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After three cancellations, I finally made it to my...

After three cancellations, I finally made it to my consultation :-). The office staff were very nice and I was quickly attended too. I waited momentarily for Dr. Li and I must say she is a compassionate lady with some great bed side manner. I explained what i wanted and she didn't rush me as I told my story, I loved her beautiful mannerisms. After our consultation I meet with Libby her scheduler/office manager and she was amazing too. I never felt rushed or like the bazillion questions I was asking were dumb. I feel so confident in Dr. Li and her staff that, I scheduled my appointment today. I am a bit of a spazz so here it goes...I figured if I could give birth naturally (not one drug) to 4 of my five children, I could do this, right??? -_- My soccer mom, Baseball mom, Volleyball mom, Basketball mom, and team mom days are over now time for me!!

Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift- I Am a Ball of Nerves...

I did it, my procedure has been scheduled after sitting and thinking (dreaming) about ti for over 3 weeks...I know what a scary cat but after I had my consult, it got so real.... I really want to feel confident in my own skin again. I can do this right??? I seen two friends have a TT and one had a pain pump while the other choose not to have it and lord....The difference between the two recovery's was night/day....So I am choosing thankful Dr. Linda Li uses the pain pump for her patients. ANYONE ELSE SUPER SCARED about this???

47 yrs old, 5 kids, 8 grandkids-I'm READY!

I have my pre-op appointment this Thursday, December 10. I have a list of questions ready to ask my PS I'm also asking for some anxiety meds for the day before and morning of, any recommendations? I don't want to be that woman that runs out of the PS office before we start the surgery LOL... I'm a ball of nerves.

I have been on this forum for a few months now and it has really helped me with my fear of doing the surgery, thank God I found this site ...

I am sharing some photos finally ????

8 day and these rolls are going BYE, BYE!

Tomorrow is my Pre-op, I decided to try on a sexy pair of panties (i never wore them because of the obvious rolls i have going on) and I cant wait to say BYE, BYE TIRES!! oh I have my list of questions ready and here is what I am asking, I hope I have an hour with her..lol

I have had a hard time waking up from past surgeries, is there anything I can do to lessen the effect?
How far back will the incision be (hip-hip)?
Low and curved or straight incision?
Where will the lippo be done if any?
How much fat will be removed?
can you transfer Fat to buttocks to add some fluff to my pancakes?
How long will the surgery last?
Is Exparel used during surgery?
If I develop dog ears or any abnormality do I pay for revisions?
What kind of sutures are used (do they have to be taken out)?
What types of medication will be used for pain?
What tips can you give me to help with the pain besides medication?
Can I still take my Ambien, Excedrin Migraine, & vitamins with the pain meds given?
If I have an emergency and need to speak to you after surgery what do I do?
Can I get a doctor’s note when it’s safe to return to work?

What kind of sleeping arrangements should I make for post-op?
• Recliner, low bed, hospital bed etc.
Will I receive a Binder or compression garment?
When can I shower after surgery?
When can I start a scar therapy regimen to lighten the scar?
• What products are recommended
• Apply surgical tape to flatten scar?
Pre or post op supplements
• Arnica tablets for swelling?
Bromelain pills
What else can be done to minimize swelling?

OMG that's a ton of questions...

Pics with would should make me feel sexy but instead I feel BLAH...

Bye, Bye Tires!

Pre-op update

So I had my Pre-op appointment with my PS and I can't say enough good things about her. She is absolutely amazing the moment she walked into the door she had a smile on her face and embraced me with a hug, I'm so glad you are back. I shared with her in my last appointment about how nervous I was to proceed with the surgery and she told me it's not something you want to do if you're not ready but when you are ready, I would be happy to help you change your life.

So I had a list of questions as I posted in my previous update and she answered all of them with so much care and concern, making sure I understood every single response.
Probably the most concerning thing to me was she said they are going to remove such a large section the fact that my dream will be in for at least two weeks and because it's such a large incision I need to make sure and really keep myself down and let myself heal, so that's the plan ladies!
My procedure has been paid for, arrangements have been made for care, and I have 25 days of vacation time. So I am ready to do this on Thursday.
I've attached a few of my pictures so you can see exactly how much she will be removing, please keep me in prayer.

