tummy tuck disaster - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had a tummy tuck done back In December 2012,...

i had a tummy tuck done back In December 2012, along with complete liposuction of hips and flanks, repositioning
of umbilical, abdominal wall tightening. Since December i have yet to fully heal and return to work full time. My drains were removed 3 weeks after surgery because i was continually extracting fluid from them. After nearing less than 25CCs in less than a 48 hour period The seroma development started to accumulate after my drains were removed because it seemed like my body wasn't absorbing it. Since the drains were removed in late December, i had to visit my surgeon once a week so he could aspirate and remove 250-300 CCs of fluid with a needle, directly from my stomach. There seems to be some sort of pocket of fluid that has developed that wont allow my body to absorb hematoma or seroma fluid. On a regular basis for about a couple months, i would say maybe 7 times or so i had to visit the doctor for aspirations. My surgeon has always advocated me to wear my compression garment at any and all the chances i can get and i have been doing so. Since then my belly button looked like it seemed to be healing ok and it looked fine. After a few additional scheduled appointments, my surgeon advised that i should already be getting back on my feet and i should resume regular physical exercise and work routine. For the end of February and all of March i seemed to be doing ok. The swelling was coming down, i was working out regularly and it seemed like everything was looking good finally. Im continuing to wear a compression garment all along, at the gym and to work. I started to feel an uneven fullness in my abdominal region around April and it seemed like the same situation was happening. Over the past few months it was already pretty obvious that the left side of my scar was healing irregularly and that there had been some sort of tissue development or bursa development on the left side that the right side didn't have. My belly button had started to scab and peel again and didn't look healthy at all. During the most recent appointment i had with my surgeon, he was exploring that fullness with his hands, trying to aspirate the fluid in an attempt to get rid of the fullness, unfortunately we weren't able to find any fluid this time. i still have a bulge in the left side of my stomach at this time. So he feels i should have a CT Scan done so he can see whats going on. My appointment with the surgeon was on a Saturday, we scheduled our CT scan for Tuesday (earliest availability). On Sunday and Monday i have fever and I'm starting to feel sick. While I'm in the office waiting for my appointment time to come on Tuesday morning, the most scary thing happens. All that fluid that we were once aspirating with the needles over all that time in the past, this time all that fluid just poured out of me from my belly button and onto the floor. All the seroma/bloody fluid just poured down me in the middle of the CT SCAN/imaging center office. They rushed me to the ER and reinstalled a catheter so they can extract everything again manually. Since then i have been dealing with this problem. I need to find an expert TUMMY TUCK surgeon who knows about situations like this and who can figure out what went wrong and can figure out how to fix it. I need a TUMMY TUCK expert who feels confident that they can fix this big problem. ANY SUGGESTIONS/HELP/ADVICE?
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