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I'm waiting till I'm all done weaning my last...

I'm waiting till I'm all done weaning my last child and then I am going to have a breast augmentation to return my breasts to the state they were in before children. I've always had boobs and can't imagine being flat chested. I don't wonder what I'd look like with big boobs,I'm worrying about how I'll look when my boobs are shrunken from two pregnancies and four total years of breastfeeding my two children. It's really, really important to me to look and feel very natural. VERY natural. I hate the fake look. Since I'm going looking for a natural look I have decided I must go to the best: Dr. Kim in Beverly Hills. I can't wait!

I'm so nervous about not looking natural..

I have looked at hundreds of breasts augmentations and it's frustrating because it's rare to see a boob job a year or year post op. From what I have seen, it's seems rare to look natural after implants. I have definitely seen some AMAZING breasts post op but I've also seen so many that are obviously fake. I know there are a lot of women who like that look but I don't at all. I hope I'm not offending anyone but having two balls on my chest where you can see an obvious line of an implant is just not attractive. I think that breasts should be soft and full and most importantly- they should JIGGLE! lol That's what's so attractive about breasts, if you ask me, the way they move and jiggle. Who cares if they look good under clothes or in a bra.. I could be totally flat chested and look good in the right padded bra. I want to look good naked. That's the whole point, right? I do have a lot of faith in Dr. Kim.. I think he is an amazing surgeon and I am so happy that I found him. But we are talking about implants here. There is only so much he can do. I just really hope he can give me the most natural looking breast augmentation he has ever done.. or one of the most natural! Anyway.. sorry for rambling. Does anyone else feel like this?

I'm pretty sure that I want to have 450cc-475 cc definitely mod + profile. I actually don't understand why about 90% of the reviews on here are high profile. Maybe I'm weird. When you get mod + that means you have better permanent cleavage. High profile gives you more of a gap. I'm just surprised to see so few mod + s on here when mod + looks so nice! Cleavage without a bra is one of the best things ever- i think.. lol I so hope Dr Kim can give me that soft W look where the boobs always gently touch. That's so beautiful to me!

So, I hope to put all my wish pics together here and some photos of the look I'm not going for so I can send Dr Kim here for reference. Can his office print out some of the pics from here? I want him to post them on the wall so he can look at them through surgery. One worry I have is that he will mistakenly post a photo of boobs that I don't want! eek that would suck. Even though I think Dr. Kim is pretty much incapable of making ugly breasts.

A few photos that show the look I don't want..

Dr Kim is an artist. How amazing are these breasts?! I love them all.

trying again! sorry.. ugh

More of Dr. Kim's work

last two

Almost forgot..

My stats: 5'8" 118 lbs originally a 34 C, currently a 34 d, would like to remain a 34 d or 34 small d

Ok.. getting even more excited..

I've been looking at way too many boob jobs one month post op- instead of a year post op when the real results are evident. It's been making me worry and wonder how natural I will look after surgery. I decided to check out breast implants explants on here because women on there have had their implants for 5, 10 years, etc. Anyway.. it made me feel so much better! Breast augmentation really improves with time. And BA really CAN look natural! Not only that, but even after explant, I noticed that many women's breasts still looked amazing. It was very interesting. Here are some beautiful natural looking breast augmentations that are at least a few years post op. :-)

And this one.. beautiful!

Boobs on the mind...

I'm getting so excited. Thinking of the surgery all the time. I'm so excited to have the same size breasts too, as my breasts have been different sizes for as long as I've had them. Does anyone know how long I should wait before returning home after surgery? (getting on a plane) Also, my family will be coming with me most likely because I can't be away from my kids, but should I spend the first night in the hotel room alone or can I stay in the same room as my 4 year old and 2 year old with my husband? Thanks!

Obsessing about my surgery looking natural...

I've been searching really hard for natural looking breast augmentation to help me feel more confident about that surgery. What I am aiming for is to look like I was born with nice, full, beautiful big breasts. Too much to ask? ;-) Everyone has a goal and a hope when wanting to get a boob job, mine just happens to be that I want to look very natural and at the same time have pretty big, full breasts. One of the most awesome breasts I saw on here the woman had a low profile done. I have not seen that yet! They looked SOOOOO good.. Like you could never tell in a million years that they weren't real. So, I am really really hoping that Dr Kim can fit a moderate profile (not mod + anymore) in me with ccs around 450-475. I think the result would be really great if I did that. I realized that what makes breasts look natural is the low projection. Real boobs are kind of flat (mostly). So even though it's nice to have them stick out far, if I want them to look real, then I think I have to keep the profile as low as possible. I hope that my review will help any ladies out there looking for the same results as me!


