Just having some fun with bras and cute tops!

7th day Post-Op

The swelling was starting to go down during they day, and they were becoming softer. I woke up in the middle of the night really swollen, so I think I overdid it yesterday. I drove for about an hour and went to Walmart, carried several bags up the stairs, but made sure each bag was under my weight limit though. Also did some cleaning around the house. It's true your body tells you when enough is enough.
My pain level is about a 2 and the flu-like symptoms I was having are almost gone. I think I might have a bit of a cold bc my nose started running and I've been sneezing and coughing too (which is still quite uncomfortable).

I'm really pleased with the way they look now, but becoming impatient bc I want to see the final result and praying they end up looking close to what they look like now. I'm still really concerned about getting the Snoopy Deformity due to my degree of ptosis pre-op and have begun researching the best possible lift options if that happens. Having a lift scares me though, I've seen a lot of bad results following various types of lifts.

I am still happy I had the surgery to correct the baggy, flattened look, and I can't wait to start wearing real bras with underwire during the day. I like the comfort of the sports bras, but they don't make my boobs look nice under clothing.

Now that it's been almost a week, I need to resume my diet of healthier entrees and snacks, not just convenient ones out of boxes and/or frozen. I want this bloating in my stomach to go down and I know fish, fruits, and veges will do that!


2 cups Frozen mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) - add more or less to taste

1/2 avocado

1 cup Spinach

1 large Kale Leaf

1/2 cup Carrots

1 serving Greek yogurt

3 T Chia Seeds

2 Scoops PlantFusion Protein Powder (Plain or Cookies & Creme)

1 packet Truvia

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (gradually pour in to achieve desired consistency)

Add a few ice cubes and throw it all in a blender or food processor! It makes more than one serving, so freeze the rest for later and sip throughout the day to kill hunger pains and flatten that belly! And don't worry, if you use enough berries, you can't taste the veges. ;)

One Week Post-Op Doctor's Appt

I had to make the long drive for my one week check up today, and it was snowing (of course). I'm so ready for spring and summer and cute little tank tops! I ended up driving for a total of 4 hours, and I am pretty sore from it.

The doctor said I'm coming along fine, but prescribed me an antibiotic bc I mentioned the cold/flu symptoms I was having. He said it's better to be safe and take the antibiotic than risk not taking it if there is a minor infection. The nurse told me the bra I had on was too tight, and that could be causing them to feel more sore. I guess I'm so used to wearing bras that are really tight-fitting for support, so I didn't notice. Doc said incisions look really great and I can get stitches out in a week. I told him I was still concerned about needing a lift and the slight asymmetry he pointed out before surgery. He told me that the implants will drop a little and I shouldn't be so worried about the breast tissue hanging off of them bc he took measures to prevent that from happening. I've noticed that implants were placed a bit lower on my chest wall than girls who have more perky breasts; I don't have that "riding high" look at all, and my nipples are directly in the center of the implant. He also placed 10cc less in the right breast to account for the left having more loose skin (which caused the minor asymmetry). I am glad he did that and didn't go overboard with the cc difference.

I had to go back to school today, but I only have classes that I have to go to Mon-Thurs mornings and the rest are online. I'm behind from taking a week off, but I know I can catch up.

I'm still sore and tight, and bending over is what causes the most discomfort, so I do my best to avoid it. The left breast is still more swollen than the right. I'm not feeling 100% well, but definitely better than the last few days! I am dragging in the mornings and dog tired by 6pm. I'm sure it will improve from here on out.

I bought a couple bras that aren't sports bras, but are soft, supportive and comfortable with no underwire. They look like grandma bras, but cute pretty bras don't exist in the size I am now. I can live with the granny bras for a few more weeks. I'll post pics and brands tomorrow of them for ladies that are close to my size.

On a separate note, I can't even exclaim in words how grateful I am for RealSelf and all the wonderful ladies on here! I've lived on this site for the last month and received so much information, kindness, and support. A BIG thank you to all the RealSelf staff and members for making this such a great experience!!


I've spent hours upon hours reading about girls who travel to third world countries for plastic surgery. I am NOT trying to put them down or say they are stupid, simply misinformed and possibly naive.

Best case scenario, they make it back to the US (or European countries & AU) alive with no serious infections. Most of their pics don't even show a difference in appearance.