I think...I'M READY! Tomorrow morning, it's on!

Hi my TT sisters,

Well I think I've pretty much racked my brain on preparing and over preparing LOL. I'm set and ready to go my hospital bed is downstairs with all my most comfortable pillows and blankets. Today I will make my last stop at the supermarket for some Jell-O's, soups, and applesauce so I can stay on a soft food diet for the first five days. Trying to remember to get things with low-sodium so I don't swell up even more.
All of my Christmas shopping is done and presents are wrapped under the tree, so I don't feel like I forgot anything.

I'm leaving my house at 4:30 in the morning and I should arrive at my plastic surgeons office in Beverly Hills by 6:30 AM. I believe surgery will be starting around 7 AM and I should be in recovery about an hour and leaving the office by 11 AM the latest. It seems like it's too quick but according to the surgery Cordinator it's pretty normal for a TT.

Did anyone else have such an odd calmness before they had surgery? I keep telling myself it's because it's meant to be and I'm in gods hands.

I will definitely post early in the morning and as I get out of surgery. Keep this girl in your prayers.

I made it to the flat side...

Surgery is done!! I will post more later. Feeing good on this ride home!

PO day 1

Hello on my sisters,,

well I just wanted to sit down and let everyone know that surgery went amazing and I couldn't of asked for a better surgeon to perform some magic on me. I did very good in the operating room the nausea medication they gave me must've did it's job because I didn't get nausea one bit. I woke up under a nice warming blanket that she has for all her patients and I must say it was awesome because I didn't wake up shivering and shaking like I normally do after surgery.

When I woke up I was dressed and ready to roll out the door, it was like a dream the first thing I said was "did you take pictures of what you took off" hahaha . They took a total of 8.3 pounds off and like food my flanks, "wow", I didn't even think it would be that much.

I don't remember a whole lot of the ride home but do you remember using the pillow to support my tummy for the bumps and I'm thankful I took it. Another smart idea was taking some crackers and pineapple juice for the road home because an hour and a half into the ride I started to feel my tummy grumble. oh, another sister recommended taking an SUV as opposed to a smaller car so you don't use your stomach muscles to get out of the SUV and brilliant idea because it didn't bother me at all and the ride was so much easier. I'm glad I had the site to guide me through the process And give me so many wonderful tips and ideas.

Well it's about 930 here in Southern California and I'm bout ready to try and get some rest because I feel this wonderful Percocet kicking in. I guess I should touch on the pain real quick I'm a little sore but it's tolerable staying up on my meds setting my alarm to remind me to take them both to do laps around the house since I got home and it's not too bad.
I will take some pictures tomorrow and show you a sneak peek.

Everyone have a blessed evening and to all my sisters going in for surgery in the next couple of days don't be scared, go in with a positive attitude about the positive energy to crush the fear.

Post op day 2

Hello all my Rummy Tucker's,

Let me start off by saying last night I slept pretty well minimal pain and I think the only reason why I really woke up is because I'm drinking so much water I have to pee all the time LOL .
I have really been staying on top of my meds I actually take them 30 minutes before I'm supposed to so that they kick in right when the others are wearing off. I can't say this enough my hospital bed is amazing it lowers all the way down so I'm not putting any pressure on my stomach to get up and the handrails really help to adjust me when I'm getting in and out of the bed.
Today I started my icing 20 minutes on every hour and I also took a few pics with my compression garment on to show you all how it looks . I didn't end up getting anything done to my boobs but they look huge now because my stomach and waste is actually smaller than my top, which is amazing. Yesterday I was draining my pump every four hours and getting 50 to 70 mL it looks like a lot but I guess the more fluid I get out of there the better off I am..

I won't be showering for a week but I did take a little bird bath this morning because the smell of the blood is gross. I haven't had a bowl movement but I have been taking my stool softeners three times a day.
My doctor said I have to wear this compression garment for two weeks and then we can move into a different for the next four weeks, I guess stage two.
Here are a few pics...

PO night 2

Damn, I'm itching like crazy on my lippo areas.. I still haven't had a BM And I been taking my stool softeners 3 times a day but I haven't been eating too much so hopefully something happens in the morning LOL, I have been practicing reaching all the way to the back so I don't have to have anyone wipe my booty LOL..
I am getting ready for bed a little early after my Percocet I should be ready to hit the hay.

my surgeon told me to ice three times a day for 20 minutes oops I forgot too so I guess I will do that know, anyone else ice?

