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Wasn't overweight just wanted lipo to make my...

Wasn't overweight just wanted lipo to make my tummy completely flat w fat transfers to my hips to give me that "Coke bottle shape". I picked Dr. Hughes because of the great reviews and his education and experience. I did a consultation via email and we decided on lipo, fat injections to the hips for approx $10K. When I went in for surgery he advised I wld get the best results from a tummy tuck w lipo (even tho 2 prev dr's said I didn't have enuff fat for a TT). So we did the TT, fat transfers to the hip, n a bit of lipo on my back for $16K. I didn't mind paying such a large amount of money because I was thinking I was paying for the best but my results are far from that. My scar is very high, I can never wear my low rise bikinis again! And as u can tell from the pic my stomach is not flat it's puffy above and below the incision. My stomach was flatter BEFORE I had the surgery and I'm still wearing a binder 5 months later but nothing helps flatten my stomach! My scar is sooooo long n dark, I wish I would have just done the lipo but as soon as I heard "best results", I was sold as I envisioned a flat stomach. I've seen better TT on a lot of the cheap TT's girls have gotten out of the country. I haven't gone back to the Dr as I feel a bit traumatized over the results. I also don't have the money to get it fixed since I'm paying back $600 a month for the $16K loan I took out to pay for this mess. I have seen a lot of people thrilled w their results but I've just learned that paying a lot of money for your surgery or getting a Beverly Hills Dr. does not guarantee better results. I hate looking in the mirror now and seeing this swollen stomach. I really regret ever doing this n hate my results. I think the people that have the best results n reviews are from heavy people whose body's completely transform but for a normal size person who just needed some body sculpting to get a "Coke bottle" shape this was an epic fail. I been a member of this site for years n really appreciate everyone's honest opinions n personal stories so I thought I would share my story and my results as painful as they are. ????
Dr Kenneth Hughes

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