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Fast forward to almost 3 years and I am living...

Fast forward to almost 3 years and I am living with the awful after effects of revision lipo to my stomach and new chin lipo.
I believe the current doctor already understood that the prior poor results of (Alan Bittner) could not be corrected, yet
he went ahead any way with the re (vulsion) surgery that appears to have created even more dents, pits, and lumps in my stomach.

Also, the chin lipo he performed on me is awful! He removed waay too much fat from the left side and not enough from the right side. Consequently, my face is more gravity prone on the right side, showing a deep nasal labial fold on the right side of my face only and one huge, pronounced platsymal band under the right side of my neck.

When I went in for a check up, the Dr. recognized the lopsided chin work and had the nerve to ask if I wanted to meet with the patient coordinator to pay and have it corrected! Also, when reviewing his revision to my prior poor lipo results he used a flattering, bright light to look at his [un]revision work he did on my stomach. The lighting minimized the dents, pits, lumps and bumps. When I got home and looked at my stomach in more a natural lighting which reflects shadows, I really saw how that the first surgery and the doctors (ego driven) second revision [vulsion] surgery had left my stomach worse off than before. He compounded the mistakes of the first surgery. He did not remove any of the lumps, dents he claimed that he would. (He did had the nerve to ask if I wanted to do fat grafting to improve the appearance of his failed effort). I was thinking, he should have thought of that at first. It is a mess, my stomach is. What is really rich in irony is that, whenever I think about going for a third (no, I'm not crazy) revision, guess whose name comes up as the master plastic surgeon revisionist? Yes, the self same surgeon who added to Dr. Alan Bittner's crazy patchwork pattern of dents, and lumps and bumps on my stomach! Ugh!!

I don't know what to believe about reviews and such, as I really did my home work on this doctor. I do admit I was impressed that his name always came up as the go-to revision specialist. I honestly don't think there is an medical solution (yet) to poor liposuction. This has impacted me in such a negative way that I have not dated in 3 years. My stomach looks pretty awful.

Does anyone know of any updates for fixing poor...

Does anyone know of any updates for fixing poor liposuction?
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

This doctor came across as caring and kind and one who was aware of the previous surgeons negligent work. He also mentioned that a lot of patients came to him after having bad outcomes from work done by Dr. Alan Bittner. He said he was successful in treating them. If I could turn back the clock, I would. But I can't and I am living witht the horror of his revision efforts that failed.

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