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Want to loss those loose skin, hanging pouch and...

Want to loss those loose skin, hanging pouch and stretch marks post 3 caesarean...... i'm 5'3"... 120lbs.... lose all baby fat but left with badly stretch loose pouch... delivered baby 6months ago... have booked for Tummy tuck on 23rd may 2014... hope to get through it with less complications... will post more pictures and details soon.. currently taking 1000mg vitamin c and waiting for arnica Montana and bromelain as pre and post surgery bruising/ swelling aid...

anyone took arnica montana, bromelain? good steristrips n scar gel?

I've ordered arnica and bromelain online, waiting for delivery still...hope to receive it before the surgery which is in 2 days time... any suggestions on good brand steri strip and scar gel for scar care?

OP day :)

It's OP day today...in an hour time, 3pm going for the surgery... had blast 7am... came to the hosp 1pm, cleared payment... brought to the room which I will be staying for 3 nights... very luxury room, comfortable.. nurses took weight, height, pressure... anesthetic came explained the process... nurses took blood for test, give medicine for dizzy, vomiting, gastric and later for relaxation... i'm happy so far with the quality... feeling happy,, not nervous, positive all will goes well... waiting for the doctor to take measurement and probably some drawing on the tummy.. will post more updates whenever i've chance if doing it...

after OP...

So here go, i'm done... hubby took my fon bck home so cudnt take pic or update... doctor explained only skin removal and muscle to be tightenen.... went into surgery.. knock out gracefully... by 5pm, in 2 hours was bck to my room...fully awake at 8.30 pm only... had binder on so couldn't see hw is my tummy...no pain..having pain pump, catherer, water drips, 2 drains on left and right upper thigh each....to be continued

post OP continued...

Was too tired.. so m up in the night, had milo some biscuits, ...took some medicines and sleep bck..got up in d mrng, hubby came with arnica and bromelain..had them, had bfast and bck to slp...nurse came, took out binder yes, i'm flat...but my fon not with me then to tk picture...I will take tomoro during bath session and post here... nurse bath me, clean the stitches with antibiotic, while I sitting down, lookin them cleaning the wound, I almost passes out...they quickly lie me on the bed and I feel gud immediately... had my lunch without binder, ate very less as I feel full fast...surprisingly I can feel my tummy, it is a bit bruised and swollen but looks good...later back to my girdle which cover my thigh and have hole for urination and pass motion....btw they also wore socks on my feet post surgery...walk a little bit, then sleep, dinner, walk a bit, sat in d chair for awile... took medicines and sleep.. now i'm up updating this post...drains n't much, hardly 30ml on right and 10ml left a day... doc said will remove in 4th day when n leaving home
. ... it doesn't bother much...having some neck pain and back uncomfortable probably lying down too much..... using pain pump do dun really feel pain yet...thats all for now..

post 2 days....

Nurses bath me and now changing incision dressing...


unable to upload post op pics :(


post 3 days..

Sadly my pictures are not uploading... 3rd and i'm up since 5am... no pain... taking panadine every 8 hours beside arnica and bromelain... appetite is good.. had diarrhoea probably due to spicy food for dinner, no issue with at least my bowel are cleared.. doctor been visiting daily and told that drains wil be removed today... bad thing for is the back pain.. and some blisters on my tummy... hunched back a Lil bit... rest i'm happy... tho i'm not flat but the skin is tight, no more hanging pouch ....best money spent on.. nurses been helpful, breakfast, lunch and dinner all served with medicines given accordingly.... I would recommend this doctor and hospital to everyone who want to have a less eventful tummy tuck :) will try upload pics from the desktop when I get chance...

4 days post op pics

I'm home today... both drains are out... so far no pain... back pain getting better... just some discomfort myb the cg which is quite tight... bath twice... as doc asked to wash the wound and apply antibacterial ointment twice a day.. walking, resting, sleeping... thats all for now.... last pain medicine was in the morning... don't intend to take unless need to... time for dinner, then antibiotic, arnica and bromelain and sleep..

side view before pictures

5 days post op....

So far no pain.. had some blisters which is irritating... cleaning and applying antibacterial ointment on the wound twice a day... healing quite well... slept on right side unrealized last night, no pain... the side wound looks healed... continuing taking arnica, bromelain,vit c and multivit... with a lot of plain water, juices and healthy eating...read in another post, since we can't lift babies til 6weeks post, will sit down on knees then slowly in floor... play and hugs them... lucky I hv fulltime helper to help to take care of them... next doc appointment in 2 days time, will update then...

1 week post OP appoinment

So it's one week now and I wouldn't encourage but I was out shopping for hours yesterday... of course tired but it was manageable.. went to the surgeon office for follow up check up... he was a bit surprised to see me walking quite well.. so as I wanted to know more, he told that he took out approx 1.4 pound of skin only... lol... tighten muscle all the way up to bottom.. and my belly that is quite pointing out is expected to pulled in by itself but if it doesn't he will make a new one :).... beside that he can see some fluid accumulation but dun find it necessary to drain it out as he expected it to dry itself, but if it doesn't and bothering I can walk in to his office to suck it out...my lower tummy is quite round but he assured it us swelling, end result shall be more flattened... upon his advice I tried to feed my 13 pound in sitting position, and she was passed to me, just little bit lifting of head but it was not good idea as within 2 minutes I start feeling uneasy on my abdomen, so I pass her back to the helper... will wait a Liltle longer for this... driving also not yet.. only walking at the moment... no different then previously posted picture... will post new 1 when get chance... take care all

11 days PO, tummy look 3 mth pregnant...

Having my period..painful as usual... tummy tuck us no pain for me but this period pain does :(... tummy been looking round and pregnant from side... when slp to side can feel it sliding to the side... not sure if this how it will look once fully heal...hope not...incision healing well... energy still low... next appointment in A week time will update if thr is change In how d tummy look

12 days po pics

13th day po pics

25 days po pics

Hi all...m doing well... back to normal routine... getting better day by day... swelling get more in the evenings... Hv lost 2 pounds since surgery... happy with recovery so far

almost 5 weeks po pics

almost 6 weeks po

Hi all... m still swells badly... apparently since 10 days ago, had redness on right side incision.. heard a 'pop' like stitches opened... but no abcess etc.. just red... didnt bother much and it got worst... the lump,bruise, swelling seem to moving downwards along incision line as it started at the end of incision... now it is better now over there ...painful till had to ditch my cg completely since 5 days ago... today is worst n most painful frm the lump... seeing my surgeon tomorrow regards this...
Dr. Nasir

He sounds good, confident.. understand the requirement

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