Enjoying the New Me!! 2Months Post Op. New Pics added...1/9/2012

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Hello - I am a 48 year old single mother of two....

Hello - I am a 48 year old single mother of two. My daughter is 28 and my son is 18. My son is now in his 1st year of college. I still can't believe it! Can you say grown and gone? I have done my job, sacrificed for my family, now its time to do me!! Its time for me to get my groove back. Every year I do a self evaluation. I came to the realization that the last couple of years I had situations in my life that were really draining me! I realized that sometimes you have to drop the extra baggage. Friendships, relationships and situations. I've done that! And now its time to celebrate. I'm going to celebrate the new me starting off with a new tummy!! FTT with Lipo to the flanks and lower back.

I'm 5'10". I'm not looking to be a skinny chick. But I do want to be a flat bellied chick! LOL! This is my gift to myself! I'm not telling very many people. So I'm glad I have found you all to share my journey. My mom and my daughter are very supportive of my decision. I'm lucky to have my mom on my side. She is a retired registed nurse. So I will be well taken care of during my recovery. My journey officially begins tomorrow. I will go to my pre op appt. Drop off my cash and start counting down the days!! I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Just as I look forward to cheering you on through yours!

This weekend was awesome!! Had a party to...

This weekend was awesome!! Had a party to celebrate my sista girls!! I had 12 of my girlfriends over for food, drinks, jacuzzi and great conversation. We had a fabulous time. A few of them spent the night, so we woke up and made a nice champagne brunch. I have the best friends ever! Those that didn't know, I shared with them about my upcoming procedure. Everyone was happy for me. They all offered their love and support. What a great feeling. 9 more days and I will be in flat tummy land!! This week I will fill my prescription and pick up everything else I need. Geez! Its Monday again??

I am officially at the 7 day count down. I...

I am officially at the 7 day count down. I dropped off my prescriptions yesterday. Picked up everything I need. I'm ready to roll. I'm not nervous, just ready to get past the recovery phase. Thanks again to all of you who have shared your stories. More than likely I have read each and every one of them! LOL! I'm obsessed with this site! I am so glad I found it. You ladies are the BEST!!!

By this time tomorrow, I should be home with my...

By this time tomorrow, I should be home with my new Tummy. Today has been pretty chill. I've been cleaning my sons room which is now a guest room. Cleaned my closet. Went and picked up some groceries to take over my moms. And made a pot of Shrimp and Bok Choy soup. All I have left is to pack my bags for my stay at my moms. I am so ready to get to the other side of recovery. There are a couple other girls having surgery as well tomorrow. I pray for a speedy recovery for each one of us. I also pray for our surgeons hands, may he do his best work ever!! :)

Day 1 Post Op: Yey!!!! Well.... today finally...

Day 1 Post Op: Yey!!!! Well.... today finally came! I was so calm and mellow this morning. No anxiety at all. The Dr was pretty surprised at my demeanor. I talked with him for a bit, he took a few pics and made his markings. I then talked to the anesthesiologist (sp?). He explained that he would first give me something to take the edge off. And the real good stuff after we got into the OR room. He asked what type of music I liked and wanted to hear in the OR room. He then walked me towards the OR, I don't even remember walking through the doors, next thing I knew I was waking up and the surgery was over!! Didn't even hear the music I requested! LOL!! So far the pain feels like cramps. I took 1 Vicodin, after an hour, I took 1 more. I lucked up and only got 1 drain. That area does sting a bit. It took a while for me to realize that it was the drain that was stinging me. So anyways, I'm in the bed propped up on pillows. So far so good! I can't thank you ladies enough for all of your support and the sharing of your stories.

Hello my friends - 3 days post op and doing well. ...

Hello my friends - 3 days post op and doing well. I went to my first post op appt yesterday. Doc says I'm doing fantastic. He likes the way everything is looking. I am still a bit swollen, but thats to be expected. I'm not experiencing any pain. I am sure to stay on top of my meds. I'm almost standing up straight. Not much of an appetite, but I am getting in my fruit and proteins. Definitely want to give my body what it needs to heal. I plan to lay around until Monday. Then I'll go home. I've been sleeping at my moms either in the recliner or on the couch. The couch felt pretty good last night. I haven't been in the drug induced haze I was expecting. I've been dozing off and on. But other than that, awake as usual. I've posted a couple post op pics.

Hello - today is 3 Days Post Op. I am feeling...

Hello - today is 3 Days Post Op. I am feeling great. Very minimal pain. Of course the drain is irritating. Not a big appetite, but I am getting in my fruits and proteins. I am almost standing straight. Still not going to push it. I think I will continue to lay around over the weekend. I'll probably go to my house on Monday after the housekeeper leaves. So far so good. I have added a couple Post Op pics.

