10 week post op Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction

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I'm a week out and I'm nervous. I know everyone...

I'm a week out and I'm nervous. I know everyone gets scared but I think when you have kids considering your mortality is so much heavier. I've been in conflict with myself over vanity vs sanity... but I have finally decided I need this for me. Having a TT, MR, and breast reduction/lift. Met with Dr. J once. He seemed very nice but his photos are amazing. Hoping I too can have good results. I'm 50 about 180 and very active. So here are a few questions that are swirling in my head:
1. My husband works and I have 3 very active kids, so while he's not at work, he's going to be running them around. I don't have any other help. Keeping this quiet from my friends and no family I would want around for this time. I am going to stay at least one night at a post recovery center my PS recommended. Have any of you out there had to go through this mostly alone? What tips might you have for those critical first few days?
2. After I scheduled my procedure if found out I have an inguinal hernia, which my PS said he doesn't do anymore and I should get repaired first. So I ran out and had it repaired with in a week. I am now 10 days post op from that repair and my surgery is schedule for 10/31, so just shy of 3 weeks between the two procedures. Anyone out there have this particular situation? Both Drs. seemed to think a few weeks in between should be fine.... but? I see my hernia Dr. later this week and I'm hoping he'll clear it. He knew before hand I was having TT at the end of the month and so far I seem to be healing great.
3. I just bought VitaMedica because I'm really concerned with swelling, I couldn't start at 2 wks before like it recommends. but I'm a week out and started today. Anyone think that was a good idea? My PS sent me a weeks worth of Anika Forte to start the day before surgery. I won't overlap those, but I sort felt like I needed more than a week's worth.
4. Should I worry about stage 2 compression garments? My PS's office says they will recommend one after... but I like to be prepared. Recommendations?
5. Mentally preparing myself. Hoping for no complications. Staying optimistic. I keep telling myself I will get better every day. Really bummed this hernia repair stopped my work outs and I feel I'm going into this surgery out of shape. I typically work out 4-5 days a week.
6. Not ready for a before picture... but I will.
7. Anyone else with daughters struggle with the incongruent messages of "Love your body" but "I hate mine?"
Anyone have any comments/suggestions for a scaredy cat mom?

I made it! But ouch!

So I'm four days post op and all I can think about is this extremely uncomfortable garment! I had a tt with muscle repair and a breast lift. I have two drains in my breast and two in my pubic area. I can honestly say, that after the first 48 hours the most annoying things are the drains and the back pain. Unlike so many of you brave ladies I have not mustered up the courage to either undo my bra nor my garment! I only have to survive today and the weekend I see Dr. J on Monday. Praying all these drains will come out and I will start to feel a little more human and less alien. I'm also looking very forward to taking a real look at my results .I will briefly recap the first couple days. After the surgery I was transported to a recovery center. Any movement those first 24 hours was extremely painful. By the second day I wanted to start weaning off the Vicodin which while visiting with my doctor he agreed. We have similar philosophies of getting off the pain medication as quickly as possible and starting to move around as much as I could. By the second day I was able to very slowly go to the restroom on my own, and walk assisted with a walker around the nurses station. By Wednesday morning I felt I could go home. Home is a challenge as I have a busy life with a working spouse three kids and two big dogs. But I was happy to be there. Sleep is almost nonexistent. You have to sleep on your back propped up and I'm a side sleeper. Last night (4th night) I think I finally got about four hours of consecutive sleep, this garment is just so darn uncomfortable And the lipo pad underneath is moving around all over the place. I'm bruised pretty bad on my hips. But today, Friday I was able to move around a little more freely, getting around in the kitchen a little easier and using my cane a lot less. The compression socks are a little annoying as well. Or as my daughter put it "what's with the founding fathers socks." I also decided this morning to try the day without any Tylenol. The back pain is brutal, walking hunched over puts so much strain on your back . I wish I could take advil but the doctor said after a week, not yet. I am just in general discomfort. So I want to give it a try, give my liver a rest, and let my body start healing itself. So currently per Dr. J's instructions I'm on an iron pill, an anabiotic, Arnica Forte, stool softener, and I'll take the Tylenol if my drain sites get too sore or I need it to sleep later. It has been getting better every day but the toughest part is the minutes feeling like hours and hours feeling like days… going stir crazy and forcing myself to rest and trying to stay focused on the finish line. Dr J snapchatted parts of my surgery, which unfortunately is no longer visible, but I did take a few screenshots of it. I only included the least graphic ones. If you follow him on Snapchat you can see the surgeries he's done for the day. For now Monday cannot come any soon enough!!! I'll update more then with progress and pictures . The pictures below on my real self app are sideways, I do not know if they will post right side up I apologize if they don't I could not figure out an editing option.

Come on Monday!

Day 5 and my back hurts a lot less. Yay. It's true- day 4 is a big turn for the better. Been off Tylenol completely and my drains are dry. I'm only using my cane to go to bathroom and walking more and more. Going to make breakfast with a little help ???? starting to really get excited and hoping there are no open wounds or complications. Thank you for the encouraging words!

One more night with these drains!!

So today -easier getting up and down and I'm determined to work out some of this back pain. Making a point to take small walks in the back yard with my cane, breathing deeply. I've started a little stretching routine and moving my arms and neck. Inactivity does NOT help my situation.
Every time I go to the bathroom I put the cane base between my feet and I hold the handle and push forward slowly until I feel a gentle stretch in my back, breathing deeply. I'm leaning forward a bit so as to not stretch my abdomen, then I lean to one side for a couple of seconds then the other for a couple of seconds and I pull the cane back toward me and I do that about three or four times. I think it's really helped. I'm not standing up straight nor am I trying since the doctor said I shouldn't for two weeks, but definitely less hunched and feeling stronger. This morning as I walked in the yard with my cane, instead of leaning into it I grabbed it around the middle and as I walked, I switched my cane from my right hand to my left and back as I walked. Deep breaths are key. Not exactly aerobics or yoga LOL, but it's my mini version of exercise. I hope to be released to drive tomorrow too. Drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest, and praying for lots of patience!!! Update w pics tomorrow!! Happy Sunday ????

Week 10 Tummy Tuck and reduction10 week update

Well, things are getting better. My tummy tuck, surprisingly, has been really easy. I am mostly happy with the results. I have some puckering on the sides that I hope will either resolve on its own or the dr will have to fix, but overall it’s been easy. I was back to work by 2 weeks and walking pretty well by 3. There is still some numbing in the very center of my abdomen but pain free. My left breast is still healing from the necrosis. I didn’t lose my nipple, but most of my areola. I currently have less than half back and the rest looks like road rash. Healing is SLOOOOOOW. I am finally back to the gym! So I am going to remain hopeful that with exercise and getting back in shape I may get closer to ideal results. I think what is bothering me the most is my breast size. I had asked the Dr. to reduce me to a full C (I’m DD) and yet, I am still in all my old bras and very little change in size. No one can tell at all I had a reduction. I was clear about what I wanted and now I am feeling like I still want a reduction, but after this complication I’m at a loss what to do. For now I am going to wait until I’m completely healed before making that decision, I really don’t have much of a choice. Anyone else not get as “small” as they wanted?
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