43 Year Old Getting TT & Lipo - Beverly Hills, CA

Very nervous about surgery! Been wanting this for...

Very nervous about surgery! Been wanting this for years but am scared!! I'm fit, 5'3" weighing 125 lbs. just want to get rid of pregnancy skin. I have almost 2 months to prepare. Drs told me to continue my workout regimen. Need advice on how to best prepare to aid my recovery. Found this site and am excited to join to get great tips and join the Sisterhood of the (now) Loose Fitting Pants!

Exparel Experiences?

My doctor will give me Exparel post TT surgery. Anyone have this done? Any tips? Did it alleviate the pain the first 3 days? Did it impair mobility?

PreOp Pics!

Hoping that this skin goes away soon! I wanna see the results of my 4-5/wk workouts!!

Post TRX workout pics ????????

Planking pics are the worst, I wanna show my inner strength on the outside. My core is strong, it just looks giggly!

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