PO day/night 3

OK so the end of the night for me as I get ready to take my last Percocet before Bed. Today I was a little more mobile around the kitchen but that's as far as it went every time I got up to use the potty I did a lap around the kitchen I am trying to drink lots of water, today I drank 3 quarts... Water is a great healer. Today I measured my drains every four hours and I'm at 50 ML each time Its emptied , The drainage is definitely getting better. The fluid is now a light pink and not a bright red anymore, good indication of healing.
Throughout the day today I felt like I was having contractions, I think the nerves are starting to wake up and heal. I am still taking my Percocets every four hours staying on top of the medication I am going to use them until the entire bottle is gone. I tried to wean off today a little and that was a mistake. In order for my body to heal I have to allow it to be less painful and no stress. OK so live and learn, I won't do that again.!! I really hate the way the Percocets make me feel like I'm a nodding out druggy lol

Not too much to report today but this back pain is definitely no fun.!!

Good night all my tummy tuck ladies, happy healing..

PO day 4

Ok so I took a bird bath and used some dry shampoo today because I been feeling gross, oh my goodness, it took my breath away and now I'm feeling some light burning and tightness.. I am right on task with my Meds I planned my bath around my medication time, great idea because it's kicking in...
So I am going to assume that every time I do some sort of physical activity it's going to require a little bit of discomfort after, I don't know how people do it five days postop and go out shopping, CRaZY!!!
Now onto the BM subject, well nothing has happened since taking MOM this afternoon, I may have to take two doses of it before it works so tomorrow would be my next dose.
I really havent looked at my incision, I looked at the gauze underneath my compression garment and nothing was bleeding or had any bad orders so I'm just going to leave it covered until I go to my PO visit.
I am so blessed to have my daughter and granny here because I have been doing nothing but resting. I plan to stay rested for a few weeks to let my body heal like it should.
The experience has been nothing like the horror stories that I built up in my head, it's all about patience, preparation & support.,.. My body looks so different already I can't wait to see what it looks like after it heals completely..

My drink of choice has been pineapple juice made in my juicer and water with lemon, great way to heal the body...

Holy itch

It's 5 days after my surgery and I can tell you ladies that with each and every day gets better. I feel so much stronger today, more alert, I have an appetite, I am almost 100% walking straight and the back pain has subsided a little bit. I don't know what the flippin holy hell is going on but my lipo areas are itching me like crazy and under my compression garment on the sides, I feel like a dog with fleas HELP!! Ahhhhhh

This morning I got up at 6 a.m . To make some coffee and a bagel & about two hours of sitting watching the news, I feel pretty good today. With all that being said I will continue to take my medication for pain, my laxatives, and Arnicare until it's all gone. I did skip the Percocet dose at night so I could take Tylenol p.m. and it has been wonderful. Just because I'm feeling a little bit better today doesn't mean I'm going to get up and try to start hitting up the stores are driving around because I dedicated 25 days to my healing and that's what it's going to be. I am very fortunate that I am able to do that, lots of vacation time has been accumulated in preparation for the surgery.
I haven't seen my incision just yet I'm too scared to take off my garment compression, I want to wait for my PS to do it. I know I'm a big chicken.
Well I just took my second dose the day for a little Percocet so I will be hitting the bed and dosing off for a few. Don't forget ladies--NO skipping the meds keep going it helps you rest and heal quicker, lots of Tummy Tuck love- Jackie

Pain pump gone!

So I spoke with my PS today in regards to my postop visit this Wednesday and since they are so far away from my home and my drainage isn't where it should be, she suggested I take the pain pump out myself here at home and save myself a couple hours. So I called at my girlfriend she came over and it was very easy to take out it was like pulling a little string through a needle, I felt a sting when she was taking it out but it took her all of 15 seconds to pull it out. So I save myself $40 in gas and the two hour trip by taking it out myself. What a relief not to have that bag hanging over my waist anymore with wires n tubes.
I haven't had very many changes today except for an additional BM, which makes me super happy. I will continue to ice my back, lipo areas And tummy , i believe it is helping because I'm not very swollen. Good night ladies happy recovering...