Well today I went to my 1 week Post op. The PS is...

Well today I went to my 1 week Post op. The PS is very pleased with my results. I was also able to get my drain removed today. I was really excited about that. I got my first peek at my incision. I don't really like looking at it, but the PS thinks its going to be nice. I'm walking alot taller although I now feel the pull of the muscle work. These past seven days have been alot easier than I was prepared for. That was a welcomed surprise. Last night I think was the hardest, but that was my fault. I slept without my binder. Was trying to spare my mom, and didn't want to wake her up. A mistake I won't make again. Per the PS I still have some swelling and my stomach and hips will continue to form their new shape. I'm looking forward to my final results.

Hello Ladies - I know I haven't updated my review...

Hello Ladies - I know I haven't updated my review in a couple weeks. I've been chatting with most of you so you know how things have been going. I don't see alot of difference in my results, so I'm going to wait at least another week before I post more pics. I am very happy with my results. But I'm still hoping for more shrinkage (I know, I'm greedy). I'm still bruised on my hips where he did some lipo. So I know I still have some shrinkage in the hips coming. Scar is looking pretty good. I just started using a scar treatment cream so we'll see how that works.

Overall things are going well, I had a great, virtually pain free, speedy recovery and I'm back to my normal routine. I started back to work on Monday, back to clean eating (high protein, low carb), exercising...... and sex! LOL! :) So all is well in my world! I'm finally able to sleep on my side. OMG! I had the best night sleep since my surgery. Slept so good, I overslept!! It was great.

I am so grateful to all of you on this website. Thank you for sharing of yourselves. Thank you for sharing your before and after pictures. Thank you for sharing your experiences, be it good or bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made this journey a piece of cake. I knew what to hope for, and I knew what to expect if things started going wrong. I was so calm on my day of surgery because I felt that I had done my homework. You November Tummy Tuckers are the BEST!!! I can't believe we have completed the month of November. It came and went so fast!!

This is a new beginning for all of us. A new confidence. A new swag! Our scars are our badge of sisterhood! Where it with PRIDE!!!!! (smooches)

Well Ladies - today is 1/9/2012. I am officially...

Well Ladies - today is 1/9/2012. I am officially 2 months post op. I'm feeling great. I've been exercising and trying to take good care of my investment. I'm back to eating clean and exercising trying to get rid of these last 20lbs. So far so good. I wasn't lucky to be like some of you and drop 10lbs during recovery. Guess I'm going to have to do it the old fashioned way.

I'm posting new pictures to share with you. While I love all of my smaller sista's - I want to be an encouragement to my thicker sista's. We have the hips, the thighs and the butt. Don't compare your body to anyone else. Remember where you've come from, and embrace the new you. Although I think I could have been a bit tighter - I am happy with the new me. My daughter cleaned out my closet. I no longer have those tops that I used to cover everything. I am wearing outfits that were buried in my closet. Today I am wearing a pair of pants that I bought years go, that still had the tag on them. Saturday I wore a dress that I prob bought 5 years ago. My boyfriend asked "is that new"? LOL!! I just smiled. Life is great!! Enjoy your journey ladies!! ((hugs)) to you all!!

Hello - posted a pic of me and the kids. My son...

Hello - posted a pic of me and the kids. My son is 18 and my daughter is 28.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!!

I get so busy chatting with you ladies I forget to...

I get so busy chatting with you ladies I forget to update my own Journey. Things are going well for me. Went to see my PS today. He is really pleased with my results. I had a stitch that was poking out - so he clipped that off. He also thought I was forming a small keloid on my BB so I got a couple injections of hydrocortisone which should help smooth out a few spots on my incision. Other than that - my scar is healing nicely. I believe it will continue to get better and lighter with time. I love my PS - he is so mellow and patient. I am very happy with my results so far. Of course I wish he had sucked out more with the lipo. Guess I'll just have to do it the hard way! (smile) BTW - after seeing Sassys new TaTa's - I did have a boob lift consult today. (wink) thought I might treat myself after I drop this next 20lbs. We'll see.

I'll post new pics at my 3 month mark. Hopefully I'll have lost some weight and will have some changes to show you girls.

One last thing - it was so nice to see all of your pretty faces on Monday. Thanks so much for participating in our Virtual Meet and Greet!! Until next time...... SMOOCHES!!!
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I was a little disappointed that no one called to check on me after my surgery. I have read other posts where the Dr or nurse called the evening of surgery to find out how they were feeling. Overall - my PS bed side manner is good. Always wants to know if you have any questions. If I hadn't found this sight, I wouldn't have known what to ask. I would have liked to have more information given freely. My overall experience so far is great. I'm happy with the work and results.

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