These plastic surgery mills in the Dominican Republic seem to be the most popular with clinics being shut down bc of serious infections, medical malpractice, and even numerous deaths! They use medications that haven't been used in the US for many years bc they have been proven unsafe, these "doctors" recommend supplements that are known to prevent blood clotting, can interact with other medications, and patients are even given placebos in leu of real medications. Real plastic surgeons are absolutely appalled by this!

About 90% of stories I have read includes experiences of waking up while the surgery is being performed, extreme pain and burns that don't go away even after months of recovery, and epidurals being used inappropriately that can cause paralysis, Arachnoiditis, and other permanent spinal cord injuries. Many of these "plastic surgeons" do not have any training or education related to safety, ethics, or technique. Medical schools in third world countries are nothing like they are in the higher income countries.

They draw these women (and men) in by promising multiple procedures for an extremely discounted price, and use photoshopped images as their before and after photos! In the long run, these patients have to deal with permanent disfiguration and medical problems, end up spending tons of money on travel expenses, recovery houses, and private "nurses" for post-op care. These "nurses" have no medical training for the most part, and are simply caregivers hired by the "doctors." Sometimes the procedures are performed by students and other personnel and not the doctor the patient met with and paid for the surgery.

The US has the highest medical standards, sanitation requirements, and medical training/experience in the world, and there are still instances where procedures can go wrong, but the risks are minuscule compared to these other places.

It horrified me reading stories about patients having blood work and surgery performed by people who did NOT wear gloves, did NOT change scrubs, and were left in recovery rooms for hours (with no care) with other people's blood, vomit, urine, and feces present on the beds, showers, floors, and toilets.

There is generally little pre-op communication between patient and doctor, poor follow-up care, and extremely high rates of life-threatening infections like staph and MRSA.

I understand the desire to want plastic surgery for a lower cost, but is it really worth risking your life and beauty for? I hope these girls consider the high risk situation, do their research, and make an informed decision before traveling abroad for plastic surgery.

Keep in mind I am not saying that ALL surgery performed in low-income countries is going to turn out badly, and I am not naming any patients or doctors that I have come across. I am sure there are great plastic surgeons all over the world. But a patient is supposed to read REAL reviews of their physician and facility of choice, and if 2 or more negative reviews are found, move on and select a different physician and/or facility! If it takes longer to save up the money for a safer surgery in the US (or other country with high medical standards), wouldn't it be worth that to achieve a good outcome and minimal risk of complications?

Trust your intuition (gut feeling) when selecting your surgeon, so many women reported getting a "bad feeling" before traveling to the Dominican Republic and other third world countries, then went through with the surgery anyway; most had terrible results, no results at all, or developed debilitating medical conditions and/or permanent medical deformities.

And if a doctor is asking for payment via PayPal or Western Union, it is most likely a dangerous scam and you are gambling with your life!

PLEASE consider having cosmetic surgery in a country where the risks are minimal, pre-op and post-op care is available, and precautions are taken to assure your safety and results!

I had to give my two cents on this issue and I hope it saves at least one person from a devastating experience.

Too Much Time On My Hands. . . Hurtful Experience

I have pretty much been on RealSelf for the last month non-stop. I've probably read anywhere from 500-1000 reviews and questions from all over the world. This site was so helpful for me and I felt really safe posting my before and after photos bc I did not feel anyone would judge me.

I admit I became a bit overly passionate about the plastic surgery in third world counties issue because of all the horrific stories I read, and I commented on girls' profiles that told about their terrifying experiences. I said things like, "I am so glad you made it home and over-came the life-threatening infection" or "I am glad you made it through without serious complications." I also commented on some profiles of girls planning to go to those places for surgery and said, "please read reviews and make an informed decision" or "please be cautious of having surgery in foreign countries."

Apparently I offended many of these girls who have surgeries scheduled in the Dominican Republic and other countries, but that was NOT my intention. I just don't want anyone to be unaware of the risks involved and be misinformed, mutilated, or seriously injured. I do understand that some people achieve decent results in other countries, and I wasn't pointing fingers or being mean.

Now these girls are inboxing me really nasty messages about the appearance of my body and my surgery results, and I do not think my actions deserve this kind of verbal abuse. I have deleted my photos bc of this animosity, and will not repost. I wouldn't even feel comfortable repeating what has been said to me!

