Lipo of Abs, Flanks, Back & "Buffalo Hump". Labiaplasty. Beverly Hills, CA

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I have surgery scheduled on 5/27 w Dr Kenneth...

I have surgery scheduled on 5/27 w Dr Kenneth Hughes. I emailed the office for a "virtual consultation" on Saturday, received an email from the Dr the same day. On Sunday I sent him my pictures and explained wot I wanted, he gave me an estimate and I told him I would like to schedule the surgery. His prices were comparable and actually better than several of the consults I went to and his reviews and photo gallery were impeccable, plus his label as "Top Doc" made me feel comfortable to proceed to schedule. On Monday morning the office called to schedule the surgery, I thought it may be months but they had a cancellation due to a pregnancy and could fit me in on Friday! I've only had a few days to emotionally prep for the surgery, I'm nervous and excited. I will be posting my progress from start to finish to show results.

Day 2 TummyTuck, lipo of flanks and back.

Day 2 just took a sponge bath and feel soooooooo much better. Can walk arnd a lot more too!

Day 4

4 day update

Day 10 Post Tummy Tuck. Fat transfer to hips.

10 Day Post Op. I had 2 drains, 1 fell completely out while I was sleeping on night 7. I was only draining abt 30 cc's per 24 hrs at that time so the Dr advised I shld be fine since I still had an additional drain. Today is day 10 and I'm barely draining anything maybe 10 cc's so the Dr sd I cld come in tmro to have my last drain removed. YAY!
I'm surprised I'm still walking so hunched at 10 days, I thought I would recover faster since I'm not that overweight and in pretty good shape. After my drain is out tmro I will prbly return to work on Wed although I'm a bit embarrassed to go back walking hunched...thank God I have a desk job as I get tired after walking just a short length.
Aesthetically, I think the stiitches the Dr made are very nice, no redness, swelling, or pain. The worse of it is the uncomfortableness of the drain.

Tummy Tuck, Fat Transfer to hips, Buffalo Hump.


18 Days Post Tummy Tuck Infected Drain Site

I had my last drain taken out a week ago, it was supposed to heal and close within a few days instead it is very painful and almost impossible to wear a compression garment. I sent a picture to the Dr and he prescribed me antibiotics for an infection. I was advised I cld go to the office however he wld not be adding a suture so I will take the antiobotics and give it a few more days to see if it gets better before I go in again. 18 days of pain and depression with this horrible recovery. I'm trying to stay positive , hopefully when the swelling goes down I will see some wonderful results but for now I'm really regretting having this done especially since I wasn't that big to begin with I just wanted a completely flat stomach.

Depressed over how high my TT scar is! ????

One month post op TT/Fat transfer to hips. I'm so depressed I'll never get to wear my bikinis again because of the high scar. That was my bikini before surgery. I went in for lipo to make my stomach flatter but when I met w the dr before going into surgery he told me I would get the best results from a TT so that's what I did since I wanted best results. I think if I would've known how high my scar wldve bn I wldve stuck to lipo....especially since i wasn't really fat to begin with. I did have a tiny scar from prev TT 9 yrs ago u can barely see in my before pic that I wanted removed but this scar is worse. I'm just upset I paid $16K for such high TT scars. I think the fat transfer to the hips will look better once I can compress then down but since the drain sites on the hips are so sore I can't compress them. I went to 3 consultations before doing a virtual consult w this Dr, 2 of them said I didn't have enuff fat to do a TT and to just work out or do lipo but I got greedy. ???? The recovery has also been really hard and grueling. I think my advise wld be to anyone whom is not absolutely overweight or has saggy skin....just get lipo!
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