Sneak peek pictures

So this evening I decided to undo my compression garment because things started bunching up in there but it was quick, lol... When the last button was done on the garment and I felt it become loose it kind of felt like my stomach was falling out LOL.... So I plan on keeping a compression garment or Faja on for a few months, any suggestions on what kind to get?

OK here are the two pictures that I snapped tonight I am very happy with my results I think the area where my drain is, is irritated because the drain was probably moving around but I think it looks pretty good, what do you guys think of the drain area?

Post OP

Today I had my post op visit with my surgeon and the only reason why she decided to bring me in because there was some abnormal swelling around my drain area. As you can see in my previous picture posts, I was a little worried. I woke up bright and early headed out the door by 7:30 AM and made it to Beverly Hills on time for my appointment even with all the holiday traffic madness. My drain area is not infected in fact it is healing perfectly it was a little irritated because I was loosening up my compression garment at night, so note to self ladies leave that garment on nice and tight. I just felt like I couldn't breathe at night so I started listening up the eyelets, I guess I won't be doing that again. I am still draining more than 50 ML a day so my surgeon is keeping my drains in for another week. It was suggested to me to stay off of all sugars and high sodium products for the next week to see if That helps the swelling.

I was completely wiped out from the running around this morning I came home took my medication and fell asleep, I have to remind myself this healing process is very slow.

I was happy to see my incision and new body in a full length mirror. The pictures that you see are from my surgeons office you can see I'm still swollen but I'm healing amazing and my body transformation is well on its way.

Having the surgery was a really hard decision for me it took years for me to finally do it but I will tell you that it is was well worth every penny and I'm very excited to see all of these amazing changes that will happen.

On a funnier note, my doctor told me you have such a small body frame but your stomach was hiding in all, it made you look like a larger woman then you really were, hmmmm me??? Small , hahaha I have never heard that before lol

Merry Christmas , 9 days PO ( I think lol)

OK I attempted to write a update and after spending 15 minutes on it somehow it disappeared, so I'm a little frustrated. This will be quick
First off I hope everybody has enjoyed the Christmas season and may you all be healing and resting. I am so guilty of not resting yesterday as I entertained a house full of people although I didn't do cooking or cleaning I stood on my feet quite a bit and I regretted it about 10 o'clock last night, swell hell is no fun I still feel uncomfortable today.
Today I woke up and my stomach feel super sensitive, I think my nerves are starting to wake up and I don't like it. Anything up against my stomach feels very uncomfortable and all the twitching in tingling going on is driving me nuts.
Today I plan on getting plenty of rest and relaxation at home while everyone else is out visiting.
So my biggest complaint today is the swelling and the nerves waking up, I wonder how long all of this will last? Is there anything that we can do to prevent this gross uncomfortable feeling of the nerves waking up?

OK my friends have a blessed Christmas day and I'll be posting pics tomorrow morning hopefully the swelling will be down by then so everyone can see my progress.

Caught the flu, low grade fever-

I don't know what happened because no one is sick and my household and I haven't been outside or exposed to any viruses, so I thought. Started with chills, trembling from being so cold and then waking up in the morning with a low-grade fever of 100.2... I laid in bed all day yesterday literally slept the day away and tonight I'm in excruciating back pain. I wonder when I'll be able to sleep in another position besides flat on my back, any suggestions?
It's 4 AM and I just got up to do a couple laps around the house because I feel super stiff and laying on my back is just killing me anyone else having horrible back pain? If so what are you doing for it? I just got done icing for 30 minutes.

Pics PO day 11 ( hospitalized day 1)

Here are a few pics my TT friends-

I just want everyone to see my progress, Even if it's just a little. I will post the more update and I'm not so drugged up.

