First Time Rhinoplasty Patient, Not Sure if I Like the Results So Far. Beverly Hills, CA

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I am 27 year old female and just got a nose job...

I am 27 year old female and just got a nose job three months back. I have always been unhappy with my side profile; however loved how my nose looked from the front. My side profile was long, droopy and had a large bump. I had my consultation with a very famous surgeon in Beverly Hills in 2013. It took me two years to decide if I really want to go ahead and mess with my nose. I finally decided to go ahead with the surgery. My surgeon is know for making very subtle and natural changes. I liked my old nose, just wanted to get refined and softer version of it. I am posting some pics for you guys to compare the results. At this early stage of my healing, I am not sure how to feel about my nose. Just hoping and praying that once all the swelling settles, it will turn out natural and normal.

Worried sick about my nose

I am almost four months post op and my nose has thinned out a lot. More than I would like. And still has no definition. Just hoping and praying that I didn't waste a lot of money to screw up my face. Sorry I don't have any picture to post as I am scared to see myself on the mirror or take pictures. This will just put me in more depression. Did someone else go this phase as well?

Starting to accept my new look and liking my nose

So it's been a while since I last posted. It's because I wanted to give myself time to heal and get used to the new nose and not freak out every time it changed. I have hit 7 month mArk and wow can't believe my nose changed every month even when I thought all the swelling was gone. Can't wait to hit the one year mark and be finally done with the recovery lol. How are other people who got surgery done this year feeling and recovering? I would love to hear from you guys.

8 months post op

What do u guys think? Do I look different?

Really disappointed with my rhinoplasty outcome post 1 year outcome

I am hitting my one year mark and really sad n disappointed with my results. I was patiently waiting for all the swelling to go down but no point :( picking a top notch surgeon doesnot gurantee you good results. Here's the pic be the judge. It looks fat and has no definition( what I had before), one side is sunked in and it's not even straight anymore.

changing it to not worth it

Its been a year. I was told to be patient and wait it out. nose looks worse.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Anyone know of good rhinoplasty surgeon. I really don't want to trust internet anymore.
Name not provided

I don't want to name my surgeon right now

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