Implant removal with lift and lipo to flanks

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I had my mommy make over 12 years ago. Let's just...

I had my mommy make over 12 years ago. Let's just say the outcome was not what I was expecting. After breastfeeding 3 kids the last one was a c-section, I wanted to feel myself again. My sister in law was also looking into doing the same and had a cousin working for a Ps who raved about his work. My regret is i went based only on that and did no comparison or history background on him. So I had a mini TT with lipo to my upper abs, under the muscle 390cc saline implants. Lipo to my chin and inner thighs. My journey has been one to live and learn. My abs have had indentations around my bb that give me a pouch and a roll above the belly button. Things I am so self conscious about that I don't wear bikini or tight tops. My left thigh is smaller than the right. My breast are not a full C or small D. Their DD. When my husband and I talked to the PS he recommended I do a revision at a cost to me. My thoughts were you already did me wrong once why would I pay to have you do it again. So here we are 12 years later. I'm so glad I found this sight as I read so many stories I don't feel alone. My implants are painful when I work out or wear tight clothing. I also get random sharp pain. I was a very active person, now I feel drained out of energy with hip pain, migraines , neck and shoulder pain, lethargic to top them all anxiety. This time around I've done my research and narrowed it to 4 Ps. I want my implants removed and if needed a lift. A revision if possible to my abs and if like lipo to my flans. My fist appointment is in three weeks. I'm both scared and nervous of the outcome and excited to have this implants out. Wish me luck ladies;)

Six weeks to explanation and lipo revision.

Drove to see two Ps today. My husband and I decided on one and her next availability is October 27,2016. So my journey to remove my under muscle 390 cc saline implant begins. Gotta make my deposit on Monday and reserve my day. Excited and nervous am ready to start my journey by keeping a journal.

Can't wait to be
Pain free from my pectoral workouts
Getting rid of the large dents on my shoulders from my DD size
Hip pain
Blurred vision
Hot flashes
Early menopause
Bone pain
Sharp pains in breast
Heart palpitations

My road to recovery here I come. :)

8 days left to be free of my implants.

My journey begins, after visiting with three ps we finally decided on one. I've found me a great Ps in city of Upland Ca. I booked my explanation for 10/10 @ 10:30. Wow I hope all these tens are a good sign. I made my deposit so no turning back now. Soon I will be going from a 36dd to what my ps says a possible b. I'm ok with that I want them out. But I can't help that annoying little voice that says why are you doing it.? But then I see pictures of myself with these huge boobs that don't even look like they belong to me or I get a sharp pain and say they should be out like yesterday.
I'm currently dealing with a lot of neck pain that also travels to my shoulders. My husband says it's the stress of the whole process. I'm sure his right. I've been having so many issues from hip pain, arthritis of the hands to migraines, early onset of hot flashes. I'm just done with these implants.
Today with the help of some of the other brave young women who also posted here about their journeys. My daughter and I made our list and went shopping. Other than some of the fruits or meal prep, that I will need to do next weekend. I'm ready to go. The waiting is so nerve wracking I just want them out already. The stress of the what ifs? And the over active thinking is doing a number on me. I'm doing a lot of praying and breathing. I know rest is important before surgery, having anxiety is not.
Well ladies I will see you all on the other side soon. :0
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