14 days PO and Day 4 in hospital -_- Happy NYE

I have been a little MIA because I've been heavily sedated and the 3000 mg of antibiotics I'm getting a day are enough to knock a person Swift off their feet. I have been getting tested three times a day to see if my pulmonary embolism ( blood clots) have diminished and unfortunately they haven't gotten to much smaller, so I'm still in quite a bit of pain. It hurts to walk, talk, breathe, eat, move, drink, everything! Oh and as if that wasn't enough, The infection results came backI and I have MRSA, this infection requires hence the high doses of antibiotics. This isn't something that was caught or has any fault on my plastic surgeon's behalf it is an infection that lays dormant in the body and whenever there is an open wound the risk of it becoming active is high. I was unaware I carried it but, I did!
Since I'm not progressing quickly and my insurance won't allow me to be in this hospital beyond five days ( blah blah blah) I have to be transferred to my network to hospital that's the reason why am being transferred. So I will be awaiting my Prince Charming (idk his name yet) to come pick me up and transfer me to Loma Linda University Medical Center. Well I hope I at least get a handsome driver for the hour drive... :) ...
I was starting to get sad and a little depressed, I am not going to lie this has been one of the hardest things I've had to deal with but today the Lord has renewed/filled my heart and sent me so many prayer warriors to be by my side and I will tell you it has helped tremendously. Today my hospital room was packed with people who were filled with the Holy Spirit and prayed for me all day long and tonight I carry a smile and the fight is back and the devil will not win because I am a child of God, a faithful child of God. So please my friends remain steadfast in prayer for me, I need all the prayers I can get.

Now let's get to the fun stuff, today is 14 days since my surgery and I feel no pain in my surgical areas or my lippo areas. my incision looks like it's healing fine no visible signs of infection, it is a little bruised and discolored but the doctors here at th hospital say it doesn't look abnormal for the type of surgery I had. Now my back is a different story I am hurting pretty bad because now that I'm hospitalized I'm not allowed to get up only three times a day because the blood thinners they're giving me so I'm flat on my back all day so I'm in a lot of pain but the good thing is when I stand up I am about 90% upright. I haven't really been that much or on my phone to take too many pictures but I will post a few so everyone can see my progress.
I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Years and may God bless you with good health, love, and prosperity!


15 days PO- Day 6 in hospital

Hello all my tummy tuckers,

Well since I'm finally feeling a little bit better I figured to post a few pics and give you an update.
Today I've been hospitalized for six days but I've made some improvement my breathing is getting better and I am working very hard at breathing into my volume maximizer every hour, To help build up my lungs. When I walk to the restroom or around my room my breathing is no longer shallow... My blood test came and showed white cell count is also improving, stable is what they said.
Now for my MRSA infection I am still oozing yellow discharge from the drain site but it has definitely tapered off and it's not as irritated anymore ( see pics).. Now with all this being said they are preparing me to go home tomorrow and the discharge instructions are very intense. I'm going to be Doctor hoping for the first few weeks to make sure I stay on track with my blood thinners, cell counts, and infection. Lucky me I will be injecting myself with blood thinners at home as well as taking a pill orally. I have to make quite a few lifestyle changes.
I am just ready to go home and be with my children and grandchildren, I am tired of being a human pin cushion. I am bruised all up-and-down my arms!
I have been so sick I really haven't even paid attention to much to my incision to my tummy tuck results, until today. I think I am a little swollen but it might be because I can't wear my binder because of the location of the new drain they put in me so I have been wearing an exercise belt in the lower part of my abdomen but I can't put anything in the top part of my abdomen so I'm sure the swelling is from that, take a look let me know what you girls think if it looks swollen.
Oh good news I'm walking completely upright now, yay!

17 days PO and My last day in the hospital!!

Yay, I finally get to go home!! I am waiting for my discharge instructions as I type, I am so excited to finally get home to my family. I know I'm not out of the woods completely, I will have to take very good care of myself and pay attention to every little thing in my progress. My blood clots have diminished a little which makes me happy because I can breathe now but I am getting sent home on blood thinners and high doses of antibiotics to continue fighting the MRSA infection. This has been a life-changing experience for me and I hope no one ever has to go through this.
I already sent my plastic surgeon a text message advising her of my discharge and I made a after hours call to her office so I can schedule an appointment ASAP, I just want her to see my progress in person and let me know if everything looks good. I feel like everything is going good with the surgery haven't had any pain just swelling. So I will update you guys as soon as I have my second postop visit with my doctor.
Until next time, God bless and happy healing!!
Keep this girl in your prayers ??????????