I thought we were here to help each other and offer advice; and if I was about to do something that had a high risk of infection, permanent medical problems, deformity, or even death, I would hope someone would care enough to warn me of the dangers.

I am not angry, just disappointed that people feel the need to be cruel simply bc they disagree with my opinion.

Apology, Roller Coaster Emotions, and Mindset (8 Days Post-Op)

Ladies, I want to apologize for overreacting and engaging in drama. I have made amends to the best of my ability to those I offended regarding the plastic surgery abroad, and I will no longer be voicing my opinion about it. I respect others' decisions, and I let the experience of someone close to me cloud my thoughts. There are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons all over the world, and it is possible to have complications anywhere, not just outside the US.

I have been on a serious emotional roller coaster for the last week, and staying positive is becoming elusive. The people closest to me and the most supportive have turned, and they are treating me very disrespectfully and/or downright ignoring me. I made it a point not to blab about my surgery constantly to them, but I answered their questions if they had any. So I am hurt and confused by their behavior.

My flu-like symptoms are getting a little bit better, though I think some sleep would really help. I just can't seem to sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time because: 1- I hate sleeping propped up on my back (I am a fetal position sleeper), 2- I am super stressed about how my loved ones are acting, 3- I have tons of school work to do, and 4- I am pretty much broke now because I spent my last $100 for insurance through Natrelle.

Taking this much time off from exercise is also affecting me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am usually active, and I work out for at least an hour a day and spend a lot of time stretching because I am a dancer. Dancing without using your arms, pecs, or bouncing your boobs is just not happening! *sigh*

Enough venting, I am going to start thinking more positively, work on stabilizing my emotions, and healing from the operation. It is quite shocking to be so excited about something and then ending up feeling down in the dumps; I didn't expect that, so maybe this will help other women dealing with roller coaster emotions realize they are definitely not alone!

I will also be re-posting my pics because I had such a hard time finding women who had similar stats and breast size/shape, and I really want to help them if they are questioning whether or not having a BA is right for them.

May God bless all of you who have been so helpful and kind, I know I tend to ramble on and on and on and on. . . . LOL Thank you for your support and patience!!

9 Days Post-Op (Before/After Pics)

I'm doing better today, morning boob was pretty bad because I slept flat instead of reclined; it was worth it! I slept so much better! I am still sore, a little swollen (left still more than right), and I get weird aches and sensations through both of them. But I know that is all normal.

I bought some really comfortable bras (not very pretty ones), so I don't have to wear sports bras all during the day. Sports bras flatten out my breasts and don't look nice under clothing. I can't wait to get my Victoria's Secret underwire push-up bras again! I know that I will be able to create killer cleavage once these babies heal!!

I was able to get registered at the university for summer and fall and got into all the classes I wanted, so I am happy about that. I only have about 18 months left until I have my Bachelor's degree! :)

I am including all my pics in this post, and I feel good about the decision to re-post.

10 Days Post-Op

Today has been really busy with classes and appointments. It seemed like every door I encountered was super heavy, and most of the handicapped buttons didn't work! It scares me to pull open heavy doors, so I tried to be as careful as possible. And this lady rushed over to give me a hug and accidentally jabbed my boob with her elbow! OUCH!!!! I tried to hide that it hurt. Lol

I have been kind of on edge today; everyone and everything seemed to rub me the wrong way. My 6 year old has been acting like such a brat lately, so I am looking forward to getting a break from her this weekend when she goes to her dad's. Is that bad?

My swelling is going down a little, but I still have asymmetrical swelling. It's hard to tell unless you really study them, so I am glad that they look even for the most part. I feel awful for the girls that have very visible asymmetry bc it's so hard to correct. I never knew breasts came in so many different shapes and sizes until I joined this website! I suppose I never really thought about it either. . . I still find myself wishing I had little tiny A or B cups (like I did in 6th grade, Lol), but I don't think that would look right on my frame since I have always been larger. I'm hoping I can get away with wearing tank tops this summer that have the built-in bra thingy WITHOUT wearing a strapless bra underneath, and they look okay. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I am still very happy I had this done! I know they aren't perfect, but my doctor gave me exactly what I wanted!! I just pray that they stay looking about like they do now. I worry they will drop too far, but hopefully that can be corrected if it happens.