I'm also concerned about scarring. Wondering if through the nipple is the best idea..? Through the armpit better?

Love this shape

I want them to be this shape but a little bigger...  ****

Calling day to make my appt.

Hoping for a jan. 15th surgery date!! Eeeek. I am so excited. Give me big naturals, Dr Kim!

Surgery Scheduled!!!!

I finally finished weaning and finally scheduled my surgery date- April 14th!! I'm bringing my whole family with me too. lol So I always assumed I'd need to be 475 cc to get the size I want but when Iordered 475 cc sizers they were HUGE. Just ridiculous looking on me. Then I ordered 400cc and those were better but still big. It's crazy how ccs are so different for each woman. And I'm tall- 5' 8" with somewhat broad shoulders. It's weird. I think I probably will stick with 400 cc now b/c hopefully it will be perfect once inside me. Anyway.. getting soooooo excited!

Dos boobehs

Eeeek. I am getting SOOOOOO stoked for my new big boobs! So guess what? Looks like I might end up being 450/475 afterall. When I tried those sizers on my boobs had not completely shrunken.. now they have. Sad sorry boobs. Nnow the 475 don't look so huge. My hubs is ALL about the big size. He wants DDs! I'm a little nervous to go so big. Thinking 450 ccs... I never thought picking ccs would be so hard!! I'm also starting to wonder if mod + will even fit. Look who is eating her words now, lol. We- whole fam- is staying at Sunset Marquis... thoughts? xoxo

Less than 2 weeks!!!! Need advice!!

It's less than 2 weeks away!! I have everything set, paid in full, saw my doctor, blood taken, etc. What I need help with is the size. Again I tried on the 400 sizers today and they seem kind of crazy big. WTH? I have lost more weight since weaning and I wonder if that is going to make big boobs look crazy on me. I'm 5'8" 113 pounds 24 inch waist and 34 inch hips. I have pretty broad shoulders. Should I go for a full D, mid D, small D? Any advice? I want breasts that hang. I want them to be able to hold a pencil underneath them. I am absolutely positive that I want them to have a hang where you need to lift them to actually see the crease underneath. I also want them to gently touch without having to push them together. BUT I don't want to look ridiculous or like a porn star. I want to look like I was born with natural Ds... hahaha. I want people to wonder if I had boobs done not know right off the bat. My ribcage is 27 inches. and my boobs are close together ( I need to post a pic-.. they look shriveled and pathetic :( SO sad). So what do you think..... 400cc 421cc 450cc???? THank you!!

Trying to post another video.. I'll probably mess this up again.. lol

Yup. Trying one more time.

Some more..

Surgery Day!! 500cc HP???

Having my surgery in two hours!! I cannot believe the day is finally here!! So I had my consultation yesterday. First of all, I loved Dr Kim. I thought he was really nice and personable. That's my take on him. So here's the crazy part: he immediately recommended 500ccs!!! I couldn't believe it! And I said I wanted to be a small D. He said that I would need that size since I'm so tall. I had wedges on.. I hope he didn;t think he I was 6 feet or something. lol He also said that there was no way I could do mod+. :( He said my boobs and nipples are too close together and it's just not going to work. The good news is that he said once you hit 500cc there's not any difference between mod + and HP and that I'd still look natural. Still... it kind of freaks me out. I'm a bit nervous about that big of a size but I really do trust Kim. Whenever he *recommends* a size he always seems to right on. I have noticed that. But he will try on sizers so we'll see. I may end up being 450cc or 475. I really emphasized looking natural, the soft double shape, a bit of a sag, no upper pole fullness, etc. Actually, besides being nervous I'm excited for the 500cc. At least I know I'll have juicy boobs!! Anyway, I'll let you guys know how everything goes!! Photos to come. See you all other side of Boob Land! :-)

Change of plans!! lol *400 cc High Profile*

I guess I know my body well because after surgery Dr Kim said that 400cc was pretty much all he could put in there. He said the other sizes were just waaay too big on me. When I tried on the sizers that's exactly what I thought and what surprised me so much. I couldn't believe how big 400cc looked on me! So, I think this is a good thing. I was afraid of being too big and now I know I will for sure be a small D which is exactly what I was while nursing and before kids. This is a size I know works for me. My husband took it really well too. I know he was super excited about the 500 but when I told him he was still very excited for me and excited for us. ;-) We're gonna have fun with these bad boys. Lol Dr Kim offered to put in two different sizes but per 2big boobs I said no. I
ve had two different boobs my whole life and I think I'll be alright if there aren't the exact same size.