18 PO - 2nd night home

Just a little questions for some ladies out there, since I've been so worried about just getting my health back on track and not really focusing on my surgery or the progress with my surgery today I looked at myself and thought wow I'm really deformed looking... My stomach looks buldging, uneven, my scar looks red, my stomach feel hard and gross, and my Va-JJ looks puffy, is all this normal?

I have my 2nd post op vist tomorrow, I pray its all normal. God knows I been through enough!

I also have my appointment with my family doctor in the afternoon, please keep me in prayer... I just want to be healthy again.

PO day 20 - Doctors visits all day :-(

Hi my TT sisters,
Here is my update:
I was going to try and update yesterday when I got back from my visits but I was completely exhausted. Today was another story I had to get up early and drive myself 20 miles out to get my blood drawn and boy it was scary out there, flooded everywhere ...
So I seen my PS , Dr. Li yesterday and she took out the drain ( thank god) and she said everything looks really good I'm still fighting off the infection so I have a little bit of fluid coming out of my drain site but it's ok the fluid needs to come out she said and it's a very small amount...I also had my appointment with my regular physician yesterday and everything went well with the check up, I have to check my INR blood levels tomorrow ( did my blood draw today) to make sure that the Coumadin and the Lovenox (blood thinners) is working. I still feel weak but I will get stronger with each day.., I did so much yesterday, I can't believe how beat up I am from these blood clots!
I finally put my compression garment back on when my PS took out the drain which makes me feel a lot more secure and I can tell that today the swelling is a lot less than it was yesterday. I do feel better today and I can tell my color is coming back and my breathing is becoming stronger, I started looking like the living dead (scary)...
I'm a little all over the place, sorry....

Hopefully by Friday I'll be able to stand in front of the mirror to give you guys some awesome progress pictures, continue to keep me in your prayers! I'm standing in agreement with everyone that is praying for me that these blood clots diminish and my health be restored!

I see so many ladies looking hot hot hot, so excited for you all!' Let us all be healed , in the mighty name of Jesus!


23 days PO-fist shopping trip (I felt so free)

Well three weeks has passed since my surgery and man I didn't realize the journey would have taken the path it did but I am alive and well today! Thank you Jesus!!!

So I escaped from the house today and lord It felt so amazing to get out and breathe fresh air. I went shopping with a girlfriend we took it super slow and the mall never felt so huge lol... I did good ladies, I am so grateful to be able to breathe again. I didn't push myself to the extreme I walked and tried on a few dresses for about 2 hours. We did lunch after, it felt good to feel so alive. So total time away from home was about 4 hours. I came home put my PJs on and jumped in bed to rest the night away ( I'm still laying in bed typing away lol) .

So how am I feeling right now? To be honest with you ladies, I had some swelling from being out n about and my stomach feels a little tight but nothing to crazy. My breathing has been great and I can tell my lungs are still healing. So I'm a little tired from the day but that's about it, not too much to complain about lol

That's my day :-)
Feeling so blessed my blood clots are diminishing and my body is fighting the MRSA infection!!
Happy healing ladies-


A few pics

Here are a few pics of me today, I forgot to add them to my comment above. I'm still swollen but it's noting like carrying those two tires around!! Hahahaha

PO day 27 (almost a month) whooohooo!

Hi all my tummy Tucker's,

I just wanted to give everyone a little update. I am doing so much better since my hospitalization, whewww that was a close one.
I am still under a close eye of my doctor because I am taking blood thinners but so far all my blood draws have come back positive so I'm excited to get back to normal and hopefully get off these blood thinners.

As for my tummy tuck, things are looking OK. I'm not too thrilled about the swelling and how lopsided my stomach looks but I am sure Everything will get back to normal in a couple of months. I am very happy with the fact that I don't have any more tires to lug around LOL...
I have an area in my incision where it looks like a big pimple but my plastic surgeon said it's fluid building up and it'll eventually reduce it with time so thank God I'm not too worried about that but it looks ugly. Also, I'm not too thrilled about the darkness around the incision but because I am olive skin colored any incisions get dark before they lighten up As with my C-section and hysterectomy.

