25 yo Attempt to Improve Bad Lipo Outcome of Thighs and Knees - Beverly Hills, FL

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Hi everyone, First some info: I'm from Europe, if...

Hi everyone,

First some info: I'm from Europe, if necessary I will fly to the states for revision. I am 1m74, 25yo, very skinny, about 120lbs. Had lipo 6 years ago, my thighs and knees look horrible. It need to be fixed asap, I am still searching for the right surgeon to do the job, therefor it took me all those years. It seems very difficult to find a surgeon that is capable of fixing these problems. Also I gained a bit of weight for just for the surgery, so I have enough fat to 'shift' and 'work with'. I thought it's easier to fix, when there is more to remove/shift. As soon as I find the surgeon, I will make an appointment and just go there as soon as possible.

I also have another review about my BBL experience, first thing I want to say is that dr. Aslani in Spain did not perform the bad lipo! The lipo result that I want to fix is from a previous lipo on my thighs and knees about 6 years ago with a very bad surgeon. BBL was an attempt to improve my curves, since the bad lipo also made my body look strange, I wanted a nice curvy body. I hoped that during BBL my previous lipo results would also improve, but that didn't happen. I am not sure Aslani lipo'd my thighs again, he took the fat from the front of my legs for BBL and the front is smooth.

So, I have been researching, saving more money, researching, etc. And now I am so done with waiting, I just want to do the revision asap. Therefor I started this review.

I don't know to which surgeon I will go, or which location, but I need to choose a location to make a review.

Still didn't found the right dr.

Still searching for the right dr. to go to. I prefer to find someone in Europe, but in Europe I didn't find ANY dr. that does a lot of lipo or lipo revisions!
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