Ok.. so pain. There's some pain no doubt but the worst is being bandaged up like a mummy. I feel like a big penis being squeezed into a tiny condom. WTH? Is it better once the bandages come off??? Ugh. I feel like I can't breathe. Can't wait to see these bad boys tomorrow!! I really hope that I like the size. I wonder if 421 cc would have been better?? Well.. too late for that now, right? I just hope I'm a small D and natural looking! What should I expect tonight and tomorrow ladies? Does the pain get worse tomorrow? xoxoxoxo

Feeling Amazing Already!! I've got my boobs back!! :-)

Update on recovery..

As a mom, I was very interested in how quickly people recovered so I will fill you in on everything so far. I read one surgeon's take on it and he said that if you are the kind of person who jumps out of bed in the morning, ready to go and in a good mood, you will have a easier recovery. That's definitely me so I was hoping that that little tidbit of info was accurate. lol When I first came out of surgery I did feel pain but I was groggy enough to not be too bothered by it. When I got home I had minor pain that I could handle but I was SO tightly wrapped up.. THAT part was kind of shitty. Not the end of the world though. I actually slept great. I took some muscle relaxers instead of pain meds and they really relaxed me. I specifically asked Dr Kim for them. I was pretty sore in the morning but was prepared for that from all the posts on here. I felt great after that though. I got my appetite back very quickly and didn't get stomach bloat at all. My hands were huge though.. just like pregnancy and my face looked puffy too. Ugh. I went at noon to get my bandages cut off and OMG... it felt SOOO good. I feel like myself completely, I just can't use my arms. That's really all that it is. It's definitely frustrating and I have the energy to clean and do stuff but I can't! Although I am able to open doors, bottles and even washed my face this morning carefully. So far the recovery has been great. The hardest part for me is not being able to pick up my babies. My husband slept with them last night while I slept in a roll away bed in the LV room of our hotel room. My kids sleep all over and I've never been away from them at night. I heard my son wake up and start crying for me around 1 am and it killed me. I started getting all sweaty and panicky hearing him cry but knowing I couldn;t do anything about it. It was really hard. Luckily my husband got him back to bed quickly. Tbh I was nervous and worried about my husband having to do everything by himself but he has been amazing. He has been so supportive too and I'm very thankful for that. We've come a long way through this process. In the beginning he was against it and then against spending so much money on something superficial but he's really changed his outlook. He kept telling me how happy he is for me and this is my time to shine. Very sweet. I'll keep you guys updated on the process. I have two young kiddos 2 and 4 and we're stuck in a hotel and making it! Oh.. I LOVE the size of my boobs. They are absolutely perfect. Just like when I was nursing and they were filled all up with milk. Dr Kim did great picking the size. Although he said if I ever wanted to go bigger I'd need UHP so.. 400cc will be my limit! He said that my ribcage goes in a bit if that helps anyone. :-)

More photos..

When I came home I took off my shirt to show my husband and had a gnarly muscle spasm. Yikes. No fun. So sorry these are all with this ugly manly flannel on. I took it pretty easy when I took these photos.

Advice on massage on post op blues...

Hey ladies! So today is post op day 3 and I feel good just.. emotional I guess? Weird? I can't explain it. I feel a little depressed. I remember reading this before. When does it pass? It's not like I'm sad about anything in particular I just feel emotions that I have no control over. :/ I also am VERY ready to go back home. My kids are too. Also.. about massaging. I started light massage today and it feels so good. Dr Kim never told me how many times a day I should do it. I do see him tomorrow though. What do you recommend? Did you massage hard on day three? Thank you! xoxo

8 days post op!

Hey ladies!! I'm 8 days post op and I feel awesome. My boobs get better everyday. They are softening up and looking less weird but they still have a long way to go. They're still super high which is really annoying but I'm hoping that once they drop they'll look amazing. Keeping my fingers crossed. They look small in these photos bevause there is so much volume up top but they are definitely going to be a small D when all is said and done. Bring on the D and F fairy!!!





