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Don't do it!! If u want to reserve your beauty . ...

Don't do it!! If u want to reserve your beauty . . Another beautiful face destroyed ! .. This needs to be taken off the market !!!!!!!!!!.. Ladies beware !!! I'm too depressed and in agony over this nightmare and I will not post pics ... But I guarentee if u watch u will see it in celebs faces .. And God forbid yours .. If u don't listen . It will sunken your eyes , Make your chin weak ,oh and I too have a messed up eye .. My right side of face looks completely different from left . And it will make your face flat . Doctors need to stop promoting this machine !!!!! It's making nightmares for this women .. Coming from a woman that has never had a problem with her looks I look like I aged 10 years and feel so ugly . U can compensate with fillers only to make things worse cause like some lady said .., the collagen doesn't built evenly .i have seen countless celebs and beautiful girls look ugly cause of this nasty machine . Now all I can do is wait .. This is not fair .. Nobody warned that this will destroy my good looks .. When u go into surgery its a different story ... U know the risks .. They never told me this would botch me .

The ugly side of ultherapy

This needs to be taken off the market for beauty purposes .. And only for fat removal .. !! If this is the look you are going for ....it's been hell for me and for many others .. Nobody warned of the risks !! And if I wanted to be morphed I would have done plastic surgery!!

Things are only getting worse .. 4 moths post up..

Wonky eyes , uneven face , fat or collagen is uneven . Not pretty . Stay away .. If your smart . How can this doctors keep selling this gadget .. Should be called .....make u ugly therapy

not pretty side of ultherapy

Be careful it's not pretty out there !!

Read up , you may learn something today

Other was blurry


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