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Been to my pre-op. TT is on June 26th. Nervous! I...

Been to my pre-op. TT is on June 26th. Nervous! I have 4 kids, 21, 15, 12, and 8. I am about 142 lbs. never had a C section. I got my FAT stretch marks on the first pregnancy on the last week. I have Almost had the stretch marks 22 years this August. Posting pics.
I am also getting a neck lift and lower face lift. I want to stay in aftercare sooo bad. Don't want my husband to get completely sick of this crybaby! Lol

Time is flying.... 6 more days

My husband wants me to come home after TT and lower FL so he can take care of me....
Our friend had a TT 5 years ago and keeps saying crap like" I was up the next day" I never took my pain meds!" " the more you do the better" she went back to work 6 days PO.
OMG! I wish! I'll never live up to that. I'm praying for grace, peace, and that I don't cry too much. I feel my husbands and my relationship is strained and he is such a know it all... Sooooo annoying! I was so mad yesterday I cleaned the whole house! Lol

It could happen!

I'm laying here trying to go to sleep trying not to obsess about my sx next Wednesday...
What if...
What if the family can't get by with me healing in my bedroom upstairs? And the house, I don't know, catches on fire... And the cute firemen come ..." with their sirens" and alert all my neighbors to come and look...
They save me and I don't die. ( so no sheet covering my face and body)
Picture me being carried outside for everyone to see! Bloody drains, big comfy cotton granny panties, greasy hair...
And don't forget, I also am getting a lower facelift! With a TT! Bandages around my head! So now the neighbors are like OMG lets take a pic because they all have their iPhone in their pocket to - I'm sure help me.... Then it's in the newspaper and my mom sees, and my old hometown, and maybe even my first boyfriend who moved to the East coast!
It could happen.... Maybe I should cancel my surgery.
What do you think?

time is flying.... 50 hours to go

cant quit running to the bathroom. my nerves or something is messing with my bowels. been drinking healthy juices and cutting down on solid food. does anyone ever really feel ready? People are all ready calling to ask us to the pool or the kids over to the beach. trying to make plans with us.. My daughter says" why are we lying?" I keep telling everyone we are going out of town. except neighbors. telling them I went to visit my mom. ( I'll be hiding in my room upstairs) I wonder for how long? Any last words of advice out there?

Day one PO ?

I made it to the flat side!,,
I asked nurse is today one or two? Only day one. Yesterday should count I think.
This after care place is nice. I am so sore. I have had to ask for pain killers instead of staying in front of the pain. I think the muscle relaxer is the best. Binder feels weird like there is a gap in front. They put the squeezy leg things on when I gt here. I like them.
Oh what we women dooooo! I can't wait for it to be worth it.will add more later!
I had TT MR lipo to flanks, lower face lft and he said laser under eyes and upper lip for lines. Ouchy.they just took ou IV and cath. Now I'm worried abou moving and getting up. Waiting for pain meds to work.... My husband is being so sweet and is letting me stay another night. So tired. Bye for now

PO day 1

I'm on 1 day PO. Long day!,, spoils at a fancy after care! I go home tomorrow. I have been having progress all day. Surgery went well. Don't remember ANYTHING. Just them waking me and getting me in car to post surgery center. I have my own room and lots of helpful nurses. After I slept a few hours I felt better. Today is PO 1.. I feel like it should be PO 2. Woke at 5 am, they took out cath and IV. Ate a few bites of eggs and drank half of an ugly green juice, but it was good. Then I got a little scared cause I knew I was gonna need to get up to pee soon. Well when I did it was hard but doable. They helped me to the toilet which was raised. :). I had lunch , sat in a chair. My pain is under neck because I had a lower facelift. Ears are sore. I'll take a pick. The TT is more painful. The MR does better with the muscle relaxer. LOVE the meds. Dinner is in 30 min. They gave me Flxeril and. Percoset They put little cold compresses on my face. Soooo nice Went potty about 4x so far no #2. Walked down a hall two times today. Not far though. I have not peeked and I won't. I got a TT MR lipo flanks and lower face lift with a little laser on upper lip and under eyes for wrinkles. I'm 46. I noticed yesterday that I lost weight before surgery...Yaaaa 135 which is good for me. Throat hurts. Ill add more later. Thanks for all the well wishes. I did FaceTime with daughter this morning and this is what she saw.

Morning I'm on PO day 2.

