I have a pretty nose that is functional too! All thanks to Donald B. Yoo.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Procedure: I had a revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty done by Donald B. Yoo. You are equipped with your medications, ointments, q-tips, and cleaning products before your surgery. Day of surgery went very smoothly and his team is superb! I felt very comfortable from prep all the way to wakening up from anesthesia. The day after surgery was easy peasy with no discomfort at all. My third day was the hardest for me, swelling was at its worst and I ended up getting a slight low grade fever. His assistant Vivianne checked in with me regularly and was so kind throughout the whole healing process. I felt much better on the 4th day and experienced no more pain from that point on. The opening on my columella was stitched back perfectly and all scars are healing beautifully. First Impression of Donald B. Yoo: When I had my first consultation with Donald B. Yoo I was actually a bit nervous! There is something intimidating about being in a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons office. I saw Paul S. Nassif walk past the waiting room as well. Once Donald B. Yoo walked in I first noticed how young, handsome, and well dressed he was. My first thought... Wow he's a blessed man! Could he really be as good as his reviews say he is...? I will admit that I was a bit discouraged when he pretty much shot down most of the things I wanted to fix with my nose. For instance one thing he mentioned was about my nostrils and to not make them any smaller because it would look weird. I also asked if we could thin them out cause they were thick, he also said no. He is the expert and knows what is best. I pretty much just had to turn off my mind and trust him and the process. Super glad I did! Even though he doesn't say yes to everything you ask for he delivers results in other ways that in the end your nose is exactly what you wanted in the first place. I feel like he tends to add more and adjusts your nose to make it more aesthetically pleasing instead of unnecessarily taking away parts of it He fixed my breathing, moved around my cartilage in my tip to balance it out, used rib and fascia to build up my bridge, added a columella graft, grafts to open up airways in nostrils, and alar rim graft's to balance out the width of my nostrils. Tell me that isn't love? He really is as good as they say he is. No cutting corners here, this man is truly passionate about his work. Highlights of procedure: - I was his second procedure of the day and I was informed that he had spent hours operating on a patient before me. When he came by to talk to me before my surgery I asked him "Are you okay? You must be tired?" I wish you could of seen his response. His facial expression was like, are you kidding me! He then told me, "No way, I am so excited to work on your nose!" His upbeat and calm personality put me at ease. - While waking up from anesthesia I remember talking bubbles to the male nurse that was taking care of me. He was so patient and caring. I ended up asking him how my surgery went and if he liked my end results. He couldn't stop raving about how beautiful my nose turned out. He also made my fuzzy brain and heart warm, confident, and content. - At first I was pretty shy about my revision rhinoplasty and I do think that my friends know my nose looks different. No one has commented specifically on it because they are being polite and also realize that the changes that have been made are fantastic! I get compliments on my pretty face all the time and it feels great. Conclusion: I am so happy to have been blessed by Donald B. Yoo's talent. I guess I can call myself a Dr. Yoo girl now! Team Donald B. Yoo all the way! Treat yourself, it'll be the best decision you ever make. Thanks again Dr. Yoo!!

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