Is anybody else having an issue when they clean their belly button, it is so gross to touch it because it's numb I told my doctor I have a hard time cleaning it and she suggested every day when I shower let the shower head with hot water (the hottest I can stand) hit the bellybutton to clean it out so I don't have to mess with it and so far it's working pretty good LOL

Oh and what's up with the drainage from my incision, when does this leaking stop? I can't imagine starting work on Tuesday with a full belly of maxipads to help with the drainage LOL

Ok enough babbling... I pray each and everyone of you have a positive continued healing with your surgery. Much love to everyone!

What the hell, can I catch a break??

Rant coming on---

As if I haven't been through enough, this once small little pimple looking thing now looks like a gigantic boil on my incision. I pointed it out to my plastic surgeon on Monday when I had my postop follow-up and she said it was probably just a little bit of fluid trying to escape but it should reduce any swelling and size as it drains but today I noticed it looks huge in nasty, anyone have this sort of thing going on?
I sent my PS An email tonight with the beautiful pics to see what she says. Ugh, really!?!

I'm so over complications, but this won't break me or my spirit, I just gotta keep on keeping on.. I can honestly say the worst is behind me and this is just a small bump in the road!!


Hiho Hiho back to work I go!! First day back -)..

A quick update ...

Well I am one month postop and today was my first day back to work, I must say it went better than I expected but of course at the rate that I've been going I'm always expecting something bad to happen LOL.... Not really I don't out bad juju on my life, it just feels like every corner there's a little hurdle I have to jump over but I jump pretty high so i've conquered each one!

I got a pretty frequently from my desk I would say every two hours I was up and walking around for at least 20 minutes at a time (longest bathroom breaks ever) LOL I got a few compliments on how thin I looked. I was working out and losing weight prior to the surgery so it was easy to say yeah I've lost a lot more weight over my vacation Lol ... I don't feel I have to explain what I did and why did it to anyone who doesn't play an important role in my life, so will just let them believe that the workouts are changing my body lol ...

I had some swelling by the end of the day but not too bad, my lipo area are hard and they hurt more than anything... And the horrible itch from my winter coat coming in after they shaved me is ridiculous lol ... I have a sunken In area on the sides of incision that look weird but I think it all looks weird right now anyways so we'll wait to see how everything hills in the months to come. I have my next postop visit in a week so we'll see how she says everything looks.. The good news is I'm not draining like crazy anymore so I've switched from long overnight maxipads too long pantiliners which make a world of difference when I'm wearing clothes lol ...

Well there's my quick update ladies I hope everyone is feeling well and happy with their results as they progress...

Happy healing,

Well hello Friday :-)

Hi ladies, I just wanted to post a few pics and let my beautiful Tummy Tucker's how awesome I feel. I would say I had to take the hard road to get where I'm at but even the blood clots and the MRSA infection doesn't make me regret what I did only makes me stronger in my personal life and and in my walk with Jesus.

So I made it through my first week back at work and I will tell you that I noticed some swelling towards the end of the evening but it wasn't too bad. I still wear my compression garment all day even if I feel like I can't breathe half the time because it's so damn tight LOL

I am tired of putting maxipads on my incision with the antibiotic ointment so I sent my plastic surgeon an email today and she said I don't have to use the antibiotic appointment anymore so I'm excited about that. I don't have to worry about pads falling on the floor when I'm in the restroom at work lol ... I have a follow up appointment with her next week and at that time she lsaid she will give me a scar treatment regimen to start.

I am so excited yesterday I put on a pair of jeans and I can't believe the way I look and how they feel, it's absolutely amazing. I need to do some shopping for some tops that aren't boxy and long anymore because I don't have that apron I need to cover up, Yay!!

hugs to you all and continued prayers for speedy recovery's.


Post op 6 week visit ( yay back to the gym)