One more thing. . . NO ONE has noticed or said anything! I am so relieved bc I was worried about rumors being spread that I had them done. I live in a small town and everybody wants to know everything about everyone else, and people don't have anything better to do than gossip. I'm certainly not ashamed I had them done, I just don't like people talking about me. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner!
I don't cry when I look in the mirror anymore like I did before; I smile! I was so embarrassed that my breasts looked 40 years older than the rest of me. Liking the way you look in the mirror is so empowering and reassuring. It makes you feel like you have more confidence and you hold your head a little higher, even if you're the only one who knows your secret. My advice to anyone who is thinking about this surgery is to go for it! But always make sure you are aware of the pros and cons, and it has to be something YOU want to do. Don’t ever let anyone talk you into it or talk you out of it. It is your choice, and only YOUR choice!

13 Days Post-Op

Tomorrow I will be two weeks post-op, I can't believe how fast time has gone by! I had a great weekend with my BF. It turns out no one was ignoring me, they were just busy. I guess I was so bored and emotional I didn't consider that. Things are looking up, and I have no pain now. Sometimes I feel weird sensations and I know very quickly if I am doing something I shouldn't. But on a personal note, I had no problems during "play time" with my BF. He actually said, "OMG they look incredible!!" I was so worried he was going to hate them bc he told me he didn't want me to have the surgery. He also said he was concerned that they were going to end up looking really fake or distorted. I understand that, bc I had the same concerns. He was such a sweetheart this weekend; he wouldn't let me lift or carry anything bc he didn't want me to hurt myself. He was very careful with me during intimacy, and I was so pleasantly surprised by his reaction. :)

The glue they put on my skin where the stitches are has caused my skin to break out a little and become itchy. I have little bumps and I'm constantly scratching around it. I used some hydrocortisone cream around the stitches and that really helped. I will ask my doctor if I am allergic to the glue and if this is something I need to tell doctors in the future. It doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable. I still use little gauze pads and place them over the stitches so my incisions don't rub on my bra.

My appointment is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon, but we have a snow storm coming in, so I don't know if I will have to reschedule or not. I considered having someone local take the stitches out, but I will clear that with the nurse tomorrow if I can't make the 90 minute drive up there. Seeing my doctor would make me feel more at ease so he can reassure me that everything is healing fine.

As far as sleeping goes, I'm still sleeping on my back. I can only lay on my sides very briefly before it becomes uncomfortable. But I sleep almost flat and that is a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a sitting position.

My mom asked to see them today, and I showed her. She said, "Oh, I thought they were going to be bigger and look out of proportion. They look really nice." I was also surprised at her reaction bc she has always had some kind of jealousy complex bc my boobs have always been bigger than hers. I was wearing her bras in middle school. I was happy she reacted in a positive way and didn't make some snarky comment! *sigh of relief*

I really wish I could do my usual workout routine (I pole dance for fitness only, I've never worked as an exotic dancer and never will), so I kind of feel sluggish and lazy. I walked up and down the stairs this weekend and I will resume some lower body strength training this week. The nurse told me to be careful with squats and lunges, bc the pec muscles flex when you do those. I will take it easy and if it's uncomfortable or hurts, I will stop. The treadmill is just so boring! I want to get down to 120 lbs with muscle again. If I lose more than that, the extra skin I have from being overweight starts to look really nasty in my opinion. And the doctor said if I lose more than 10 lbs, it could affect the way my breasts look; I certainly don't want to do anything to make them look weird! I used to obsess about my weight and starved myself and struggled with bulimia for many years bc I wanted to weigh 99lbs. But now I am learning to accept my body and having this surgery flipped a switch in my head; I no longer look at myself and feel disgusted and gross. I am far from perfect, but I am glad I was able to lose the weight after my babies and regain most of my figure. Learning to live with the fact that I will never look like I did before I had kids has been a long, hard road, but I am making great progress!

I used to dream about a tummy tuck and fillers and all these other procedures I wanted done, but now I think I am done with plastic surgery for a while. It's not as easy as I thought, and I could take my kids on a fantastic vacation for what a tummy tuck would cost! I'm not saying I will never do another procedure, but I don't want to in the near future. Just having my breasts done was enough to boost my self-confidence about my appearance and I know that working on my self-esteem from the inside out will be the key to finding happiness. Having several plastic surgery procedures is not wrong and I don't look down on people who do it, but I don't think it's right for me.