Sore. I had pain in MR last night... I had some gas that felt better when I had the muscle relaxer. Slept well with the radio on low. That way it helped block the noise. Also I have the leg squeezie things on that make noise.
Right now just my ear lobe hurts. Lol.unless I move
. I need them to bring me my pain meds(without asking)!!!!
Any how good-morning! I go home today. We are seeing the Dr. At noon. Herd they are gonna wash me up and also my hair... I look like medusa

I'm home ...PO day 2

Well what a great day!
They washed my hair in a salon sink at aftercare, then I got a shower on day 2.
Took a pick of TT.
Then they drove me to the PS and my husband met me there.
We hit 2.5 hours in traffic home but I slept. Med were wearing off but now I am upstairs in my recliner.
Welcome home sign from daughter and boys and dogs. Lol.
Taking my arnica, bromalain, vit C, muscle relaxer and antibiotic. Also going to take my post op vitamins now with my juice which has turmeric in it. It's 3:30 in afternoon.
I get to see kids about 9:00 after there performance. Starting to watch the clock for Percocet ...tick tock

PO day 4

Sick of constipation, love the drugs! I'm drinking juices that help but to no avail. I went one rock. Looked and felt like a rock coming out!my husband it doing a good job.
I've been out of it so haven't posted much. I have one drain. Swelling is huge in my hips. Soooo tight near bikini. It looks like my new bb is under my boobs. Like really high up.
My face the laser PS did on my upper lip and under eyes.
I don't know what's in my bb.
Hate this binder... Thanks for listening.

Hurry! Out of my way!

I love how you panic to get uncovered and out of the SLOW power chair, trying not to get hurt, running(hobling)to finally go #2 and then....nothing. So you wait until legs are asleep, go back to chair and just as my husband gets me all adjusted in my chair and comfy...AGAIN I have the urge to panic and hurry for the bathroom. This is my life last 6 hours

PO day 5

Slept a lot today.
I also bought toilet riser at wallmart $20 and I love it. I am PO day 5. Just finally went #2!!!! So happy. My favorite thing I bought was a recliner. I rented one from Rent A Center. $25 per week. I also put a leg wedge on the recliner so I'm not too straight. I covered the chair with a soft sheet and pee pad. Then when I go back I get help putting the wedge under legs pulled up real high. I cover myself with a sheet and a yummy blanket. Then I borrowed a pillow pet from daughter for left arm and a soft pillow for right. Sometimes I also use the travel neck pillow just to put my head on so I don't get headaches. I am very comfortable. VERY! The recliner is a cloth soft one not leather and is a power lift. It will stand you up. It is important to get up so you won't get blood clots and walking to the bathroom will help your drain and move your bowels.the binder has been a problem because it was digging into my swollen hip area. It wasn't covering my incision either. Tonight I grabbed a Velcro binder that wraps around and is longer so it starts under breasts and ends past incision. It feels better. I hope this info helps, I'm just starting to feel better.

PO day 7

I'm on my way to see PS. Today I took a shower. 2nd one. My husband put a plastic bag around his garage stool and I sat with a handheld sprayer. I wonder if he will take drain out.....

Stretch marks

I keep looking to see if my stretch marks are coming back! I get swollen and worry that I'm too tight and my skin is gonna rip!?

Is my tape gonna come off soon?

Im PO Day 10 . All of my tape is still on. When did yours come off. Any advice?

Side by side pic of day 7 PO

My 8 year old daughter just taught me how to use instacollage !


Here it is

Turning the corner???? day 14 PO

Ive been staying in my room in my rented recliner.... except came downstairs to watch fireworks on my porch for 45 min. Well today I rallied for an appt at 11:30 for my bookkeeper at my home. I was short of breath and uncomfortable. Then I drove for the first time and took 3 of my kids to Burger King. We ate outside. Stayed downstairs for dinner. Husband BBQ chicken.
Looking forward to getting this STUPID drain out. I will have it almost 3 weeks! PS said he doesn't want any complications. I think they are for the lipo. I found out PS lipoed 2000 ml. Which is half a gallon of milk!!!!!!! I'm gonna be so small. Every day I measure I lose 1 pound and 1/2 inch at waist. Down to 132!!!!!! bruises were easier to cover up today on my neck from FL and I'm getting more aggressive on hiding my drain! Tucking and twirling drain hose and putting drain it in my undies in front like a penis.... Flowing black top with Capri yoga pants. Felt good. I guess drain really helps with swelling. I was upset for a few days. Didn't even feel like Showering. Now I am making plans for my summer. Looking forward to next Monday getting drain out. Hope everyone is doing well! Happy healing.

Day 16 PO

Trying to ignore my stupid drain!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow drain comes out at 19 days PO

I am soooo excited to get my drain out finally!
Been depressed.
But good news is I've been planning the vacation I've been dreaming about!
Hubby and I are taking our 4 kids to Maui!!!! So excited! Will post pics of my tiny tummy soon!

Drain out!!!! 19 days PO :)

Soooooo happy!
Gonna start treating my scar now.
Dr. says I could rub Mederma on it but he really likes Jason's vitamin E oil.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So happy and I'm on day 10 PO

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