Hi all my tummy tuckers,

I am sure right around this time of our recovery most of us November and December girls will start tapering off on the posts. I have seen so many women and followed so many journeys on this site that I will forever be grateful to each and everyone of you. I will continue to post any changes or updates on a weekly basis.
I had my six week follow up with Dr. Linda Li and everything went perfect my incision looks great and my bellybutton is healing as it should be. The only thing I was concerned about was the ends of my incision where the drain was it seems to be healing slowly and it still has a little irritation from time to time. One thing I have noticed over time is whenever I have a surgery or a wound because I have olive skin color my wounds or surgery sites seem to heal by turning very dark brown/black in the area and that seems to be what's happening with my incision ( see pics).
So I got some pretty exciting news, Dr. Li has released me to start exercising with limited restrictions. The only thing she suggested was I take it slow for the first two weeks with a gradual increase over time. She also told me not to be surprised if I noticed exhaustion from my workout and she was right! I do circuit training five days a week for an hour each day and my very first night back, which was Friday I lasted about 40 minutes lol .... I didn't wear my compression garment however I did wear some super tight girdle granny panty underwear and I'm sure glad I did I believe that helped with the swelling which was very minimal. I am so excited to get back to my routine but it's gonna take some time to build my strength up to where was before and that's OK I'm alive and well I have all the time in the world. Dr. Li also started me on the scar treatment regimen I use it once a day until it runs out. I don't think I'm going to be one of those girls that tries every scar treatment out there to get rid of this car because it's a scar and no one's going to see it but me and a partner, if I ever find one LOL ...
I also had my first big girl outing and I went out with a few friends to a nightclub/Cantina Since I can't drink because of the medication I'm on I was the designated driver but I had a good time, I really needed to get out.
This Friday I have an appointment with my general practitioner to check on my lungs and make sure my medication is at the right dosage for these blood clots. I feel amazing almost completely back to normal. I really am focused on being healthy to get myself off of these blood thinners..
OK ladies time to close this post, I wish you all well and happy healing...

8 weeks post op ( holy changes)

Hello hello hello,
I just wanted to quickly give everyone an update. I've been working out for two weeks now and this week was the first week I could actually push myself and it feels so good to get back in the saddle full force. I I still try to take it easy on the core exercises because I'm scared I'm going to rip my stomach open LOL..
I finally had A night out on the town and let's just say I felt amazing. I never used to like dress shopping as much as I do now LOL...
I really haven't had any complications a little bit of swelling here and there but nothing too horrible. The one thing I have noticed this last week and I've been taking pictures of it every day is a small hole that started it was the size of a pinhead now it's the size of a sharpie marker head, it looks really Weird. Has anyone ever had this happen to them this late in the recovery? I called my doctor she called me in a antibiotic ointment, I pick it up on Monday morning. So other than that no really big changes for me my weight has Stayed at 165 but my waist size as changed drastically. Signing off until next time!

Happy healing ladies.

Feeling great!

Hi RS sisters,
I know it's been a little while since I've posted so I just wanted to check in and give you a little update. I am three months post op and I'm feeling great I have a lot less swelling the last three weeks. I am completely back hitting the gym hard but I'm not losing any weight in fact I'm gaining weight, I was told it's all muscle so I will go with that LOL

The little hole that I once had on my right side is almost completely closed up now and as of last week it stopped ozing, although it wasn't very much coming out from the hole it still required some tape over it.
Hi went bathing suit shopping for the first time with some excitement and I walked out selecting something that is quite revealing for me, it's not a bikini it's a one piece but backless so we'll see if I get the courage up to wear it. LOL
I am still under doctors care for my blood clots but with each and every workout I do I can tell my lungs are getting stronger and hopefully I'll be off the Coumadin soon.
I selected a few shots to show you ladies of my progress. Glad to see everyone is healing.
Many blessings, Jackie

Puff the magic Va-jj

What the hell is goin on?? 3 months post op and this thing looks puffy n nasty, anyone else having this problem? Will it ever go down? I was always scared of this happening and it makes me nervous that it will stay like this... It doesn't stop me from wearing certain things and I love my new body but I'm just wondering...what the hell??
Oh well this to shall pass... Thank you Jesus!
Dr. Linda Li

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Linda Li over seven weeks ago and I enjoyed our conversation and how comfortable she made me feel in her presence. I have scheduled my surgery for December 17, I intend to provide some feedback on her bedside manner and my surgery once it's done. I selected Dr. Lee because she has performed an absolutely astonishing job on one of my very close friends, not to mention she's a female and I feel like she knows a woman's body better than any man. She was also on Dr. 90210 and I really enjoyed her episode she truly is the person she portrayed in the series. Dr. Li is over 130 miles away from my home and she was priced a little higher than my other Consulatations but I feel she is a well respected plastic surgeon and my life is in her hands so driving the extra hour and paying a little more is nothing compared to the confidence I have in her ability to perform an amazing job on my procedure.

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