To sum it all up, I am happy, confident, and satisfied with my decision to do this and the direction I am going in my life. I have found so much support and comfort here on RealSelf, and I am eternally grateful for the friends I have made on here and all the beautiful women who have taken time to comment and message me.

Thank you RealSelf, for giving all of us the opportunity to share our experiences and come together as a community! :)

2 Week Post-Op Check Up (Suture Removal)

I had my two week check up today and made it up there fine; it didn’t rain or snow and the roads weren’t icy! Never trust an online weather report. The suture removal went well, it didn’t hurt at all. I asked my doctor if I was allergic to the glue, and he said it was really common to have a reaction like that and most likely would have a reaction to steri strips or any type of glue in the future. He removed some of the glue, and told me not to pick at the rest. . . darn it!! Lol It will come off eventually I guess. It still kind of itches, but not as badly. He told me not to take a bath for another four or five days. ? There are tiny holes at the very ends of the incisions, and he said they are still susceptible to infection until they close up completely. The nurse told me I should be wearing 100% cotton bras, but I had enough trouble finding bras that fit, let alone cotton ones! So she said putting cotton gauze pads over the incisions will be fine, and change them frequently because too much sweating can cause further irritation of the incisions. I don’t sweat usually, but it feels better to have the gauze there to prevent rubbing, so no complaints there. My next appointment will be in two weeks.

Emotionally, I am doing really good. I will progress my workouts, but starting out slowly right now: 20-30 minutes of walking at a time this week with a few squats and lunges. My doctor told me to keep my elbows at my sides and the lifting restriction still applies for the next 4 weeks because it’s vital for the tissue to form around the implants correctly. I hope I don’t end up with capsular contracture, Snoopy, or Double Bubble, but I don’t worry about it all the time. It’s really hard NOT to reach for things because it’s so automatic.

I’m posting a few pics; the incisions, my favorite VS bra from before surgery, and how they look now. In my opinion, they look very natural. I still don’t want a lift if I can avoid it even though I probably should. The ptosis doesn’t bother me that much because I am so used to it. I know it will eventually get worse, but if I could put off the lift for a few years, I would be happy. ? I’ll start updating less frequently now that I’m over the hard part. My blog is getting really looooooong! ;)

2 Weeks Post-Op

Forgot to post this pic with update

Rash Getting Worse!

This stupid rash I have started out small and was just around the incisions. Doctor said it was a reaction to the glue. It's been getting progressively worse and now it's all over me!! It's on my neck, face, and back! I asked my dad (who is a pharmacist) and he said, "Stop taking those antibiotics now!" I didn't even think of that. I'm allergic to penicillin, so the doc gave me sulfur-based antibiotics which I've never taken before. I will have to make sure and tell any future doctors that I may have an allergy to the sulfur type as well. I just hope this rash goes away soon, its so itchy and annoying. It's concentrated around my incisions mostly, which is extremely uncomfortable. I'll call my doc today and let him know what's going on so they can put it in my chart. On the bright side, the swelling has gone down more and my breast tissue is NOT hanging off the implants: my biggest fear. :)

Tank Top NO BRA!!!

I put on one of my favorite tanks today, and I can wear it without a bra!! I have never been able to do that in my entire life! It has one of those built-in bras that is basically an extra piece of fabric, not molded cups or anything. I always had to wear an uncomfortable strapless bra underneath tanks like this to make my boobs look halfway decent. Obviously, it doesn't create much cleavage but I don't care about that. Since I have never had a problem making cleavage, it doesn't bother me; I can always put on a bra underneath if I want that effect. It feels so natural and free, and I am super confident now!

My rash is going away and I have less soreness. Doing laundry yesterday was a bit of a problem. I have to drive to the laundromat, so I had to make sure all my baskets were not heavier than 10 pounds. Since doing laundry involves a lot of reaching, carrying, pushing, and pulling, it made me sore and I had to be very careful. Ladies, if you have someone who can do the laundry for you, please use that resource!

