Tummy Tuck & Inner Thigh, Flanks, abdomen & back lipo - Beverly Hills, CA

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Freaking out bc surgery is in less than 3 days &...

Freaking out bc surgery is in less than 3 days & my husband decided to get sick w/bronchitis!!! I've read so much about recovery & almost fainted when the doctor was discussing postop care! I'd be an idiot not to think it will be painless but wondering if I should reschedule till my husband is better & can help out me & help w/our school grade child. Any advice?!?!

Tomorrow is THE day!

Well after much going back & forth, I decided to keep the original surgery date. My husband is feeling better & has been my cheerleader. The one thing I'm going to miss the most is snuggling with my daughter. Other than being nervous as hell , I'm ready to get my pre-baby belly back. It wasn't until I took the photo I added to my profile that any & all doubt has been removed. After reading about everyone's journey through recovery I'm terrified of the pain but I keep telling myself I will be fine & trying to keep as positive as possible. I rented a recliner after reading everyone's suggestions & stocked up on Gas X & Prunelax ( I prefer this over MOM). Tomorrow I will write as soon as I'm in my recliner & let you know how I'm doing. Yikes! I'm so scared!

I'm Here! TT & Lipo only 1 hr away

Scared, nauseous, so many things going through my head. Just got marked up & hooked up. Say prayers!

Few hours post op

So I'm home in my rented recliner. The pain is tough but tolerable. Scale of 1to 10, I'd have to say I am a 7. The pain is mostly at the incision site & the belly pain is similar to a bad stomachache... like if you took Tylenol on an empty stomach. I keep trying to find a comfortable position in the recliner. At this time the MOST ANNOYING thing is that I have to pee every 20 minutes or so and the hole in my garment isn't large enough so laying in a pee soaked garment is uncomfortable & gross. My CG goes to my knees bc I had lipo on inner thighs as well. But so far I'm okay. Will ck in later tonight

Post op pic

Argh! Scary Tummy rash

I'll have to post pictures the next time I pull off my CG. I have the most disgusting belly w/large red welts & blotches! Thank God I have a ck up appt tomorrow w/doc!
I read that this could happen but as dumb as this sounds... I didn't think it would happen to me. So be warned! I hope none of you experience this!

Day 9 Post Op

Very pleased despite my thighs itching from lipo & tummy rash. Dr. Dennis Dass has been wonderful & so supportive. I picked the best plastic surgeon & cannot wait for rash & itching to subside!
The drains came on Thursday & my recovery is coming along well. I'm so glad I rented a recliner & bought a female urinal. No more pee soaked CG!
Still experiencing pain but mostly in lower back & using ice pack & taking meds.

Day 10 --wondering when I'll see my inner thighs slimmer

So the rash on my belly is still around but not nearly as itchy as before but it still looks blotchy. I keep checking out my inner thighs & so far they look the same except for the bruising . I keep having to remind myself that it has only been 10 days ..... 10 days!
To the left of my recliner I have a table w/my Percocet, Benadryl , Arnica gel, Arnica tablets, Valium , Zanaflex, Goldbond lotion for dry itchy skin, Colace , Prunelax tabs ( natural & works better than MOM), Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream, & water w/lime. To the right of me, I have TV remotes, magazines, & The Outlander novel.
Take note before your surgery & have all your things ready & within reach!
I bought a ice pack for my back that I wrap around & it has a Velcro belt so it stays in place... purchased it at Walgreens for $19.99 & although I hesitated it was worth the money.
Oh! Also it's important to have crackers by the meds bc the LAST thing you want to do is take meds on an empty stomach.
I promised pics of my blotchy belly but can't find my phone... don't fret, these grotesque pics will soon grace my thread.

Tummy Rash woes

Ok so here are the photos I promised! Saw doc yesterday & got a new CG-- so tight! Oh I wish my rash would disappear

Rash woes

Here are the pics


20 days post op

Not sure whether my slow recovery is due to my fibromyalgia and/or being borderline diabetic.... I have good & bad days. My belly feels so hard & foreign. I'm wondering if eventually my abdomen will become more natural feeling or if it's just gonna take time to adjust to my new stomach. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any regrets, perhaps today is just a "blah" day.
I read other reviews where some women are going grocery shopping by the end of the first week to one who returned to work in less than 2 wk's & even wore heels! Everyone is different during their recovery & I have to continually remind myself of that.
What has kind of hindered my overall excitement is my post op tummy tuck rash. Everyday I slather on a mixture of lotions & wrap my belly in a special foam dressing before placing on my CG. I recently added a new cream to help with skin discoloration.
Next doc appt is on 4/17 which will be my 4 wk mark.
My buttocks & back are still numb... how many of you have encountered this & when does it get better?

Post op blues

Anyone experience this?

9 1/2 weeks post op

Although Dr. Dads said I could stop wearing my compression garment after 6 was, I have decided to continue wearing it. I read somewhere that patients are told to wear their garments up to 12 weeks after procedure.
I have noticed that when I don't wear my garment my skin is more sensitive/itchy & I feel more electric type of pangs when I walk.
I still have yet to notice any visual difference with my inner thighs. I was really hoping for the thigh gap but at this point I don't see it happenings
As for exercise, I haven't been able to do any abdominal crunches because the skin on my stomach feels so tight & itchy....it's similar to that of a raw sunburn.
I'm still numb where I had the back liposuction ....and it also feels like a bad sunburn & when I scratch there's no relieve & it feels odd.
At least I can look at my flat belly & be happy

New photos

Another pre-op pic & other pics of rash that developed

5 months post op

So FINALLY I feel 100% without numbness! At 14 weeks I was still wearing my CG because I felt weird pangs & numbness.
I have 2 disappointments though: one is that the lipo done on my inner thighs was not what I expected. I really wanted a gap in between my thighs ????. Also my belly button has yet to heal & looks odd

Belly button woes

Dr. Daniel Dass

Oops! It's Dr. Dennis Dass of BH

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