36yo 3kids(c-sections) 75lbs Loss Ready for a Tighter Body - Beverly Hills, CA

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Sooo my heart was set with Dra. medina in DR But $...

Sooo my heart was set with Dra. medina in DR But $ was a bit of a issue. I had interviewed 2 Drs before and was scheduled for one more today 10/04/16. Went in and was treated by staff attentively. Dr saud I really needed MR so insurance will be covering it. well lets hope. i will be going in for tummy with mr and possible lipo with bbl. for my second phase I want BA and brachiolasty. Will update as soon as I have my set date. Oh btw what made me go with Dr. Joseph Yadegar from Beverly Hills was that while I was waiting to get called in I spoke with about 6 pts that where there for follow ups and their scarring was sooo minimal from previous procedure they had gotten with him and where there for their second.

Date is Set

So I got a call yesterday and asked if I wanted to have the procedure done next week Thursday 10/13? A pt called and had to reschedule. I said yes of course. ow to get everything ready only thing is that husband is only able to take the day of the surgery off???? but will be anle to go in late for the next two weeks so he can be able to drop off the kids at school and my neighbor will be with me all day???? Labs are being done today , So I am hoping everything comes out good and given the green light for surgery. Tummy tuck with MR is what I am getting done.

36yo 3kids(all Csections) 75lb Loss

Ok so my date is set for October 13,2016 with Dr. Joseph Yadegar. Sooo nervous and excited. I chose him based on reviews given to me in person by his patients that I interacted with in his offices while I waited for my consult. All had good outcomes and their surgery sites looked sooo good.What tips can you give me? What do I need post op?

36yo 3kids(c-sections) 80lbs Loss

Ok my date got pushed due to my authorization not comming in on time. Dr. Yadegar will be doing my procedure. He is very attentive and takes his time to explain what he will do and what is needed and will listen to what you want. But he is very blunt and truthful which I loved he doesnt BS around.

Tummy tuck with MR. Then I would like to get bl with implants and brachioplasty. and maybe ,maybe i will go ahead with lipo with bbl. so my date is set to 10/27/16.


so im 8dpo still have my drains and apperantly i will end up with dog ears???? But dr will fix at no cost. so far happy with results just the top prtnof my stomach looks bloated thoughts?

revision done 12/19/16

so apperently I did haveseroma but when he tried to drain it he couldnet. so he scheduled me for a revision and went ahead and also did lipo on my flanks. he said that the seroma was in a weird position wich is why he wasnt able to get to it with the drain. also he went ahead and removed more skin he said my skin has no elasticity which is why it was sagging again???? lets hope for better results this time around
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