2nd Breast Reduction, Lip Fat Injection, Mole Removal. Beverly, MA

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10 years ago at age 27 I got a breast reduction...

10 years ago at age 27 I got a breast reduction through Dr. Rae in Salem Ma. He came highly recommended and did a great job. I am 5'9 1/2 and was about 140 at the time. My breasts were around a 34 G. I had previously lost weight and got down to a size 6 foe my height using LA weight loss. You would have to go be measured and weighed in. One of the numerous comments made were " I can't believe you are losing weight everywhere EXCEPT you cup size!!" Yeah my sentiments exactly. After I moved I went bck up to a size 10 and decided they had to go., they didn't go away with weight loss and they were starting to cause shoulder pain and slouching. I found Dr. Rae and he did an amazing job. I chickened out a bit and told him to take me down to about a large c/d...remember I was a J at the time !! i bought in pics of what I liked and told him to keep it proportional to my body. I am tall and broad shouldered. The surgery went well without a hitch. I did have drains. I stayed overnight at the hospital. In the recovery room I went into mild shock or something cuz I was shaking so hard the bed was shaking, they wrapped me in warm blankets and I stabilized.  morphine made me very itchy ,maybe was high dose so I didn't sleep. I don't recall even uaing the bathroom and had minimal nurse care as they were so busy with the crazy 80 year old in next bed. My pain was an 8 I felt recovery was sort of slow
fast forward to tonight. I am going to the Czech Republic and wanted the procedure done before I went. 10 years later I am now a small DDD large DD. I have started kickboxing and could not find ONE sports bra I liked so I would wear a bra and a shelf sports bra that was a tank too so i really compressed me. My bra straps were digging in and I was having to shop at lady grace again where bras were costing me 60 + . I had a bra from lane bryant, a sexy one and within a month of buying it, U was already popping out (with no weight gain elsewhere) I decided to go for it and submit it to my insurance and see. I work at a local hospital so I decided not to go to a Salem dr. I wanted to stay at my hospital. We had 2 surgeons here both highly recommended but at work and through friends who new one of them personally I did not like them and didn't feel it would be a good experience. Much like a cook who cooks food with love, I felt the experience wouldn't be good. Usually I don't care about personality or bedside manner if you are the best. But she has competition so if it comes down to 2 great drs I'm going with the one I have better rapor with. One of the drs charges 500 dollars for a CONSULTATION, so that was another deciding factor. I decided to have a consult with Dr. Jagruti Patel in Beverly.  The office is really nice and she has hands down the NICEST staff I have ever met in the medical field  (I work in the medical field so this is something) I got the consult right away and she was aware of me leaving the country so she pushed for the soonest date she could get so she would have time with me for follow ups. The paperwork was submitted right away and when they got no answer.they submitted my pictures and it was approved the NEXT DAY. My surgery had already been booked a month prior in preparation for approval which meant from approval date my surgery was the NEXT WEEK!!! I came to my hospital and when she got there she flies in with so much energy, like 5'4 ball of fire. She right away smiles and gives you a big hug and she gets her marker out and starts going to town, before even getting my boobs she though she hones in on this big mole I've always had on my neck, grabs her marker and goes "This is going" I start laughing amd said "But it's a part me ,you know an original thing" or something to that effect.  She goes "well it was and now it's not going to be" lol or something along those lines. I just agreed, it's just a mole and it clearly bothered her and I really didn't care that much or ever really thought about  so ...go for it. So we get that marked and she goes to my breasts. She told me she would bring me down to a full C but I did ask for a full B small C. The procedure went normal I woke up in recovery much quicker this time round. But when she came to check on me she did tell me my left nipple was not getting blood so she put a vaso dilator gel? on it which did bring blood to it . I got out of the hospital today and she said only time will tell if the left nipple survives. I am not suppossed to take my compression bra off AT ALL or get the area wet until my next appt next week only sponge bath so that will be gross. Inwas hoping to work mon (no lifting) but i dont think I'm going to go to work unshowered for a week!!. In the hospital I was montored every half hour and I only needed one shot of morphine and once i ate clear liquid i was able to go on roxycodone and regular food. I had to breathe in this tube and walk a lap for my chest I guess for pneumonia. They gave rounds of antibiotics already in my IV.
I'm now home buy I can't put pics up yet as ive been told not to bare my breasts amd just check dressings and nipple color...no free flying yet. so compression bra stays on. i cant wait to rip it off. They are def a B small C like I asked and although I am sad I may not feel my nipples. before my first surgery 10 years ago my nipples were super sensitive amd although it came back it never came back fully so it is already a loss I had experienced and couldn't get back. but it was worth it to me and I wish the first time I went smaller. I'm just really scared now the scars freak me out and it is a dif way of aftercare than before so im a little nervous from what i new before. I dont regret it and Dr. Patel did a great job. My lips look really natural now at home. I hope the fat stays , Im aware a percentage can die off. I can't wait to wear lipstick and a sundress with no bra. I can't wait to do kickboxing down the road and be able to wear ONE or any sports bra.


