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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Before even considering rhinoplasty, I have been bothered by my eye bags for a long time. I visited a local plastic surgeon, and he told me at my age (21), he can’t do anything about it because I was too young. After that, I started searching on Realself, because I wanted a consultation with someone in Beverly Hills, it is kind of a brand name to me and I didn’t want to be upset anymore. Dr. Yoo caught my eyes at first because he has good reviews, excellent academic background, and amazing gallery photos. Then I watched his Youtube videos and found that he is really calming, which is the kind of quality I have always wanted in a surgeon. So I contacted the office, and they said they could do a Skype consultation with me since I was not in town. During the consultation, Dr.Yoo said my age is appropriate for a transconjunctival blepharoplasty to give my eyes a more refreshed appearance. Even though I was super nervous, he explained everything to me, and he just has a magic power of calming people down. So I decided to do the surgery with him without any doubts. They did require a comprehensive pre-op exam, but I think it is just to make sure that you are in good shape since the surgery is under general anesthesia and it is better to minimize the risks beforehand. The surgery was very successful, and I recovered in two weeks. I was really happy about it. Based on my super successful eyelid surgery experience, I just trust Dr. Yoo so much, and I know Asian rhinoplasty is like his signature, and I just LOVE his before&after photos of Asian rhinoplasty. So I decided to pursue a rhinoplasty with him. My primary concern is that my nose was a little wide, my bridge was low and I had breathing problems as well. During the consultation I asked him if I need an alar base reduction to make my nose narrower, he said no, if he brings the tip forward and makes it more refined, my nose would look narrow enough. So he is super honest, and I was also realistic, so everything has been smooth during the consultation. He actually was surprised that I didn’t panic at all about the idea that he was going to take a piece of rib to build up my nose. Okay, the truth is that I have read a lot of his Q&A and I watched Botched, I knew what he was going to do and I was even sure that I would have nice result. Right before my surgery, Dr. Yoo came in and made some marks on my nose and showed me the incision of the rib. He was very gentle and said he would take good care of me. I was a little bit nervous, but I told him that I trust him. He smiled, said that you trust me? I nodded. I do trust him, without any doubts. He is gifted, he shares the same ethnicity with me, he is honest, and I think from the moment I talked to him, I knew he is a great surgeon and I was going to be in good hands. The surgery went well and my throat hurt a little at first because of the anesthesia, but it faded away pretty quick. I ended up taking three painkillers and the rib incision doesn't really bother me at all, it doesn’t hurt and it is really well hidden. The scalp incision where he took out the fascia doesn’t bother me either, it just doesn’t hurt. I guess the only thing that bothers me is that I can’t wear glasses for two months since the nasal bone needs some time to heal. But they gave me a glasses holder which is really nice. During my recovery, I have used a lot of distilled water and a lot of Q-tips to clean up everything. For the first week, I need to use the sinus rinse three times a day, using Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide to clean the incision and apply the anti-bacterial ointment. For the second week, I still need to follow the same regime, but twice a day. I just had my two-week post-op with the doctor today and he said I could start applying scar gel and wearing tapes on my nose at night to help with the swelling. I know it is way too early now to tell the final result, but even though it is super swollen now, I am already in love with my new nose. The profile is just incredible. My breathing is a lot better. For years I have always found that my mouth is open when I wake up, it is like my nose can’t pass enough oxygen during night, and my mouth is always super dry and it was just bad. The doctor did say my airways are a little bit narrow and he fixed it. Now my breathing is just perfect and my sleep quality has been dramatically improved. I am always going to be grateful for finding Dr. Yoo, he is an amazing surgeon. I have always wanted to be a confident person, and he helped me a lot. So far he is my favorite doctor :D Hope my experience helps!

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