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I had a tummy tuck done by Dr. K. Alex Kim M.D. of...

I had a tummy tuck done by Dr. K. Alex Kim M.D. of Beverly Hills.
I have to say in all honesty to others, It was a horrible experience from beginning to end. His staff strapped me to the surgery table, a team of medical staff and office assistants were all around me just starring at me while a tube was shoved in my throat and the needle was pushed inside my vein to start the medication to make me drowsy. What happened when the rather large tube was showed in my throat, I started to gag violently, I shook, my head & body as much as possible to let the team know I was gagging altough I couldn't speak, they all just looked on at me, and no one would do anything but stare at me, this went on for at least 10 minutes as I gagged and struggled with the large tube showed in my throat. Finally because I was constanty shutting my throat muscles to push the tube out, it finally came out, and I was able to breath but still could not talk, and everyone continued to just stare at me and waited for me to fall asleep. As I was falling asleep, I could hear them joking & laughing all around me, then I went out. When I awoke, I was helped to walk over to sit in a chair on the inside of the medical office away from the lobby, then the male anesthecian walked over to me and along with the nurse they stared at me, and the anestician giggled while the nurse grinned on. My lips were swollen from the fat taken from another part of my body and injected into my lips. It was a horrible experience and I don't wish it on anyone. The worse is yet to be shared, the results of my tummy tuck where damaging. Dr. Kim left the sides of my tummy sticking out like bad handle bars, I didn't have normal sides of a waist line anymore, and Dr. Kim had referred to them as "Doggy Ears", I kid you not, he actually said those side flaps he created on my body were referred to as "Doggy Ears". I asked him if he was going to correct his damage he had done on my body, and he said he would but would have to charge me. I couldn't correct it to this day because I don't have the money to have corrective surgery. Weeks later Dr. K. Alex Kim, had me go back in for the regular follow-ups. First thing Dr. K. Alex Kim asked me was, "Do you remember anything from the surgery?", I thought that was rather a strange question for him to ask me. It seem he was concerend that I may have heard some of the joking and laughs that went on in the surgery room lwhile waiting for me to go under. Afer surgery, and weeks later most of the swelling had gone away except for the side flaps that I tried holding * camouflaging in with spandex underwear. Dr. K. Alex Kim, M.D. took pictures of me with my underwear on for his book collection he used to show to his potential clients, although the pictures he took of me were false image results he would be using in his book for patients & potential patients. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, the fat he took from one part of my body & injected into my lips for fuller lips, had suddenly created a very dark shade above my upper lip skin. It suddently looked like someone took a marker and drew a black mustache above my upper lip and NO amount of make-up or special make-up covered it up. I had to walk around in public & work and was SO embarrassed for a couple of years to hear people make fun of me and whisper jokes when I was near by. I was horribly HUMILIATED not only by the botch job Dr. K. Alex Kim of Beverly HIlls had performed on my body, which to this day I continue to do my best to camouflage it from my husband in addition to the embarrasing dark shade that had suddenly appeard above my upper lip for just over two years. I had gone to another cosmetic surgeon to correct what Dr. K. Alex Kim had done, and it took many painful and expensive treatments to correct the mustache appearance that appeared on my upper lip from the fat injection. I'm posting this on Yelp and other social sites because although others have had a positive experience with Dr. K. Alex Kim, I am one patient out of who knows how many others that did not have positive experience or results. I had the most horrible experience not only during surgery, but horrible results, one that I manage to correct with lots of treatments & money paid to correct Dr. A.ex Kim's mistake and not to mention the other damage he made on the sides of my waist which I just have to live with for the rest of my life unfortunately becasue of Dr. K. Alex Kim's botch surgery. Be aware, Dr. K. Alex Kim DOES & HAS made damaging results on patients and WILL NOT correct what damage unless you pay up again to correct his damaging mistakes. Worse part is, I trusted him, and had confidence that he would do a great job, but I was wrong, I was VERY wrong. CONSUMERS BEWARE!

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Was not completely honest, was not caring & attentive to my discomforts pre & post procedures.

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