huj i swore i added pics.. guess they didn't take. So it is day 3. This is by far a way easier time than my first. I changed my bandage my self am walking around. Pain killer needed is MINIMAL . she gave me NORCO but I hardly need it. Have beem taking just a .5mg xanax I usually take for sleep and stress. I only take the NORCO when I really feel might need it at night but thats all. bleeding from left nipple....good means blood gling there. still little darker than right but i think Dr Patel will be pleased I think its going to hang in there (god please!!). minimal bleeding , i think everything's still closed. minor soreness. lips still look great so holding hope the fat will stay. minor discomfort in belly button. went to bathroom finallu today...for those of u who have had anaesthesia u feel me!!
will try to get picks during bandage change tomorrow

second visit

ok i don't know why it won't upload my pics?! but anyway. today i had my second week update after reduction surgery. at this point i am upping my Dr's stars. i started this blog the day of and after mt surgery and it didn't feel right giving 5 stars for something i didn't get yet ...as i just got them done! so my first meeting was with the NP there who is also wonderful btw i don't know if i forgot to include her. it went well last week the stiches came out except for bottom she gave ok to shower but not rub the area. cool and back to work.
so today was my 2nd week followup and i got the dr and np today. bottom stitches out. i got some really nice smelling cream they make in office which i thought was cool. very spa like, the whole place is very spa like and zen. got some coupons for scars with samples. awesome. some advice on reducing scars. i didn't get in trouble for wrapping my chest with an ace bandage lol thank god. keeping them more tightly compressed relieved the pain of rubbing at work i do a lot of movement on that side NO LIFTING, which is hard but ya gotta do...or i should say NOT do.
good note MY NIPPLE SURVIVED !!! not sure what went down in surgery or how "emergency" like that was for her but thankfully her quick actions saved it! booya ! also shr explained the shooting pains i got. it felt weird like nerve pain and also i could feel my nipples. she told me the nerves stretch but...i don't know i want to be more inclined to say she did a miracle. listen b4 my first reduction i had very sensitive nipples i was maybe a G cup , after that 1st surgert i could only feel them a little and it never fully came back, which is why i wasn't worried about a second surgery and losing feeling (that ship already sailed) but to get it BACK!. the dr told me it would go away a little but i hope it doesn't, honestly i haven't felt them in 10 years. i used to have friends be on "nipple patrol" in lowcut stuff cuz i couldnt feel them if they were out. so the fact i can feel like i did before my first surgery to me is amazing.
if i didn't mention the front office staff then i meant to , they r wonderful. unfortunately one lady who got me in isn't there anymore which is a true shame , for a nurse she was GREAT. she had me on the phone like an hour just chatting about the procedure when i called to book a consult.
i will be taking pics and when i figure out the upload prblm I'll update again.
so recap. healong great, 2 consults, which i feel i can now rate her on.
also I'd like to stress the busyness of these places and drs. i notice some ppl got bad reviews as the dr didnt spend enough time with them. i know we all want to feel special but when it comes down to it remember u aren't the only person in the earth and there are 20 other people who ALSO want to feel special and also have appts. In the end you aren't there to be bffs with your dr. he/she is super busy. not to say u don't warrant personal attention def make sure your questions are answered and that the dr at LEAST sees u once. but don't expect an hour long gab session no matter how much u want to or u like them be considerant of others waiting while getting your immediate needs met. i mentioj this as alot of people seem to complain about this point. i am pleased with the amount of time spent on me, fo i want more, of course , who doesn't always want more time with their drs to think and ask a million questions. make a lost b4 u go of pertinent questions and ask them that way ur needs r met and u aren't holding others up. if u forget don't be afraid to call the office and ask. the dr you choose should have a wonderful receptionist ,it makes calling less painful.
overall at the 2 week mark I'm so happy. i have tried on all my summer dresses and they fit. the dr did express surprise about me wanting to be so small but I'm glad she listened!!! my reasoning was thus , she warned me if i got pregnant etc they may get big again and over the years obviously gravity will take over. this made me think i don't know if i will have the opportunity or want to go thru this again so i need to go small. my second reason was i likened it to ppl who complain they r cold.....i hate that. if you're cold put a sweater on if i am hot i can't rip my skin off. likewise if i go small and want to be bigger one evening for an outfit ...well hello puship bra or cutlets and problem solved but if i want to be smaller well too bad no way to change that. so that is why i opted to take it too a B on my taller big boned frame. also because i don't dress to impress a man or boyfriend it made my decision a no brainer easy decision. i knew what I WANTED and had no backseat driver complaining! and what I wanted was small boobs so i could be comfortable and do sports and wear summer dresses and go braless if i want and fit that bikini and not have under boob sweat (yech) . i thank her for listening and going smaller than a C or a small C we will see. i havent yet tried bras. other people tell you stuff but ultimately it's your body, be sure of what you want and be sure the dr you choose does what you want (without being unethical)
I highly recommend Dr Patel if your in the MA area. some surgeons here (not naming names) charge 500 DOLLARS ...for a consultation!!!what!!. I forgot, also free consultation and you get a really nice folder with info and a pen (I know silly but for me it's the little things)
overall go to a few consults with dif Dr's especially if they are ALL highly rated then it becomes a matter of who u like and trust. for me i already had trust in the nurse when i called for a consult so that first phone call was almost a done deal but when i met dr patel and Keira her PA i was confident i wouldn't need another consult. go with your gut but if you do go for a consult at kayakelp you won't be disappointed. also, they don't talk down to you or make you feel stupid for asking questions. will update next appt. oh on my lips , they did go down unfortunately but she DID warn me that could and probably would happend so the disappointment was NOT with her but just simply nature. i am considering doing juvaderm with her before i leave but im leaving that shelved for a bit. so let everyone know what i decide in that dept.

Dr. Patel is super nice , energetic and friendly. I liked that you could tell she is comfortable with her profession. Her lip fat grafts are AMAZING.

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