Anyone Who Has Done Revlite Laser for Pigmentation? Downtime Needed After? and for How Many Days Have to Avoid Sun? - India

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Hello everyone.. i am from india.. 24years old...

hello everyone.. i am from india.. 24years old girl... last year i went to doctor for my mild acne red marks.. its just 3 or 4 marks.. doctor prescribed me glyco 6 cream.. i started using this cream in night bt after using this cream for 10 days.. i noticed brown patches on both sides of my cheeks.. then next day i rushed to doctor.. she said cream cannot cause this and its not melasma its ur skin tone.. i said that i never had this type of patches before using the cream.. but she did not accept that cream can cause this.. she prescribed me lumiedge skin lightening gel with doesnot contain hq and kojic acid... bt it doesnt work at all.. my pigmentation is still very dark..nd i started getting whiteheads.. doc pres me tretinion gel which start giving me big puss filled acne.. after using tretinion nd lightening gel for 5 6 months she prescribed adaplene which again doesn't suits me.. den i stop using all the creams.. try home remedy to calm down my acne.. now finally my acne has been calm down.. it left pitted scars on my cheeks... now m thinking to get some treatment for my pigmentation.. after visiting 4 5 doctors all said that its not melasma... one doctor said that i can go for a 'i' peel which is blend of 6 acid[glycolic, lactic. phytic, salcylic and 2 more] at 60% concentration.. bt google says peels are not safe for indian skin spcly hyperpigmentation.. then i visited to another doctor... he said i can go for yellow peel or another option is revlite laser... i want to knw that peels are better option or revlite laser??? google say revlite laser is same as q switch or yag... i don't want to worsen my pigmentation.. i want my clear skin back... what is best option between revlite laser or peel??? best and safer option... i also have freckles.. i feel very bad and depressed about my skin.. plzz help.. plzz tell me revlite laser is safe?? how much downtime needed and for how many days have to avoid sun??/
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