10 days Post Op!!! More photos and Supplement Advice for all you Ladies.. ;-)

Hey Ladies! Today is 10 days and I wanted to add some photos that give a good idea how big they really are and exactly how much volume is still on the top. As you all know, I did NOT want upper pole volume. I wanted all my volume on the bottom so I really am hoping that I drop a lot and the volume begins to move down. I'm starting to wonder if it's just me to be so round and full looking. People have asked if I had implants since I was 16 so maybe I'm having wishful thinking when I hope for a completely flat top. Who knows. I will find out with time though! lol With that being said, I still think my boobs look pretty damn nice for being 10 days post op so I'm really not complaining. I just can't help but worry. Did you all have a lot of upper pole fullness in the beginning? Did your boobs just sit on you like a bump on a log in the beginnning? I hate how they don't move! They're actually pretty soft for this early but they look like they are stuck on. Normal??

Ok. Supplements. I know a lot about supplements and health and the body so I thought I'd pass on what I know and share what I'm doing. First, anesthesia depletes the body of vitamin C, B 12, zinc and it's super hard on the liver. Since surgery I have been taking those three supplements to replenish my body and I have also been taking some milk thistle which helps the liver detox the anesthesia. Anesthesia is really hard on our bodies so it's important to help things along after surgery. When a little more time passes I will take some epsom salt baths to help my body detox as well. I've started taking my vitamin e-1600 units a day. Make sure that you get a good quality vitamin e.. they are NOT ALL EQUAL. And if you get a crappy one you might not even be taking vitamin e, hence the reason, I believe why some people don't respond to vit E and some do. You also want to be taking one that is non synthetic. There are a few quality brands out there you just have to do some research. (I don't think I can advertise what I take on here.. can I?)When 2 weeks is up I will start salmon oil which is great for inflammation, vitamin D and a few other things that help the immune system be strong and fight infection. I'm hoping that a strong immune system *might* help prevent CC. Oh! Also, this is really important! After surgery start taking a probiotic aimed at keeping yeast in balance. Those antibiotics they give us after surgery are hardcore and can very easily give us yeast and/or bacterial infections which could definitely lead to CC. A qulaity probiotic made for women will nip any infection right in the bud. I think every woman should be advises to take a probiotic after surgery..or antibiotic use, but that's me. It's also completely safe to take right after surgery. Hope that helps! xo

20 days post op! They're looking beautiful!!

They are finally beginning to fall into place and look more natural and I'm getting so excited!! They feel really soft and squishy except for the top which still feels a little firmer than the sides and bottom but I know it's still really early and it's normal for the top to be firmer until the drop. If they are this soft already I can't imagine how soft they'll be when all is said and done!! Also, the size is perfect for my body. I have felt a little boob greed but the truth is that any bigger than this would probably look a little weird on my body. Imo, I do not look like I had a breast augmentation, I look like a tall girl who was born with a nice, full rack. ;-) haha Just what I wanted! They look big under clothes and even in non push up bras and I LOVE that. I cannot wait to review Dr Kim but I'm waiting till I get a little further along. So far though I would definitely, definitely say: WORTH IT!!

Almost one month!

2 more photos for official one month post op

Almost 6 weeks

Almost 8 weeks!

These photos are from 7 weeks post op and today, almost 2 months post op. I love them!! My mom came to visit and I showed them to her a and she said she'd never know in s million years I got them done; that they look exactly like my nursing boobs. My husband loves them and is soooo happy. They are so swuishy soft and jiggly. Sorry about the same nursing bras in every pic. Dr kim told me not to wear a sports bra and I feel that nursing bras are great support and perfect for the healing stage. When I hit 3 months I'm going bra shopping.. Finally!!! It just feels like it's always been. It feels like nothing has changed except I love them more than my nursing boobs! I think they are beautiful and I definitely feel sexy pretty much all the time. Lol

Photos didn't upload. Trying again


Ok last set!

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kim is, without a doubt, the best or one of the top breast surgeons in the world. I am now 8 months post op and my breasts are FLAWLESS. I had beautiful boobs to begin with and I am somewhat of a perfectionist and very picky so for me to be this happy, says a lot. My breasts are very soft, jiggly, perky yet VERY natural looking. I feel like Emily Ratawjoski. No joke. My husband LOVES them. He never liked implants; said they always looked fake. Yet he is completely blown away by Dr Kims work. He can't keep his hands off and tells me just about everyday how sexy and amazing they are. We both agree it was the best decision ever. I can't say enough good things. If you want to look like you were born with big natural AMAZING boobs, Dr. Kim is your guy. THANK YOU DR KIM!!!!!!!!!!

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