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So I decided to start a story to aid future...

So I decided to start a story to aid future patients (like me) who potentially want to undergo a similar procedure. After having two children, both of which were delivered via C-section, I was left with what most refer to as "the mom bod." Now although most people smile when they refer to this, I am anything but smiling. I gained very little weight with both pregnancies, however, I was left with a large midsection that hangs often touching my upper thighs (I will post pictures later). I mostly wear larger clothing to cover this up as I am extremely insecure about my appearance. I have prided myself in staying active and with two little active ones I hardly have any other choice. I began searching for surgeons online like most people do. I had a referral from a few friends all who have seen Dr. Chahin for various procedures so I decided to start there and set up a consultation. When I came into the office I was instantly greeted with a smiling face which helped put me at ease. The consultation was embarrassing but he was fantastic! Taking off my clothes I think was the hardest part mentally to get over but I survived (haha). He suggested a tummy tuck and liposuction on my hips and thighs. He mentioned he would take the liposuction on my tummy all the way around to extend on my back as well. I had to book the surgery about 4 weeks in advance and of course the time flew so I am just getting started on this now. I can say so far this has been a good experience, I got a packet in the mail that outlined everything I need to do before and after surgery and they said that the anesthesiologist will be calling me the night before which is great because I think going to sleep scares me the most. I will keep you all updated through my recovery and I cant wait to show the after pictures!

7 days post op....

So time clearly got away from me following surgery. Just to kind of catch everyone up to date Friday morning came and as I anticipated I was pretty nervous. I guess you start questioning why your doing this and a huge sense of selfishness came over me. I would inevitably be forcing a huge burden on my husband and family so that I could have this done. After speaking with my husband he put my mind at ease and although he was supportive in my decision he maintained that he loves me regardless...Now I requested the office to give me my pre operative pictures since I was too chicken to take them so I'll be the judge on "needing it or not" based on them ;) Surgery was a bit longer than I think Dr. Chahin anticipated. I think roughly it took around 7 hours. He ended up using a mesh to repair my hernia which he said would be a possibility. I woke up from surgery fairly quickly and was not in immediate pain which I was really worried about. I have to say the whole anesthesia experience was a lot better than I think I anticipated. There was no nausea and vomiting which I hear is common after this kind of surgery. I went home ate a little something and pretty much took less and slept. Saturday I slept off and on. I found my biggest struggle was getting in and out of bed. I was semi upright and had virtually no core control so I relied a lot on my husband for help. When I woke up Sunday I could immediately tell it was going to be a hard day. I generally avoid narcotic pain medication altogether so I think having had taken 2 1/2 percocete caught up to me. By 10 AM I was throwing up which was literally my nightmare. I knew I would be uncomfortable but the amount of burning I experienced even scared me. I called the anesthesiology who provided his cell phone number and he immediately called me in 2 prescriptions (non-narcotics) that I was to take instead of the pain meds. By Sunday evening I was significantly more comfortable and Dr. Darbinian truly was a lifesaver. I guess I should have known my body better and spoken up before surgery. Lesson learned. Monday came and I felt actually pretty good I was set to see Dr. Chahin on Tuesday morning and I was crossing fingers and toes and anything I could that the drains would come out but unfortunately they had to stay. The pain pump that he placed after surgery did come out which was nice though. I caught a quick glimpse of the new me and I was shocked! First off I could see straight down to my toes (which I think a lot of people take for granted) and my stomach was flat. Now I had bruising and of course swelling but I could see past it and it was encouraging! It's not Thursday and the office had instructed me once my drains were under 20 they could be removed and yesterday there was hardly anything so I'm stopping by the office today to get them out. To say I'm doing a happy dance is an understatement these thing just plain suck! I'll send an updated picture once I get them out. God I can't wait to shower!!!!!!!

One week after surgery

Drains are out...still really swollen I know but can already see what a huge improvement...

One week photos side view

One week after surgery

3 weeks out

So I'm feeling almost 100%! Every now and again I'll have some pain and if I do too much I notice I'm pretty sore and swollen by the time I go to bed. The incision site is healing really nicely and my belly button is looking more normal now. I think all in all I am so appreciative for this and I know it's going to be life changing. Dr. Chahin and all the staff are just amazing! I can't say enough great things about this whole experience. Looking forward to the day I don't have to wear this horrendous garment ;)
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