I slept on my side for a little while last night, and it wasn't too bad. I'm so sick of sleeping on my back! But I worry about how sleeping on my side too much (since I am only a few weeks post-op) could potentially affect the final result. When did you ladies start side-sleeping after your surgery? Did it cause any problems?

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, I will update again after my 4 week post-op appointment. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

I've Changed My Opinion About Surgery Outside of the US

So I have done a lot of research on girls traveling outside of the US to have their surgery. I think I let some of the horror stories cloud my thinking when I posted the "warning" a few weeks ago. I have found almost as many girls that have had complications in the US! I wish I could delete my former post bc I feel I was being unfairly judgmental when I said those things. I've been following some of the women who had surgery in the Dominican Republic, and the vast majority of them have great results with minimal complications. I still stand firm when I say that researching your surgeon of choice is a must, and every single procedure can be risky and pose serious complications. It doesn't matter where you have your surgery, taking precautions and being informed is extremely important.

I never intended to judge others unfairly, and I hope that I did not offend anyone with my words. I just want everyone who goes under the knife to be aware and understand the risks involved, and I hate to see some of the women on here who have had complications (anywhere in the world). It breaks my heart.

To all my RealSelf sisters, thank you for listening to me ramble and your continued support means a lot to me! I want all of you to know that I truly care about you, and I respect your decisions to choose your surgeon and the location of your procedures, and I wish you all the best for your lives and your surgeries!

One Month Post-Op

So I saw the doc today for my 4 week PO appt. He said everything is looking really good, and the nurse taught me how to do the scar massage. I asked them about exercise, and they said at the six week mark I can start doing light weights (3-5 lbs); they said to be very careful and stop if I feel any pain or more discomfort than usual. The nurse said to pretend like I’ve never worked out with weights before and build up gradually. I’m becoming anxious to do my regular workouts like I did pre-op. I feel like a slug right now! It’s amazing how cutting down on your workout intensity can affect the way you feel physically and emotionally. And I HATE the treadmill and stationary bike! Lol
I wanted to say something regarding the sizers we have to try on pre-op. My RS friend Niki inspired me to do so, and what she says is true. The pre-filled implants and the rice sizers are NOT very accurate in determining what you will look like post-op. I actually thought I wanted a larger size (450cc or 500cc) when I tried them on. They don’t look natural inside of your bra, and look like you have something odd stuffed in there. If I had chosen the size of the sizers I liked, I would have been too large. So I trusted my doctor’s opinion when deciding on the final cc amount (380cc). Ladies, I know that sizing before the operation can be a HUGE dilemma, but ultimately your doctor will have a better idea of what size/type/profile will be best to meet your personal goals. That is why it is so important to choose a doctor that you trust and with whom you are able to have a good line of communication, both pre-op and post-op.
I posted some pics; the bras are from Victoria’s Secret and I love them so much! My real size is 34DDD, but the bras are 36DD, I just wear them on the tightest hook. The VS store near me only had one style in a DDD cup, so I had to improvise. I didn’t realize until recently that the cup size goes up slightly as the band size increases. For example, a 36DD has the same cup as a 34DDD. It was a helpful tip for me to learn.
Oh, and I went ahead and got a quote for a full tummy tuck while I was there. I’m still on the fence about it, but I wanted to know in case I decide to go through with it in the future. A year ago, I was quoted $8100. With my 25% discount for all future procedures with Dr. Bailey and the surgery center recently dropping their prices for cosmetic surgeries, the new quote is $6200!! I’m still looking at some TT reviews on here and I have some concerns about recovery, the long scar, and the fact that my belly button would have to be removed with a new one constructed. Sometimes that results in a deep vertical scar below the new belly button. I just really dislike the extra skin and loose tissue from my pregnancies. I have too many stretch marks for them all to be taken away, so most of them would still be there. So I don’t know yet if it would be worth it to me, and it will be a year or two before I can afford another surgery.

6 Weeks Post-Op

Hi ladies! Well, today is my 6 week post-op anniversary and I am feeling great about the surgery! I can start doing some light upper body exercise now, but I plan on taking it easy. My chest muscles are still very tight, so I try not to overdo it when I stretch. I will probably start pushing it more, but very gradually. I can't wait to get back to doing my acrobatic moves!! They involve lots of upper body strength and isolation.

