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Time for a new me had a breast augmentation in...

Time for a new me had a breast augmentation in 2010 now having a Brazilian butt lift heard so many good things about Dr. Hazani looking forward to my procedure. I have a pretty nice body now but after four children I have lost a lot of my volume. I am so excited I cannot wait for my date to approach

Pre op pics

Date is getting closer and I'm excited but nervous. Here are some pics I took last night I gained 10lbs since deciding to have this procedure so I'm chunky. Haven't worked out in 3 months so butt has lost muscle volume :(

Surgery paid in full 2 weeks to go

Hey ladies it's almost here and I'm so nervous but excited. Any recommendations for supplies? What are the must haves? Did anyone us make me heal pre op and post op vitamins ? I just ordered mine yesterday. What are we able to wear after? Any advice ?

Six is One week away

So I took my measurments today 36bust 29 waist and 37hips my weight is 131. I've attached a few wish pictures. I've been following Hazani dolls and I am amazed at his perfection. I think my husband is having doubts about the surgery he has been pretty distant lately has anyone else experienced that with their spouse? I will be sure to update you ladies. Wish me luck and lots of prayers

Thank god I made it

This pain is no joke please know it is rough. So I got 1020 cc in each cheek and hips not sure how much in the hips but I will ask hazani. The 40 min drive to the hotel was painful I laid the seat all the way back and laid on my stomach and knees but so much pain. Here's some pics it's much larger in person

Showered and had the binder off more pics

So I took a shower and omg it felt so good. Here are some pics with the binder off and it is much larger in person I measured my hips and the measure 43. My waist was too swollen I will take complete measurements in a few days

Post op appointment

So I feel much better today but have had a horrible headache all day with lots of nausea. After taking my shower this morning I noticed I had a fluid pocket in my lower abdomen. I went to see dr Hazani and he drained the pocket and Gave me my garment. I feel really blessed to have had my procedure done by dr Hazani. He is amazing and my experience has been wonderful. So here are some pictures from today.

5 days post op

Hey everyone, so I am feeling much better. Still a little swollen but able to clean and cook and do most of everything. The binder and garment are annoying but do help the fluid reduce its just uncomfortable and seems like my hips swell over the butt opening and it diggs into my skin. I'm still measuring 42" which is awesome. I got my ab board today and have been using it under my garment. It seems to be helping. Riding in the car is a b**ch I ride with my husband to take the children to school but I have to lay down completely flat in the back. Here's some pictures I took an hour ago lighting is not the best and excuse the mess in the background.

Oops here's the pictures

They didn't post for some reason here they go

One week post op

Hi ladies, so everything is pretty much the same except I noticed I have some swelling in my sides not sure If I had the binder too tight, or what but it's like welts on my sides. Still having trouble sleeping at night. My measurements go back in forth from 41.5 -42 hips 29-30 waist and 36 bust. Here are a couple pics I'll take more this evening.

1 week 1 day post op

So I was washing my garment and decided to snap some pictures and I am so in love with my new body. Pictures do no justice. Dr Hazani you have truly made my dreams come true!

Driving 10 days post op??

Hey ladies I'm planning on returning to work on Monday and will have to be taking my children to school as well any suggestions or tips on how to drive safely without putting pressure on my but I've tried the pillow that Dr. Hazani provided but it does not relieve the pressure completely

1 month 2 days post op

Sorry it took me so long to post an update, my schedule has been so crazy. My measurements are 36-26-40 when I skip meals my hip measurement goes down to 39 so ladies make sure you eat your calorie and protien requirements. My butt has softened in spots but still has hard spots also. I love my new body and could not thank de Hazani enough he has given me my confidence back. My husband can't keep his hands off of me and I love it. I'm considering round two for more fullness, more shelf and more projection. My husband says no I shouldnt do anymore but i am obsessed now with having a big ass. Here are some pictures taken today.

Officially six weeks

Sorry I haven't been on much my schedule is so hectic. So I had my follow up last weekend and everything looks good. He said he doesn't reccomend I do round two because I would compromise my figure. I am happy with my results, actually very happy. He's an artist and here are my pre op and post op pics the post op where taken at 5 weeks (last weekend) I still haven't sat I am very paranoid. Measurements are
Bust 36
Waist 26
Hips 40


Hey ladies everything is still the same still have not sat. Will post a detailed post later here are some pics

One year post op

Well it's been awhile since I posted I am considering round two because volume has went down dramatically. My measurements now are 38-27-39 I've gained 9 lbs in the past year because I'm afraid to lose volume but as soon as I work out I lose inches in my butt my stomach is still pudgy and I have some spots that didn't get Lipo'd I probably should have taken longer off of work after surgery and I should not have gained weight even with the weight gain I did not gain in my butt like I had hoped and been told I love my new shape but want more volume and roundness in my butt
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Hazani is super sweet answered all of my questions and I feel confident that he will give me the body I have always wanted

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