Warning : Fat Transfer Nightmare (Lower Eyelids)

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I used to be so happy with myself , except for...

I used to be so happy with myself , except for some wrinkling on my lower eyelids that I thought would be fixed by the fat transfer procedure. I went to a doctor that had great before and afters, but unfortunately, he did not tell me that i had any other options besides the fat transfer. Had i known about the other less risky dermal fillers , I would have opted for them and not the fat transfer procedure. I thought that since all i needed was a little bit of fat to fill out the hollowing was easy to correct and that there was no way that my doctor could mess up really bad since it was such a simple thing that i needed.

After surgery everything went well and I had no complications whatsoever since I took good care of myself and I had been careful not to harm my face and it showed. I noticed after most of the swelling was gone and the bruising was almost gone, that the doctor had carelessly injected two wads of fat in such a sloppy manner that i could literally feel the wad of fat in my temples. It felt freaky but since i am not a picky person, and my lower eyelids were healing nicely, I was still happy.

Come the day of my post op with the doctor, I am looking almost healed but since it had been a week since surgery I was still concerned with how fragile the fat felt like with the slightest touch , and it made me nervous to even so much as lightly tap it when washing my face. And then during the follow up, the doctor himself comes in to see me and tells me sit down and then he looks at how great i was healing and then he uses his finger to push down hard onto my lower eyelids, damaging the fat so badly that the moment he left i reached up to see if the fat had survived the beating it took under such intense pressure and it did not.

I think i am the worst case of botched plastic surgery ever. Please be careful with your faces. This experience has ruined my life and my face so please choose wisely.

Pros: None

Cons: horrible result and my face is unrecognizable. In one month the before and afters look like i have aged 20 years

After the doctor did this everything went downhill, and I was not able to get an emergency appt with the doctor, even though the complications that i suffered were all the doctor;'s fault f

Oops I did not mean to put that my pain was...

Oops I did not mean to put that my pain was severe, the pain from the procedure was minimal , but the pain of being botched is pretty hardcore, sorry about the mistake. And no thanks the doctor that did this scares me and they got me banned from another site for writing his name and mentioning my story. I never once called my doctor a "mutilator" and I never once used vulgar language and I was still banned. My doctor didn't try to kill me or mutilate me, I just feel that it is not fair for me to have gone through such a horrendous experience and not be able to share my story online.

I am being treated with so much disdain by doctors and even on my medical records that the doctor sent me, the things he wrote on there make me want to throw up. I am not trying to commit libel or slander and apparently to tell the truth in an honest way will get me accused of defamation and as if I have not already been harmed enuff , he wants to sue me as well? Just be careful and message me if you have any questions regarding what to expect and what the risks are of having fat transfer, I have done lots of research and I know a lot about fat transfers from first hand experience with it. Thanks for being kind and for the sympathy :) God Bless Us Patients and the Doctors who DO CARE.

*Yes i know how to spell *enough* Oh and I don't remember how much i paid i think maybe 12,000- all for nothing The dr also charged me 300 for the consult and on yet on the patient forms it says they only charge 200 usually. I also had to pay 1000 for Radiesse to correct the damage done by this doctor . I lost so much of my own fat, I don't know if the doctor perhaps removed the fat bad to ensure a smooth transition without my knowledge and against my wills, but i noticed that i was really hollow in my lower cheek area and i am missing alot of fat there. On the forms he sent me it says he only charges 950 for radiess and he put that i paid 975$ Not true I paid 1000 to temporarily correct the damage he directly caused to my face, and he was also supposed to inject fat into my jowls and the lines around my mouth , but the doctor marked them before surgery but he never touched them, I had a terrible experience and it cost me more than money.

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