43 Years Old Damon Clear Braces and Can't Wait to Smile!! :D Beverly Hills, CA

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I never really thought about my teeth til about...

I never really thought about my teeth til about ten years ago when I noticed crooked teeth seemed more prominent. Never had braces, and don't remember if anyone else did in teenage years at my school.

I tried the Invisalign for few months but they didnt work out for me, because the lisp was embarrassing and I couldn't have proper meetings for work. And after contemplating about straightening them again and thinking I want to look and feel amazing when I turn the big 45, I decided to go the braces route.

My orthodontist had me measured by new scanning method called Insignia, hope it works because took 6 weeks for my braces to be ready.

07/22/2015 - braces day. I was surprised they only had me wear the top first and the bottom will be fitted next appointment. It didn't hurt at all in the office until I went to Rite Aid to get some floss, mouth rinse, etc and got myself a Thrifty's ice cream...I just had to do it. And I was an idiot I ordered a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a cake cone (my favorite cone) and cried inside once ice cream and was left with the cone, I completely forgot about the braces and how hard it is to bite into something. :(

Today is my third day, I am sooo over tofu and I started to buy groceries for juicing. I have a hard time with this eating thing. I will be on a long flight overseas and hope they have jello onboard lol.

Cleaning sucks, the wax they gave me doesnt seem to want to stay on wire. I hope it gets better, I am only on my third day. :-/

Some pics, a before pic and 4th day braces :-/

I decided to go in the baby aisle and got myself some baby mum-mum banana flavor, they are rice rusks that can melt in mouth (even though, I naturally went and bit into them and suffer the consequences). They are actually not that bad, I passed on the mushy baby food though...just couldn't get myself to.

Just posted a before pic of the state of my jacked up teeth, and today (fourth day) pics of mouth of top braces. I read in some profiles on here that on their 5th week, they start seeing some magic!! I can't wait to see something. :)

projected time

I forgot to mention, the projected time for being "locked in" is 18 months. Couple of guy friends said good luck on social/dating life. Lol!! Silly boys. I probably will feel more conscious once bottom ones are put in.

It is weird though, I always seem to have to announce to people when I am out that I have braces, I am sure that they can see them.

mothers always notice something... :-/

I saw my mum today and she noticed that ever since I had started braces procedure, my jawline seemed to have somewhat dropped...I have no idea how but I hope it isn't so. :(

Quick photo update

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