On a personal note, I was hoping that my BF would be more sexually attracted to me if I had breasts that look better. Although he says he likes them, I still feel like he doesn't find me as attractive as he does other women. It breaks my heart because he is the love of my life, and I know that no amount of surgery will make me look like an 18 year old who has never had kids. He says he loves me and I'm beautiful, but he does certain things that make me question his words. I'm not upset at him, I'm upset that the media and porn industry portray the "ideal image" that we are all supposed to adhere to. I'm sick of worrying about getting older, if I look perfect, what size I am, and if everyone else finds me attractive. But I can't stop worrying about it. I know that appearance is so far from being the most important thing in life, but how do you stop obsessing over it? We all wouldn't be having these surgeries if we didn't care about how we look. And I'm already contemplating a tummy tuck plus other procedures. Maybe we think that if we look perfect, we will be happy. I know I will never achieve perfection, but I try anyway.

Having the BA has helped my confidence a lot, but I feel like I still don't measure up to what I should be. Perhaps I was hoping to feel better on the inside by changing the outside. I don't regret it at all, yet it has made me want more. Is it normal to feel like this? I would love to get other women's opinions on this!


So after I posted my 6 week update, I took a bath. While I was rubbing Mederma on my scar, I noticed it didn't feel right. I got a mirror out and MY INCISION HAS OPENED UP!!! It's pretty small, but what caused this to happen at 6 weeks post-op? I'm totally freaking out now wondering how long it's been open like this; I haven't looked at it closely for over a week. What if some bacteria got in there and now there's an infection that's going to cause me to have to have CC or explant surgery?

I didn't call the emergency line at my doctor's office, I just left them a message on the secretary's voicemail. They are good about returning calls first thing in the morning. And I don't trust the doctors in the town I live in, so I would have to drive 30 mins away at 10pm on a school night to have it looked at if I went tonight. I'll just wait and see what my surgeon wants me to do. I put some triple antibiotic ointment on it, but the thought of infection is really scary!!

It's weird bc I don't have any pain, it's not bleeding, and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. WTF?!?!

Incision Opening NOT Doctor's Fault

I just want to add that I DON'T believe my incision opening up is my doctor's fault. I was carrying heavy laundry baskets up and down the stairs yesterday. I figured since I was at the 6 week mark that I would be okay, but my doctor did advise me to wait until 8 weeks to do any lifting. So this is totally my bad! Lol

Saw Doc Today About Incision

The doctor told me that my incision opening could potentially be a serious problem, and said that an internal stitch may have worked its way out; I think they call that "spitting stitches." He said it doesn't look infected, it's not oozing anything and doesn't have an odor. So he put me on an antibiotic, told me to use triple antibiotic ointment on it and gave me instructions similar to the first two weeks post-op (no underwire, keep movement to a minimum, no lifting, only showers) and told me to keep a large band-aid over it. He took a culture and will let me know if it comes back positive for an infection. I have an appt for next week and he will decide if it needs to be stitched at that point. He won't stitch it back up until he is certain there is no infection.

I know that smoking my E-cigarette might have contributed to this, so I would advise anyone who is unwilling to give up nicotine to make sure you are fully aware of the possible consequences. I'm not sure if nicotine is what caused this or if I lifted or pulled on my incision too much. The nurse was really short with me and grumpy today; I realize that everyone has bad days, but I did not make accusations and I was not unfriendly at all to them. I simply asked what we could do to improve the situation and what could happen if there is an infection.

I have been really worried about complications from this, and I am stressed to the max because of other life circumstances. The semester is coming to an end which means tons of school work due in the next couple weeks, I am in the process of moving, and I start my job tomorrow. Can I scream now?! Lol

I will keep let you ladies know how this progresses and what ends up happening. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!! Thank you all for your support and concern. :)

Doctor's Appt for Opened Incision

I saw the doc on Friday, and he said the culture showed no infection and it looks like it's closing up nicely on its own; he won't have to stitch it. I'm worried the scar will be weird-looking after it heals up, but I guess that doesn't matter since it's underneath. He said no underwire or push-up bras for another few weeks which I'm not happy about. Oh well, it could be worse! Hope everyone is doing great! :)

3 Months Post-Op

Sorry for the delayed update, but I have been super busy with work! I saw the doc yesterday for my check-up, and he said everything looks great. The small hole is completely closed up, and the scar appears the same on both sides. It is still pink, but I have been using Mederma on it. The only problems I am having is with tightness in the front part of my armpits (more so on the right than the left). It causes difficulties when I do my acrobatics and feels somewhat like a tendon that won't stretch the way it used to. The doc told me to continue working the pec muscles and stretch every day; he also said at this point I can't hurt it by doing my form of exercise. Just a side note: it feels strange when using the pec muscles because the implant is underneath them. I can make my boobies dance! Lol But it can be a bit uncomfortable to do push-ups and pull-ups (or similar exercises).

