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I'm hours away from my tummy tuck, I'm really...

I'm hours away from my tummy tuck, I'm really nervous but when I met Dr. J his presence is keeping me calm. I have no clue what to expect with the pain and what I'm going to lick like after. I feel like I'm not going to be able to move for weeks. God willing everything goes great tomorrow. I will write another review when it's over.

Tt day and day after

I was so nervous, I felt as tho I was really quiet when talking to the nurse and staff but as soon as Dr. J came in I felt so releaved. He did my markings and then i went on the table. He held my hand while I went to sleep and then it was lights out from there. I woke up ok I think. No nausea. I forgot my meds at home but I was ok with the pain. I've also had three kids vaginal and two of them were with out any medication, completely natural so I feel like I do well with pain. You walk as tho you're bent over. I feel like this is the way I'm going to walk for the rest of my life. A few hours later dr. J personally called me to see how I was doing. The pain medication is making me really sleepy and out of it (so I'm sorry if I don't make a lot of sense right now) it's hard to sleep cause u can't lay down. I can't really eat but I think I'm more scared to go number two. The pain is ok but it's when you get up and walk u feel pressure and a burning so station.

Today (the day after) is the same. I was told not to remove the band or anything ao I have no clue what my new stomach actually looks like. Tomorrow I go for my first appointment and hopefully I can take some pics for u guys.

Tummy tuck day ten

Today has been ten days since I got my tummy tuck with Dr. J, today I also got my drains removed!!! The two worst things through out this process is back pain from walking hunched over and the annoyance of the drains. I've seen some doctors place the drains in the tt insesion, mine were placed in my pubic area. When I went into my apointment I was so nervous about the drain removal, again the moment Doctor J walked in I felt absence of relief. Michele the medical assistant was talking to me to distract me from the drain removal. The drains are stitched to your skin so just removing that I was freaking out. then this is how the conversation went

Me: did you take them outttt
Dr. J: no you tell me when you're ready
Me: nooo just take them out
Dr. J: You want me to yank them out
Me: well no don't yank them just do it
Dr. J: No you relax and breath and then tell me when you're ready
Me: (I closed my eyes /!: took a deep breath ) ok I'm ready
Dr. J: Lol I already took them out, look

Lol DR.J is the absolute best doctor ever!!! I can't really give my opinion on the drains coming out because they distracted me so well I didn't even realize when they came out.

First photo standing day 12 post op

Today is day 12 post op, I feel soooo much better with the drains out, now if only I could stand straight. Here is my first pic... Still very swollen
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