Debating Which Dr to Do my Forehead Reduction in CA

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Hello I am a 31 year old woman, and I want to get...

Hello I am a 31 year old woman, and I want to get a fire head reduction. I really dislike my long forehead. I have read some amazing reviews from Dr Kabaker and Dr Aharonov both in California. I had a FaceTime interview with Dr Kabaker he quoted me $7400. I spoke with Faye the assistant of Dr Aharonov and they quoted $9400 because they use the safest anesthesia method. I'm still undecided but I want around 1 1/2 inc remove in one step. Dr Kabaker said that he would only be able to do 1 inch when he saw my pictures. So I'm waiting to hear what Dr Aharonov can do for me. If anyone have some advice please let me know I'm planning to get this procedure done in early April 2016.

Decided with Dr Kabaker

Hello ladies, so I'm finally decided to go with Dr Kabaker for the my forehead reduction the third week of August. It was a big decision I compared boat best doctors in California for this procedure Dr Aharonov and Dr Kabaker. I chose Dr Kabaker because the pictures I seen of his patients look more natural, and less scaring. Dr aharonov is good but the scars are too visible. Because I have thing hair I need to make sure that the scar is the less minimum possible plus I want a more natural look. I will keep you guys updated.
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