All in all, I am very happy with my results and if I had to do it over again, I would in a heartbeat! My breasts DO NOT look perfect, and nothing else in my life has changed because of my surgery. But I have more self-confidence in my appearance. I feel sexier when I don't have clothes on even though I gained a few pounds since the procedure. Now that I can work out again doing what I like, I know that the weight will come off fairly easily. If I could give any advice to someone considering this procedure, it would be to have realistic expectations, do the research, and be prepared for any complications. This surgery was not a walk in the park, and didn't turn me into a sports illustrated model. So many young women think having surgery will make them happy; this idea could not be more false! Happiness comes from the inside, not from your appearance. But if you have realistic expectations, would like to alter your appearance slightly, and you are aware of all the risks involved, then I say go for it!

Thank you all for the love and support you gave to help me through this experience! I could not have done it without you! God bless all of you on RealSelf!!

Almost a Year!!

I can't believe it's been almost a year since my surgery. The last year has given me a chance to evaluate my self-concept and why I had surgery in the first place. I have decided not to have any more plastic surgery procedures (other than my permanent bridge for my teeth) even though I have enough money for the tummy tuck I spoke about earlier. I have realized that as we age, have children, and mature, our bodies are not going to look like they did when we were teenagers no matter what we do! I am learning to accept myself for who I am and not grasp for self-worth through outside interventions. Of course, I am still working on this so I have decided to have a dental procedure to fix my teeth that broke during an accident instead of a tummy tuck (they cost about the same amount). A year ago, I would have said "hands down, I am having my tummy done!")

I do not regret my surgery, and I would probably do it again because it has helped with the loose skin and sagginess that plagued me over the last few years. I thought my boyfriend at the time would love my body after surgery, but he began to act indifferent and needless to say, we are no longer together. I think my opinion about myself and the decision to have surgery impacted our relationship, but it was not the deciding factor to split.

My advice to anyone considering breast implants is to make sure you are aware of the risks/complications, think through the surgery and the outcome, and be prepared for a feeling of disappointment after a few months. Many girls will begin to analyze their surgery, wondering if they should have gone bigger/smaller and will contemplate more surgery for other areas. The experience I had was that surgery and appearance began to occupy all of my time and thoughts, leaving little for my children and loved ones. My 12 year old told me she wanted to have surgery when she grows up, and my 7 year old started looking at magazines and commenting how some girls have pretty bodies. This is NOT the impression I wanted to make on my children!! Now it is too late to undo the potential damage. I explained to them that even though I had surgery, it did not make me feel beautiful, and it did not change what is on the inside.

In conclusion, I am glad I was able to work through some of the emotions and self-esteem issues that caused me to seek surgery in the first place. Ladies, be prepared when you make this decision and identify your reasons for wanting surgery. It will not make you more attractive to the public (they won't even notice unless you make a drastic change), your significant other, and it will NOT make you happy! My results have made me feel more confident in some of the clothes I wear and when I am without clothes, but that is all. I had to force myself to stop nit-picking at every flaw in the mirror and to live my life without obsessing over appearance. I wish you all the best of luck for your procedures and I hope every girl that reads this decides to investigate themselves from the inside and make an informed decision without unrealistic expectations. God bless!

Billings Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bailey is a really great doctor! He took the time at my consultation and pre-op appointments to answer all of my questions, and he wanted to know exactly what MY goals were. He never tried to talk me into something I didn't want. His receptionist and nurse are very friendly and patient-oriented as well. If the answering machine picked up during business hours, I always received a return call right away! The doctor and his staff made me feel very comfortable and like they were really listening to me; I appreciate their kindness and generosity so much! I would highly recommend seeing doctor Bailey for any cosmetic and/or reconstructive procedures. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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