Beware of Invisalign!

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I hate everything about the invisalign

I hate everything about the invisalign. I speak publicly on a daily basis and opted for the invisalign because I felt it would be less invasive. If I wear the invisalign, I stumble over my words. At least with regular braces, people would understand why my mouth was in such pain. I was not told about the scratchy buttons in advance. Nor was I told about the filing that would take place between my teeth. I was told that I would get used to the trays in a few weeks, but I am at twelve weeks, still in pain and see no relief in sight. My gums (which were as close to perfect as one can get) constantly feel like they are on fire.

I am in so much pain that I cannot eat regularly so I am exhausted all the time. I must take prescription sleep aids to get any sleep and I take pain killers daily. I highly recommend against the invisalign.

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